Imatges de pÓgina

30. Mr. Gleed preached in the even- of Lewes; the intercessory prayer was ing; and Mr. Sprague on the evening offered by Mr. Chapman, of Dorman's preceding.

Land; Mr. Bryant, of Newport, April 21, at Oldlands Common, in preacired in the morning from Psa. cii. the populous parish of Bitton, near

16, and concluded. In the afternoon, Bristol, a new chapel was opened,

prayer was offered hy Alr. Kerhy; and which has been erected by the Bristol

Mr. Emblem, of siratford, preached Itinerant Society.

from Luke xix Tw, appropriate

To, and concluded. sermons were preached in the morn.

It was highly gratifying to the friends ing by Mr. Lowell and Mr. Jack

of religion, to find the increase of the son ; and two others in the afternoon, congregation, in the space of one year, by Mr. Jay and Mr. Thorp. The de

was such as to require the erection of votional parts of the services were con

galleries, which will hold about 200 ducted by Mr. Evans, Mr. Holloway,

people additional, and are also well Mr. Friend, and Mr Ralph.

filled. April 22, a small chapel was opened April 29 and 30, the Cheshire Union at Mickelby, near Whithy, Yorkshire. held their Half yearly Meeting at Mr. Arundel preached in the morning Northwich. Wednesday evening Mr. from Hag. ii 9, last clause ; Mr. Jack- Francis, of Ludlow, preached from Phil. son, of Green Hammerton, in the after- ii. 16 Thursilay morning Mr. B. noon from Psalm lxvii. 2; and Mr. Holmes, of Mill Bank, froin Psa. cvi. 6. Eastmead, of Kirbymoorside, in the in the afternoon the Committee met evening, from Exod. xx. 24. The for business. In the evening, Mr. Rafhouse was much crowded, and a col. files, of Liverpool, preached from Luke lection was made at the close of each service, toward defraying the expence

The lodependent Ministers of Kent of the erection, The village of

will hold their Annual Meeting at Mickelby is in the centre of an itinerant circuit, supported by Mr. Arundel ing there will be a meeting for the

Chatham, July 8. On the day precedand his friends at Whithy; and is at

Establishment of a Society for the Edopresent supplied by Mr. Butteaux, cation of the Children of Ministers in from the Hackney Itinerant Academy. the country ; and the company of all

Same day was held the Anniversary The migisters, both in East and West of opening Zion Chapel, East Griu Kent, is particularly requested. The stead, Sussex. The prayers of the Meeting will be at Mr. Slatterie's Chả. church were read hy the Rev. J. Kerby, pel, at three o'clock in the afternoop. * flere aguin we are compelled to breuk off, and defer a considerable

Number of Articles until our next.

vii. 23.

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LONDON. Ix consequence of the Death of Dr. Vanderkemp, to whom the Di.' rectors of the Missionary Society had committed the superintendence of the South African Missions, and agreeably to the urgent request of several of the Missionaries, that one of the Directors would visit them, the Rev. John Campbell, of Kingsland, near London, has been earnestly solicited by the Directors to uudertake à voyage to the Cape, and to continue in the colony for some mouths, in order to arrange the important concerns of the several missions. Mr. Campbell, who has for many years evinced a truly inissionary spirit, has kindly consented to their request, and cheerfully undertaken the arduous task. He sailed from Gravesend in the Isabella.

Monday, June 8, at Miles's Lane, Mr. J. Campbell, of Kingsland, was commended by Drs. Yoong and Cracknell to the protection and blessing of the Great Head of the church, previous to his iuiended departure, as one of the Directors of the Missionary Society, to the Cape of Good Hope, to visit and inspect the various missions in South Africa, agreeably to the urgent request of the Directors. An appropriate address was delivered by Mr. Waugh, after which he asked for a public recognition of the concurrence of the church at Kingsland in the proposed mission of Mr. Campbell, which was given by Mr. Reyner in a truly affecting manner, de, claratory of the cordial consent of an affectionate people, who conceived

it one of their highest honours to be called to part for a time with their highly esteemed pastor, for the promotion of the Redeemer's kingdom in Africa. The Rev. Mr. Steinkopff, one of the Secretaries of the Bible Society, who is about to depart on a mission to the Bible Societies on the Continent, with his usual fervour and affection, commended Mr. Campbell to the care of the almighty Saviour. The prayers of all the Friends of Missions are earoestly desired on behalf of Mr. Steinkopff and Mr. Camp. bell, The former has departed for Gottenburgh, and the latter for the Cape.--May God preserve them, and make their way prosperous !

