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Earl Grey, the Right Hon. Lord Rol Society to visit and relieve persons in land, and the Right Hon. Lord Er.. real distress among the oumerous poor skine, for the essential services which in Spitalfields. The Rev. Mr. Pratt they have rendered on this and on is the President, and Mr. J. Kincaid every occasion to the caose of Reli. the Treasurer ; by whom, aod by the gious Liberty.

Committee, subscriptions and donations That the 'Fhanks of this Deputation are received. be given to Samuel Whitbread, Esq. The Report states at large the pecuM. P. for the able support which he fiar circumstances of this very populous gave to the said act, and particularly neighbourhood, in which there is an for the promptness and zeal with which unusual number of manufacturing poor, he stond forward, unsolicited; to re- and a small proportion of wealthy, lieve the Protestant Dissenters, when tradesmed ; so that the parochial bur-, the security, which they had toog en- dens are extremely heavy, and yet tojoyed under former acts of Toleration, tally insufficient for the relief of the was endangered by novel and injurious distressed. constructions.

To alleviate the miseries of the That our Chairman, William Smith, wretched, this benevolent institution Esq M. P. hy the ardent zeal for and was commenced in 1811; by which indefatigable attention to the interest 1041. 48. 6d. have been distributed in of Religious Liberty which he has ma- one year) 10 107 families, contajning nifested in the various communications 432 individuals ; and this relief has which have taken place with his Ma- been administered in about 830 visits. jesty's Ministers relative to the repeal Attention is paid to the spiritual as of the Five Mile and Conventicle Acis, well as temporal interests of the pool. and the amendment of the Toleration Upou inquiry, it has been found that ia Laws; by his able support in parlia- 1504 families, Bearly one half, viz, 701, ment of the act which has lately passed, are destitute of a Bible. and by his unremitting attention to the Such was the want vf employment, affairs of this deputation, has entitled that, of 10,oca loomas, 2852 were empty; himself to the warmest gratitude of the other looms were not half employed : Proiestant Dissepters.

and if the case of dyers, winders, warThat the Thanks of this Deputation pers, and quillers, destitwe of work, be are peculiarly due to our Depoty. added to that of the weavers, how Chairman, J. Gurney, Esq. for the dreadful must be the sum of human great services which he has rendered wretchedness in this quarter of the to the cause of Religious Liberty in metropolis: Contributions, therefore, the late proceedings, and for his con- to tbis charitable institution appear to stant and zealous attention to the i'm- be loudly required. portant objects of this Deputation.

That the Thanks of this Deputation be given to our Treasurer, J. Gutter- ORDINATION, — Avg. 3, Rev. Kirk. idge, Esq. and the other members of man Foster, formerly a Student at Ches. the Sub Committee, for the great at

hunt College, was ordained at @pa tention they have bestowed on the im- Fields Chapel, London, a minister in portant subject of their late delibera- the connexion established by the late iions and proceedings.

Countess of Huntingdon. .,The service That the Thanks of this Deputation commenced at six o'clock in the evenbe given to the Committee, for its va.

ing ; when "Mr. Studhart read and luable services in the late proceedings..

prayed ; Mr. Richards delivered a suitThat the Secretary do communicate

abie introductory discourse, on the nathe Resolutions of this Meeting to the

ture and object of ordination ; Mr. F. respective parties.

related his conversion, and gave his That the above Resolutions he reasons for cffering himself for tbe pripted in such public papers and ministry, which being satisfactory, he monthly' journals as the Commitee was desired 10 read the 15 articles of way think projer.

faith subscribed by the ministers in that Ebenezer Maitland, Chairmap. connexion; to which he expressed his

assent, Mr. Finley offered the ordiThat the Thanks of this Deputation

nation prayer; and Mr. Foster was be given to Ebenezer Maitland, Esqsolemnly set apart hy imposition of the Chairman of this day, for his at

hands. Mr. Alley delivered a short teadaoce.

but impressive charge on 1 Tim. iv. 16 ; THE Spitalfields Benevolent Society and Mr. Lake coecluded with prayer. have lately published a Report of their A meeting, the savour of which, it is Proceedings. It is the object of this hoped, will not 9004 be forgotten.



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As a Meeting of the Trustees of the Evangelical Magazine, held July 22d,

1812, the following Cases were approved and relieved:
Denomina. Recommended

Denomina. Recommended
Cases. . tion.
L. Cases. tion.

L. U. R. Methodist. M..Wilks 5 J. B. Independ. M. Wilks 5 E. T. ludependio Williams 4

M. R. Presbyt. A. Waugh 5 J. Ld.' ditto,

4 | J. Y. ditto, ditto


4 J. Ls. ditto, ditto 4 C.F. ditto,

4 I. D. Method. M. Wilks 5 A. B. ditto, M. T. Independ. J. Boden 5 J. C. ditto, w W. F. Platt M. B-y, Bapt. J. Fuller 5 J. P. ' ditto, i A. Ducanson S. B. ditto, ditto

