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be held in the trammels of human system ; its energies too mighty for the barriers of a circumscribed party ; it affectionately einbraced the followers of the Redeemer of every class, and, from first to last, breathed a spirit of ardent zeal for the extension of his spiritual reign.

In the evening of the same day the chapel in Bridge-street was crowd. ed at an early hour; and at the appointed time, an appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. Alex. WAUGH, of London, from Isaiah liji. 10, • The pleasure of the Lord skall prosper in his hand. The profound mode of thinking by which this gentleman has been so long distinguished, was accompanied with that flow of soul, and those • burning words' which render his ministry so divinely interesting and blessed. This discourse was certainly a fine exhibition of evangelical truth, in which the sublime and beautiful were eminently displayed ; and thus did it equally instruct and delight the learned and the illiterate, who had any spiritual discerament of the things which are excellent.

On Wednesday morning a third sermon was delivered at Castle Green, by the Rev. GEORGE CLAYTON, of Walworth, from Psalm lxvii. 1, 2. • God be merciful unto us, and bless us, and cause his face to shine upon us: that thy way may be toown upon earth, thy saving health among all pations. In this excellent sermon the grand object of a Mission to the Heathen was still kept in view; and the well-known talents of the preacher were exhibited throughout the discourse by the propriety of its arrangement, the purity of its diction, and the elegance of its address.

The last sermon, occasioned by this sacred festival, was preached at the Tabernacle by the Rev. ROWLAND Hill, from Isaiah-xi. 9: The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. It were not to be expected, even on an occasion like this, that the eccentricities of this good man could be altogether concealed; but he ap? peared to feel his subject, and excited many a devout prayer for the salvation of the Heathen.

On Thursday morning an Institution was formed in aid of the Parent Society ; and by many this meeting was attended with equal, if not eveu with more delight than the more public services. H. Davis, Esq. was called to the Chair ; and after the Rev. Mr. SLATTERIE, of Chatham, had innplored the Divine blessing, the Rev. George BURDER, of London, Secretary to the Missionary Society, gave a general account of the origin, progress, and prospects of the original Institution; to which the audience listened with the most evident satisfaction. In the course of the proceedings, various appropriate addresses were delivered, particularly by the Rev. Messrs. Bogue, Waugh, Lowell, Thorpe, Priestley, Bishop. Hill, Berry, Dr. Ryland, &c.; as. also by Andrew Pope and Richard Ash, Esqrs. and various others.

The whole of these solemnities closed by a sacramental service at the Tabernacle, at which the venerable Tutor of the Missionary Seminary presided. There were, besides about 60 Ministers, full 1400 CommuniLants, composed of the inembers of churches of different denominations ; nor could any service on earth be more expressive of the blessedness of that day, in which the redeemed of the Lord of every class shall come from the east, and froin the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

It haping been previously believed that, with the exception of the church of St. Mary Redcliff, none of the places of worship would be found sufficiently capacious for the congregations which would assemble, provision had been made for lessening, as much as possible, the disappointment which might be occasioned by a want of room. According loa prior arrangement, therefore, Mr. Burder preached at King street Chapel on Tuesday evening, to such as could not gain adınittance at Bridgestreet. On Wednesday evening Mr. Bogue preached at the Weish' Chapel in Broadmead, to such as could not find ioom at the Tabernacle ;

and on Thursday evening Mr. Sibrec preached at Bridge Street, to such as were disappointed iu becoming spectators of the sacramental solemnity.

During these three days of religious festivity, days which will long be reincrubored in Bristol with the most lively emotions of gratitude and joy, about € 1000 was collected in the different congregations, and an instilution formed. which will doubtless render permanent support to the Parent Institution.

The following ministers, whose names do rol appear in the above account, bououred the meeting with their presence ; and several of them engaged in prayer and other religious exercises :-- The Rev. Mess: Tozer and Sons, of Tauntou ; 'Flint, of Uley; Raban, of Clifton ; Spilsbury, of Tewkesbury; Hopkins, of Christ Church; Bernett, of Dursley; Garlick, of Penswick; Brown, of Ebley; Hall, of Leicester ; John Burder, of Stroud; Pritchett, of Ebenezer Chapel, Bristol ; Harries, of Abergavenny; Sloper, of Devizes : Lewis, of Islington ; Bishop, of Gloucester; Rees, of Newport, Richardson, of Framplon; Daciels, of Kingswood; Cobbin, of Crediton ; , Perrut, of Guernsey; Roberts, Page, &c. of Bristol.

PLYMOUTH. The intended Meeting of the Friends of the Missionary Society at Plymouth and Duck, as announced in our last Magazine, for the pur

of forming an Auxiliary Missionary Society took place according ly, on Tuesday, Oct. 13, and the two following days : and we are happy to find that the services were interesting in a very high degree. The first serion was preached at St. John's Chapel, Dock, by the Rev. W. Wie con, of London.

The Rev. Mr. Hitchins, who had kindly granted the use of his spacious chapel, rcad the prayers on the occasion.