Wednesday, June 10, Mr. Hughes, one of the Secretaries of the British and Foreigo Bible Society, preached at Mr. Steinkopff's, the German Lutheran Church in the Savoy. Abandsome collection was made ; and Mr. Steinkopif took an affectionate leave of his church and congregation, and of his numerous British and Foreign Friends.

The Rev. Alexander Waugh, of London, has, by request of the Directors, proceeded to Ireland, to promote the Interests of the Society among the various classes of our fellow. Christians in that island, and to solicit contributions where they can be uade. In this good work we believe he will have the friendly countenance and concurrence of the revered Sybod of Ulster, and also of the Associate Synod, as well as of other bodies of Christians of different denominations.

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March 5, 1812. Rer. Ralph Wardle was ordained a Minis'er in the late Countess of Huntingdon's connection, at Siop Chapel, London. Mr. Stodhart began with reading a portion of Scrip: tore and prayer; Mr. McAll delivered the introductory discourse ; Mr. Wardle read and expressed his assent to the 15 articles of Faith subscribed by the ministers in that connexion. After which Mr. McAll offered up the ordipation prayer : and he was ordained hyy imposition of hands.

Mr. Young delivered a suitable charge, founded on i Tin, vi. 11, 12; and Mr. Brick .concluded the service with prayer.

The ordination of Mr. Thom, one of the Missionary Studeats, took place at the Scots Church, London Wall, April 23.

The services were ducted by Drs. Winter, Collyer, Nicoll, Young, and Smith; aod concluded by Mr. Waugh.

The Anniversary amongst the Welch Independents, was held on Whit-Sun. day and Whit- Monday, at Guildford Street Chapel, where the following ministers were engaged. Oo the Lord's Day, Mr. John Jones, of Carmarthen, preached fronu Rev. xvii, 14; and Mr.

D. Davies, from Hag. ii. 9. The foli lowing day Mr. Palmer, of Hackney,

preached from Psalm iv. 14; Mr. I!. F. Burder, from 2 Cor. v. 14; and Mr. Buck, from Matt. viii. 1! ; in the evening, Mr. W. Chapman, from Isa. xiv. 24 ; and Mr. Jones, of Carmar. tben, irem Luke xxiii. 42, +3.

We are sure that our readers will rejoice to hear that a letier has been received from Paris, which mentions that applications fiad been received in

that city for three Protestant Ministers, for Naples, Milan, and Rome.

The Autumnal Missionary Meeting at Bristol, is intended l be held in the close of the month of September.

We hope to mention particolars in our next.

AMERICA. A Missionary Society has lately been established at Phila: delphia for Foreign Missions. Until lately, the Missionary Societies of America directed their attention only to the interior of their own country : but now, in addition to their peedful and laudable endeavours for that purpose, they begin to emulate the original Missionary Society of Britain, and extend their pious efforts to the perishing Heathen ju foreign lands. - God grant that these American iosiitotions may prosper and increase abundantly!


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Auxiliary Missionary Societies, With unfeigned pleasure we state that several Auxiliary Societies, in aid of the funds of the Missionary Society, are already formed, and several more are in contemplation. Among the former are the Cambridgeshire Auxiliary Society, the first Annual Meeting or which is to be held at Royston, in the month of October next, when two Ser. fons will be preached, one of the preachers to be provided by the Parent Society in London. Rev. Mr. Towne, of Royston, Secretary.