5 H-y, Independ, Dr. Ryland 5 S. M. Independ. ditto

5 M. C. ditto, 1 W.F. Platt 5 H.S Presbyt.

5 S. B. Methodist, ditto

5 M. M-t, Bapt. --Dr. Ryland 5 A. A. Iodepend. M. Wilks 5 M. G. Presbyt.

J. Duncanson

4 M. P. diito, Dr. Smith 4 J. S. Baptist, J. Hinton 5

ditto, S. W. Tracy

5 S. C. ditto, ditto

5 A. P. Baptist, J. Townsend 5 E. M. ditto,

M. M-1, ditto, ditto

5 E. E. ditto, Dr. Ryland 5 E. S. ditto, ditto

5 M. B-y, ditto, dutto.


ditto, J. Clayton 5 J. R. Methodist, ditto

5 J. D. Independ. G. Burder E. H. Independ. Mr. Collison

MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS. Collections by the Rev. G. Collison, in the East and North Ridings of York. Hull, Rev. G. Lambert's (Second Collection)

L. 30 0 Cottingham, Rev. A. Kidd's

14 14 Swanland, Rev. D. Williams

7 Beverly, Rev. J. Mathers'

10 7 Driffieid, Rev. B. Hobson's

5 10 Hornsea, Rev. Mr. Earl's

6 16 16 Bridlingdon Independent Chapel

L. 2016
Quay Chapel (Wesleyan)

919 30 16 3 Malton, Rev. Mr. Barileri's

13 Kirby - Moorside, Rev. Mr. Fastmead's Pickering, Rev. Mr. Willoughby's

8 6 Whitby, Mickleby, Rev. T. Batteaux's

3 Rev. J. Arundel's

Rev. Mr. Young's Guigborough, Rev. W. Inmer's

5 5 Stokesley, Ditto

4 Sunderland, Rev. Mr. Mason's Shields, North and South (Wesleyan)

is 18 8 Newcastle, Rev. Mr. Davidson's Rev. Mr. Mac Indoe's

16 The Orphan House (Wesleyan

18 810 Rev. Mr. Smith's

8 9 54 16 5 Thirsk, Rev. Mr. Neale's

7 14 Donations at sundry places, by the Rev. Mr. Collison


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285 18 E A Remnant, hy the Rev. Mr. Bogne

. Rev.d. Benuett and Friends, Romsey

67 0 A Friend at Salisbury, by the Rev. Mr. Sibree, Froome, il.-W.rol. Diito

Rev. Mr. Pyne and Congregation, Duxford

14 4.0 Edinburgh Missionary Society, by W. Brown, Esq. Treasurer Some of the Children of the Congregation at West

Cowes, Isle of Wight, by the Rev. R. Adams A few Individuals, il. 126. and Sunday Schoul Children, 6s. by Ditio

1 18 03 Rev. T. Fisher, and Congregation, Harlestun


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The Petilion of the Ochipwey Nation of North American Indians,

to the London Society for Missions.
[Communicated by a Gentleman at St. Mary's Falls, near Lake Hurun.]

Fatheas and brothers, leaders of the blinds
? 'Hear us, the wretched relics of our kind;
*). Once the free Lords of Canada's doinains,

But wanderers now,- a bation's pour remains ;
Dévoid of light, by vaja traditions led,
Yet not averse the path of truth to tread.
The Frenchman's God they bid us erst adore,
Soon as they landed on our peaceful shore.
Taught us the cross to kiss, to mea to pray;
To please tb’Almighty, this the only way!
They must we tell the man in black, in truth
The sins and follies of our thoughless youth;
Sell off our beaver, produce of the chace,-
Present our silver, thus procure release
From past misdeeds. Then a new score begin.
While beaver lasted, 'twas not hard to sin,

But now, alas! exhausted is our store!
And rum provokes us but to sio the more,

The sons of labour now usurp our soil,
To us unknown the arts of useful toil.
To Western hill, and Lake Superior's shore,
We tracc the path our fathers trod before ;
But chang'd our manners, and our customs lost,
We scarce have strength to brave the winter's Trost;
Pursued by traders, who, with lust of gain,
Tempt with the draught that ever proves our bane ;
Our reason gone, unmov’d, we then behold
Our wives aud children shiv'ring in the cold;
Nor oft allay'd the rage that tires our braiu,
Until a friend, a wife, or child, is slain.
Each sayage virtue to our fathers known,
Forever from their wretched offspring flown:
To darkness, vice, and ignorance a prey,
And no kind friend to point the heav'nly way!
From crime to crime insensibly we're led;
None to direct tie better path to tread.

But we have heard that, far beyond the sea,
You, fathers, teach and practice charity;
That you disclose a God, () glorious thought !
Whose love and mercy are not sold and bought;
But freely giv'o to those wlio seek in prayer
A Father's pity and a Father's Cire!!
Kear our petition then, and quickly sead
A kind instructor and a gen'rous friend,
Who may dispel the mist that blinds our eyes,
And make us lemp'rafe, sober, virtuous, wise.
Then pain and sorrow far from hence would fly,
Thankful for life, yet still prepar'd to die,
Our children's children, taughi to lisp your name,

Should through the wide Cabean * spread your fame.
St. Mary's Falls, 18th Oct. 1811,

The West.

The Ochipwey language is spoken and understood by the Alganquins, Nipilengs, Olawis, Manomings, Patawatings, and several other tribes, forming a population, Nough widely extended, of more iban fifty thousand souls.

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