The discourse was highly appropriate, and the impression made on the best feelings of the heart were expressed in the countenances, and by the contributions of the congregation, - who departed from the sancluary praising God for beholding a scene which had never before been wit. nessed in this westeru district of the kingdom.

In the evening the Rěy. Mr. Bogue preached, at the Rev. Mi. Mends's, a very solemn and impressive discourse from Acts xvi. 9: - ' a man of Macedonia saying. Come over and help us ;' in which the piercing cries of the hundreds of millions of the heathen world, that the gospel might be sent to their relief, were very feelingly communicated from the heart of the preacher to his crowded auditory. Mr. Thorpe, of Bristol, and Mr. Allen, of Exeter, led the devotions of the people in a very impressive and fervent manner.

At the early hour of Seven, the next morning, the congregation assembled at the Rev. Mr. Moore's, the new Tabernacle, when they were addressed by the Rev. Mr. Burder, from those highly appropriate words of our Lord (Malt. xiii. 16, 17) • Blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they bear,' &c. The Rev. Messrs. Turnbull, of Ottery, and Stenner, of Dartmouth, prayed before and after sermon; when the ininisters and several others adjourned to partake of a public breakfast which had been ordered on the occasion ; and assembled again at 11, at the Rev. Mr. Mends's, for the purpose of formiog the proposed Auxiliary Society: John Sanders, Esq. having been called to the Chair, andounced the object of the Meeting, as expressed in the Advertisement which had appeared in the Plymouth Papers, and in the Circular Letter addressed to the ministers of the viciniis. The Rev. Mr. Bogue supplicated the Divine Pre: sence and blessing ; after which the Chairinan called on the London Secretaries to furnish the Meeting with an account of the Present State and future Prospects of the Society. The Rev. Mr. Burder then gave a general View of the Rise and Progress of the Society, from its comincncement to the present period ; after which the Rev. Mr. Tracy gave a further account of the Present State of the Missions, particularly in Africa and the

Last The Rev. Messrs. Allen, of Exeter, and Cope, of Launceston, then moved and seconded a Resolution declaratory of the approbation of the Plan and objects of the Society ; which was supported in a speech of conwiderable interest by Mr. Derry, a respectable Inhabitant of Plymouth. The Rev. Mr. Mends, as senior minister of the town, congratulated the meeting on the happy day that had began to dawn on the West, by tbe lively interest that was excited to promote thc Cause of Missions among the Heathen; and though the county of Devon had been late and alınost last, he trusted it would not be the least in its support of the great cause ; and from the coincidence of the circumstance of that being the anniversary of the day on which he first drew the vital air, he could not forbear pronouucing it one of the most auspicious anniversaries of his life To shew the deplorable state of our Pagan fellow . subjects in India, Mr. Mends read from Dr. Buchanan's Christian Researches, the deeply interesting account of his Visit to the Temple of Juggernaut. After which Mr. Mende moved, That it is expedient that an Auxiliary Missionary Society be formed in this place ;-which motion was seconded in a very pathetic al approa priate manner by Mr. Ogg, one of the members of the church under the pastoral care of Mr. Meuds. A third Resolution was moved, in an animated manner by the Rev. Mr. Moore, That such Society, be now formed, to be called The Devon AUXILIARY MISSIONARY SOCIETY: conprizing the East, North, and South Devon Districts who are friendly to Missions to the Heathen ; which was seconded in an emphatic inanner by Mr. Parr. Rules, similar to those adopted for the Regulations of other Auxiliary Scy ties, were ipoved by the Rev. W. Rooker, of Tayistock ; and Resolutions of Thanks to the Secretaries of the Parent Institution, and to the ministers for their services on the occasion, were moved by other ministers then present; when several handsome Donations and Subscriptions were received,

In the evening, at Princess Street chapel, Dock, the Rev. Mr. TroBP., of Bristol; preached a very inpressive sermon from Dan. ii. 44.

At half past 10, on Thursday morning, there was a Missionary Comtu. nion, at the Rev. Mr. Moore's, for members of every Christian community who chose to attend ; at which the Rev. Mr. Bogur, of Gosport, presided ; and in which service various other ministers engaged. Thu' this was the first service of the kind ever enjoyed at Plymouth, it was hoped, from the delight it afforded to all presept, that it would not be the last,

The following ministers, besides those already mentioned, favoured the meeting with their company, and most of them with their assistance, in the several services. The Rev. Messrs. Gleed, Perrut, Chainberlain, and Wood, &c.

The Collections and Subscriptions amounted to £ 212. 2s. ; and it is ex. pected that in the three divisions of the Devon Auxiliary Society, viz. Exeter, Plymouth, Dock, and Barnstaple, a very respectable aid will be annually produced to the Parent lastitution.

We rejoice to hear that an Auxiliary Missionary Society for CORN, WALL, has recently, been deterinioed upon by the Associated Ministers of

The various Collections made by the Rev. Mess. Burder and Bogue, in their late journey, at Exeter, Taunton, Wellington, and in several con: gregations of Gloucestershire, will appear in our next Number.