In London, Juxiliary Secietics have commenced io lle weigh' ourhood of Piccadilly, Oxford Street, and Fmsbury: particulars of which will be given


hereafter. - A similar Society is begun it, I should never have committed the at Hackney.

crime of which I have been conyicted ! Another Society has recently been

Essex Herald, March 31, 1811. formed at Islington, among the friends of the Rev. Thomas Lewis, of Union

May 26, was beld the Anniversary of Chapel. Cards, and other papers, de.

the Village Itinerancy, at the Society's scribing the object and regulations of

Chapel, Well Street, Hackney. In the the ociety, have been distributed, and

morning Mr. Jackson, of Stockwell, upwards of L. 60 immediately subscrib

prayed and read the Scriptures ; and ed. By the energy with which this ef

Mr. R. Hill, preached from 2 Cor. ii.

16. fort is inade, it is probable that a much

In the afternoon the Secretary Jarger sum will soon be announced. -- reported that this Society, which owes What might not be done by similar ex

its existence to the late Rev. J. Eyre, ertions, if they were general throughout had for 8 or 9 years been carrying on the kingdom ! Hundreds of Mission- . its operations on ap enlarged scale. It aries might then be sent forth to every

had already educated 28 young men at part of the world. And why may not

its Seminary, under the tuition of the this be done ? Why may not the mem

Rev. G. Collison, all of whom (except bers of a large and wealthy congrega

two deceased) are occupying useful tion uoite, and say -'We will raise

stations in different parts of the British among ourselves 100 or 150 pounds a

dominions, either as Itinerants or as year, and snpport one Missionary,

Pastors over congregatiorrs, mostly whom we will call Our Missionary,

raised by their labours That the So. our representative among the Heathen;'

ciery has now 12 students in a course or if this be too much, why may not

of instruction in the Seminary: That it two or three coogregations in the same

hąs 12 places of worship (most of which town or village do ibis ? Let this man

have been erected by its exertions) 19. Be the Islington Missionary; let ano

vested in trusts of the Society ; aod ther be the Missionary of Hackney ;

that its general endeavours to diffuse another of Cambridge; another of evangelical truih, have been attended Manchester, and so on, still keeping by divine approbation. After the bythe whole management under the board siness of the Society had closed, in the of Directors. Every congregation or

evening Mr. Kent, of Croydon, prayed ; towo would then feel a peculiar interest

and three of the Students successively in the mission, and would labonr by

addressed the Society; Mr. Doney, ' on their prayers, as well as hy their sub- the precious blood of Christ,' Mr. stance, to encourage and support it.

Cornwall,'on walking with God;' and This is merely the suggestion of an in

Mr. Harsapt,' on God's dominion over dividual; but it ray deserve considesa.

the passions of pien.' After which tion.

Mr. Arundel, of Whitby, informed the

Society, that having been present the The young females in Mr. B.'s con

day before with the Commiliee aps gregation, Feiter Labe, have, of their pointed to examine the students in their own accord, commenced a Juvenile learning, he had to report, that they Auxiliary Society, for the purpose of

had been examined in different parts of furnishing the lieaihen with Bibles.

Cæsar's Commentaries, Salluss, and the We have heard of several similar 20- Greek Testament, and that they (escieties both in town and couvtry, some of which are noticed iu the lists of pecially the juniors) had afforded him.

self and the Committee the highest Contributiotis. We have no doubt

satisfaction in diligence and success. that many more will be formed, and

Mr. A. also afforihed much pleasure lo that by means of their auxiliary ef

the Society in stating the success of forts, á great addition will this year be

some ministers in his neighbourhood, made to the Parert Stock, which will

who had beep educated by this Society. enable the Directors to pursue their

MATTHEW WILKS, Sec. course with renovated vigour and alacrity.

