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prove bimself to be the minister of forms the army that these gentlesome particular congregation. men have been selected with the On observing that he had frequently utmost care and circumspection officiated in one chapel, the Chair- by the first prelates of the counman of the meeting demanded his try;' and hopes that they will retestimonials; and, on his not being ceive every respect which, he has then prepared to present them, he no doubt, their conduct, as well as was ordered to obtain the signa- their rank, will deserve. · It theu tures and attestations of the makes some excellent regulations trustees of the chapel where he respecting the performance of dipresided, to the truth of his affirma- vine worship : particularly desiring tion. With this illegal claim he that it may close with a short imprudently complied, and return- practical sermon, suited to the habits ing to the court with the requisite and understandings of soldiers ;' and vouchers, the oaths were adminis

concluding with these remarkable tered, and three shillings demanded words:- To this last part of the as a fee by the officers of the court. service, the Commander in Chief This event occurred the first Ses- attaches much importance, as being sions after the defeat of Lord Sid. in conformity to the custom of the mouth's attempt; a very near rela- Established Church, and more than live of that noble person presiding, ever required at this time, which is and who, by this unauthorised act, peculiarly marked by the exerlions obliged the person who applied for and interference of sectaries af varithe licence, to travel nearly seventy ous descriptions.' miles for what was termed the ne- We are not able to reconcile this cessary testimonials.

perfectly with a previous order of Another Case is related to us

his Royal Highness, allowing the as follows:

privates of the army to attend die

vine worship agreeably to their A person who has been in the habit, for several years past, of several religious tenets. preaching occasionally where his services were desired, applied to The Ladies who form the Com. the Court of Quarter Sessious at

mittee of the Ely Chapel School of Gloucester for a licence;

Industry, and several Members of sitively refused, because he could the Rev. Mr. Wilcox's Chapel, have not prove that he had statedly offi- formed another Institution, called ciated as the minister of a particular " The Distressed Mother and Incongregration.

fants' Friend, to furnish child bed It remains now to be decided, by linen, and visit poor

women in the highest legal authority, whether their confineinent. the magistrates are authorized in

The Ladies of the Rey. G. Burputting this new and limited construction on the Act of Toleration. house in Better Lane, formed a si

der's Congregation, at the Meeting

milar Society, inore than a year The Public Ledger, of Dec. 13, ago, called The Mother and Instates, that the Rev. Lewis Powell fants' Friend ;' by which many poor has been fined £20 for preaching women have been relieved and asin an unlicensed house at Hanwort, sisted. Denbighshire, by R. H. Humphrey,

We are informed that the late Esq. of Rhydlanvera, magistrate. Sir S. Sitwell, of Renishaw, has be

queathed £500 to the Sheffield Army Chaplains.

Bible Society. The public prints inform us, AN AWFUL VISITATION. - On • A circular letter from the Com- Thursday, Nov. 14, Moody, a poor mander in Chief, in announcing the inan who conveved turf from the new establishment of the military Fens to Mildenhall, in Suffolk, fell chaplains, who have been raised to from his boat into the river, and the footing of field officers, in- was drowned before any assistance

but was po


eould reach him. On the body 153 Students have followed his exbeing conveyed to a public-house ample., I am told, he has not only near the water side, in Mildenhall, renounced his errors in doctrine, the landlord of which was standing but has embraced the truth as it at the door, he peremptorily re- is in Jesus.' We see wonderful fused, with many horrid oaths, to things every day. Those who may receive the body into the house ; prove the Luthers of Ireland, raised but scarcely had he uttered them, out of what we conceived would when he was seized with a paralytic have been the grand source of stroke that deprived him of speech, heresy and error! Our God has and the use of one side ; and in promised that his knowledge shalt that state he still continues.

cover the earth; and when once Public Ledger, Nov. 15. he gives the word, great shall be

the company of those that publish Extract of a Letter from a Clergy- it in all quarters; and who shall let man in Ireland, July 25, 1811.. or hinder the work ? for it is His • I take it for granted you

who is Almighty; Great things have already heard of the conver- are promised, and great things are siou of the Scripture Professor of performing ; this should, Maynooth College to the Protestant therefore, be a day of prayer and faith; and, it is said, that about praise.'

MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS, &c. Rev. Mr. Shufflebotham and Congregation, Bungay,

14 3 3 Rev. James Elvey, and Congregation, Wandsworth,

5 00 A Friend, 17. 1s.-ditto, 17. 1s.--ditto, 17. ls. by Rev. C. Buck, 3 3 0 Hannah

0 12 0 S. M. sent to the Secretary,

10 0 0 Penryn Auxiliary Praying Society,


URE, Time. Place.


Prenchers: Jan. 14, Tu. Broadmead, The Conversion of Onesimus, Mr. Lowell.

Mr. Roberts.

of Divine Revelation, Mar. 12, Th. The Pithay, The Mercy-Seat,

Mr. Page: Apr. 16, Th. Castle Green, For the Tract Society,

Tab. Minis. May 13, 11. Tabernacle, The Covenant with Noah,

Mr. Thorp: June 16, Tu. Bridge Street, The Allegory of Sarah and Hagar, Dr. Ryland. July 16, Th. Castle Green, Christ's Second Appearance, Mr. Roberts. Aug. 11, 7'u. Broadmcad, The Day of Pentecost,

Mr. Lowell. Sept. 16, W. Tabernacle, The Fear of Death,

Mr. Page. Oct. 15, Th. The Pithay, Evidences of Union with Christ, Tab.

Minis. Nov. 10, Tu. Broadmead, Israel's Entrance into Canaan, Mr. Thorp Dec. 15, Tu. Bridge Street, The Apostle's Benediction, Dr. Ryland.

To begin at Seven o'Clock in the Evening.


for the Success of the Gospel at Home and Abroad,

to be held in Bristol-for the Year 1812.
Time. Place.


January 6, The Pithay. July 6, Hope Chapel
February 3, Ebenezer. August 3, Lady Huntingdon’s.
March 2, Castle Grech. Septeinber 7, Portland Chapel.
April 6, Tabernacle. October 5, Castle Green.
May 4, Broadınead. November 2, Tabernacle.
Juriel, Bridge Street December 7, The l'ithay.

To begin at Sevcu o'Clock in the Evening.

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ON THE NEW YEAR. The herbage which gladden'd the mead, This I say,Brethren,the Time is short.

The herds on the pastures that graze, Cor vii. 29.

All, all from thy hounty proceed,

And mortals instruct in thy praise. SILENT and swift, Time bastens on, And whirls the years away;

Tho' evil abound in the land, Thus ages follow ages gone,

And justly thy vengeance might fall, To bring the final day...

Yet light are the strokes of thy hand, But what is Time's extensive round

And mercy is mix'd with them all.

At home tho sweet peace doth appear, To vast Eternity ? An atom floating the profound,

Abrodd with the foe we must cope ;

Thus confidence mingles with fear, A drop within the sea.

And fear is o'erbalanc'd with hope. What is the little life of man With circling Time survey'd ?

.The tempest of war has spread wide, 'Tis to immensity'a span,

And nations have bow'd to the shock, The shadow of a shade..

Yet firm doth thy Kiogdom abide, Yet, short and fleeting as it is,

'Thy Church is secure on the Rock,

Tho' heaven and earth pass away, Tho' darkness veils its end,

Thy promise uncbang & shall remain, Eternal woe and endless bliss

And all who their Saviour obey,
Upon its flight depend.

Triumphant in glory shall reign.
Yet mortals trifle while it flies,
And blindly rush on fate;

Lord, thou hast been our DwellingToo soon They deem it to be wise, Places in all Generations. Psal. xc.

Uutil it prove too late. 'Tis wise to mourn the wasted past,

o Thou, whose constant care appears The present to improve;

The joy of saints Uro'vanish'd years, And all the unknown future cast

Whence all'their succour came; On God's unchanging love.

Ou whom but Thee can we repend,

Thy children's ever Saithful frieud, Thou crownest the Year with thy

Whose love is still the same?
Goodness. - Psal. ixv. ll.

To thy vast glance the mighty sum UNCHANGEABLE Fountain of love,

of all things past, and all to come The streains of thy bounty o'crflow;

Are ever present still." Thou reignest in glory above,

A thousand years, - a little day And rulest in mercy below.

Alike before thee fit away,
The years, as they haslen away,

Yet thy designs fulfill.
Thy wisdom and power proclaim,
Thy grace in its riches display,

But nian to narrow bouods confin'd Porever and ever the same.

or feeble frame and erring mind,

And hast'ning to his doom;
The Universe formed by Thee,

The creature of almighty pow'r,
Rolls on by the role of thy will; Uocertain of a future hour,
The air, and the earth, and the sea, Yet dreams of years to come.

Thou dost with inhabitants fill.
The planets that glitter on high,

What scenes to-morrow may prepare, The billows that swell in the deep,

I leave to thy paternal care', The vapours that float in rhe sky,

Who gave me life and food ; Their course at thy bidding still keep. To live is Christ, to die is gain,

Come wealth or want, or ease or pain, Again doth thy promise prevail,

Aud all shall work for good. • Nor seed - tine

harrest shall

Ourselves, and works of strength or art, cease, • Nor summer nor winter shall fail,

Beneath the touch of Time depart,

Nor leave a wreck behind; . And earth shall bring forth its increase.'

Here Disappointment shifts the scene, The snow, and the rain, and the dew,

And Hope must look to things unseen, The frust and the tempest severe,

A resting place to find. Replenish worn nature anew,

Anidst the changing shocks of time, And crown with thy goodpess the year. Oh cheer me with the hope sublime

Of certain bliss to come!
The sun which illumin'd the day,
The comel which blaz'd in the night,

Be here my refuge, strength, and stay! The stars in their splendid array,

And when I quit this house of clay, The moon with her chaste silver

My everlasting lone! light;


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