May 28, the Subscribers and Friends Al the Meeting of the Anxiliary of the Master Bakers' Orphan School, Bible Society, l:d at Chelmsford the held their 7th Auniversary at the Free 230 of Mali, Montague Burgoyne, Masons' Tayero. A very large comEsq. mentioned an affecting accident pany assembled, to whom the children which had lately occurred, in the case al present in the School were intruof a prisoner under' sentence of death, duced after dinner. One of the boys, ia who, upon Mr. Burgoyne presenting the vame of his school-fellows, deliverhim with a Bible, exclained, “Oh, ed a very appropriate address, of conSir, if I had had this book, and studied siderable length, expressive of their

-gratitude to the Members of the 80- been studying Lógic, answered a řa." ciety, for the provision they had made riety of questions with readiness and for their education and comfort. This, precision; and others who had detogether with the appearance of the voted some time to tie investigation children in general, seemed very deeply of the several branches of intellectuat to interest the feelings of all presedt. philosophy, met the enquiries ads By this excellent Society the orphan vanced, so as to produce high sâtischildren of Master Bakers, residing faction. within romiles of the Royal Exchange, As might naturally be expected, and who have subscribed one Guinea there exists, an obvious diversity of tafor a year, are boarded, educated, lent and attainment amoug the students clothed, and placed out in situations but all appeared to have availed themwhen they have finished their course of selves of the advantages which the education.

establishment provides ; and, on the

whole, to be so conversant with the Iloaton Academy Anniversary.

subject, of investigation, as to afford, A numerous congregation assembled

prompt and appropriate replies to the

questions which the Examiners propose at the Chapel adjoining the Academy,

ed. Nor can they refrain from bearing on Wednesday afternoon, Jube the 17th their testimony of approbation to the when three of the students delivered zeal and efficiency with which the seveshort discourses on the following suh- ral tutors have executed their oficial jects : -, Mr. Walter Scott, on The

duties Harmony of Reason and Revelativn;'

Before they conclude this concise reo, Mr. John Whitehouse, on · The lotera

port, they beg leave most distinctly to cession of Christ ;' and Mr. John Car

state, that it neither consists of a mere ter, on the holy Tendency of Evan.

form of customary words, nor is to be. gelical Doctrines.

Mr. Hall prayed considered as a 'ceremonious appende before the discourses; and the Rev. A.

age to the services of the day. If they Fletcher after them. He also read the

may be permitted on such an occasion, following Report of the Committee of

and in a subordinate sense, to adopt Examioation respecting the state of tbe

the phraseology of an apostle, they Academy

will finish by saying, “That which we • It is with sincere pleasure that we

have seen and heard, declare we unto congratulate the friends of this Insti.

you, that ye also may have joyful tution on the flourishing aspect which

i fellowship with us.' it wears. Although it would heighten our gratification to offer a description

(Signed) Join HUMPHRYS,

• JOAN CLAYTON, jun.' of the general features of its prosperity, yet, as we are confined to one particu-. lar province, we shall merely exhibit the result of our personal observation

The riext Quarterly Meeting of the with respect to the improvement of the

Sunday School Union will be held at students io literature and science.

Sion Chapel, July 15, precisely at • The first, second, and third classes Seven o'clock in the evening, when the were examined in Hebrew, and in adjoursed question will be discussed. reading portions from the prophecies His Grace the Duke of Norfolk has of Isaiah, discovered respectable signs presented the Methodists of Worksop of proficiency.

with 20 tons of timber towards the • In Greek, the first class read part building of a chapel.-(Times.) of an oration of Æschipes; the second and third, Homer's Iliad ; the fourth, Within these few weeks one of the Xenophon's Memorabilia ; and the most terrible accidents on record, in the fifth, Xenophon's Cyropædia.

history of colliers, took place at Feila 10. Latin, the several classes have ing, near Gateshead, Durham, in the been reading, during the past session, mine belonging to - Brandling, Esq. Livy, Horace, Virgil, Cæsar, and Cice- which was the admiration of the dis. so de Natura Deorum : specimeos from trict for the excellence of its ventillas which authors were selected and satis. tion and arrangements.

Nearly the Saciorily analysed.

whole of the workmen were below, the • The senior class was also examined second set, having gone down before the in several propositioos in the third first came up, when a double blast of book of Euclid's Elements; and demon- hydrogen gas, took place, and set the strated the problems required, with mine ou fire, forcios up such a volume facility and correctness.

of smoke as darkened the air to a con. • A dumerous class too, who bad siderable distance, and scattercd an ipumense quantity of small coal from the When will our beedless youth learn to upper shaft. In the calamity, 93 men take warning from such dreadful events, and boys perished, the remains of 86 of as these, to avoid the abodes of guilt, whom are still in the mine, which con. disease, and danger ? When will thes tinues onapproachable. Meetings are be wise enough to shún the horror of a to he called at Newcastle,, and the double destruction, the fire that de neighbourhood, to raise subscriptions stroys the body, and the fire that shall for the widows and orphans of the suf- never be quenched ?ferers.

June 9, Mrs. Hodgson wise of Mr. H.' FIRE. - About one in the morning of the corner of Qneen Street, Drury Lane, Tuesday, June 2, a fire broke out in a was unhappily burnt to death, in con. house of ill fame, in Gutter Lave, sequence of her clothes catching fire. Cheapside. There was reason to fear The frequcncy and fatality of such acthat the house was set set on fire for cidents induces us to insert the followthe sake of plunder.

A female ser- ing hints, transmitted by a benevolent vant was apprehended on susacion), individual. - It is generally the lower who was seen soon after the fire with part of the dress, which catches fire. a bundle of apparel which belonged to Then, if the person remains in an uptwo persons who lodged there that right postore, the flame naturally rising pight; but the Magistrates, judging upwards, will quickly reach the head or there was not sufficient proof, dis- stomach, and be likely to have a fatal missed her. The flames spread so ra. effect. But, if she immediately lay pidly that a woman (of ill-fame) and a : down upon the floor, she might in geyoung man, a traveller for a commer- neral very easily exringuish the flame cial house in the city, could find no way by rolling herself. Or, if a man be of escape but by jumping from the two present, he may pull off his Coat, and pair of stairs window, into the street, with that very soon extinguish the by which the woman was killed, and blaze. A hearth-rug would answer the the young man broke both bis legs. purpose still better.

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Collections and anonymous Donations only. United Subscript. of Silver Street Prayer Society, by Rev. E. Jones

13 15 Addition to Collection at Peppard

3 Friend at Ryde, io' the Isle of Wight, by Rev. G. Thom

5 5 Rev. Mr. Redford and Congregation, Uxbridge, by Rev. Messrs. Waugh aod Cooke

24 Amicus, by Rev. Mr. Creak il. 18.-J. T: 1. Frieads at Cbesham, by Rev. Ms. Surman

4 Young ladies at Mrs. Bagster's School, Putney A few Friends at a Prayer-Meeting, Sidmouth, by Mr. Doney

3 10 Two Friends, by Mr. Herdsman, A Friend, by Rev. James Smail Independent General Association, South Wales, collected at their first Meeting for 1812, hy Rev. David Peter, Carmarthen

10 Collection at a Monthly Prayer-Meeting at Keonington

63 Missionary Fund, Plunkett Sireet. Dublin, by Rev. Mr. Cooper Children's Halfpenny Society, by Mr. W. H. Cooper, Dublin J. W. P. P. Newport Postmark Collection at Denbigh, by Rev. Thomas Jones Rev. Alex. Redford and Friends, Windsor

15 Rev. Joshua Harrison and Congregation, Woburn

28 Rev. Thomas Jackson and Congregation, Stockwell Congregation at Orange Street Chapel, by Rev. J. Griffin, Portsea

42 Res, Mr, Scamp and Friends (including 2l. 135. 6d. from Miss

Moodys, and Young Ladies at their Boarding School) Havant 363 The Mite of a Missionary Friend

5 Collection (by Mr. Burder) at the Rev. "Mr. Hopkins's, Newport, Essex

4 A small Society at Knightsbridge, by Rev. Mr. Leifchild (irare, L. M. Rev. Mr. Inoes and Friends, Trowbridge

41 i 2 14 We are desired to state that the Collection at Wiprhester, inserted in the last month's Magazine, was made by Mr Milne, Missionary, but by Rev, E. A. May ;-and that there were no particular vames given.

on 0.0.- OWO

55 10

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