The contributions of tbe children in their several private Schools, as well as in Sunday Schools, in different parts of the country, are pecit: liarly pleasing and encouraging. We have the pleasure to state, that about Une 1 housund. Children, at Bristol, have enrolled their names in the Mis. sionary list, whose subscriptions, at the average of one penny per week, will produce the respectable sum of Two Hundred Pounds 4 year! Who can notice this novel exhitition of juvenile zeal, without recalling to mind the words of the Psalmist, applied by our Lord to the Husaunahs of children at Jerusalem, - Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hust ordained praise.

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that county,

Provincial Intelligence, Williams, then of Oswestry, was, the

means of commencing this interest in

Jupe 1782. In Nov. 1786, Mr. Hunt A late Report of the Committee of was seitled pastur,- removed in Nov. the Congregational Union in Essex, 1791,-soon after their lease expired s has been circulated among the mem- and the people were without a place bers; which affords pleasing informa- of worship or any stated minister till tion of the success which has attended 1806 ; when the, Salop Association village-preaching, and the support of erected a new chapel; since which the Day and Sunday Schools in that congregation has continued to en. county. lo one village 150 persons crease, till the place is now too small attend ; scarcely any of whom were ac- to hold them. customcd to hear the gospel. The re

Same day a dew Baptist Chapel formation of some is acknowledged, even hy opposers. In apother village

was opened in the city of Norwich ;

when a sermon was preached by the a meeting house has been erected, and

Rev. Mr. Kinghord, minister of the å minister settled.

At a third place; Baptist congregation. Mr. Hull, ministhe minister conversed with eight young men, üpler serious impressions, ed in the evening. The congregations

ler of the lodependent Chapel, preachsonte of whom had run to great excess in wickedness. Individuals have joined and the services of the day produced

were numerous, tbe attention pleasing, Christian churches in consequence of

general satisfaction. hearing the gospel in the neighbouring villages ; and several hundred chil. A melancholy accident happened on dren regularly attend the Schools. July 19, at the Mill in Upway, a vil.

The 14th Anniversary of this so, Jage pear Weymoutb. A boy, amusciety was held at Witham, April 23, ing himself with a wheel, which was 1812. Their funds need recruiting ; -, going with great velocity, was ena balance being due to the Treasurer of tangled, drawn between two wheels, nearly £40. Subscriptions and Dopa- and instantly crushed to death. On tions, are received by the Treasurer,

the Sabbath evening following, an at Mr. W. Jobos, Chelmsford; or by the tempt was made by Mr. Hooper, from Rey. Messrs. Frost, Jepuings, Savill, Londoo (then on a visit to Dr. Crack. Douglas, Kemp, Craig, and oiber mem- bell) to improve this melancholy event. bers of the Committee.

The congregation was numerous, al. teative, and deeply affected.

The soJune 10, 1812, was opened the new lemnity of the meeting was iccreased, Independent Meeting , house at St. in consequence of a report brougbt to Alban's. Mr. J Ji. Cox, pastor of the village just before the time of serthe church, began by prayer and read. vice, that a waggoper belonging to the ing. The morning - sermon by Mr. same mill had been killed by the wag. Clayton (who, 16 years before, opened gon, as he was driving a load of meal the little barn from whence the present tu a neighbouring town. It is to be congregation removed) frosu Zach. vi.. hoped that these visitations will be 19, 20 ; and that in the evening by Mr. sanctified, and the impressions proHyati, from 13; Mess. Parker, " duced abiding. Sirith, Huni, Hobbs, Morison, Tomlin, Lidder, Carter, and Harris, engaged in August 11. G. Redford, M. A. late various parts of the service. The pre- of Hoxton Academy, was ordained sent place is twice as large as the for- over the Independent church of Uxmer (aod the pers are all occupied); bridge. Mr. Harrison of Woobura to complete which great exertions have opened the service ; Mr. Hooper, Cias." been made ; and the further contribu- sical Tutor of Hoxton, delivered the tions of the religious public are soli. introductory discourse, &c. Mr. Simpeited.

son, Divinity Tutor, offered the ordi... June 25. Rev. J. A. Thomas (tate Redford, of Windsor, gave the charge;

nation-prayer; his father, the Rev.Mr. Student at Wrexbam, and some years

Mr.Cooke, of Maidenhead, preached to an Itinerant in Shropshire) was set

the people; and Dr. Rippon conapart to the pastoral charge of Elles.

cluded. In the evening Mr. Slatterie mere.

The introductory discourse by preached ; and Messrs. Raban, Clunie, Mr. Edwards, of Wem; the ordina.

aod Torling engaged in the other parts tion prayer and charge by Mr. Weaver,

of the service. of Shrewsbury; address to the people by Mr. Whitridge ; the other devo. August 12. The Rev. T. Stenner, of tional parts of the service by Messrs.' Hoxton Academy, was ordained over Harris, Lewis, and Everall. Dr. E the Presbyterian congregation al Dart.

mouth. . Mr. Allen, of Exeter, delivered Epsom, the Introductory service; Mr. the introductory discourse : Mr. Hyatt, Simpson (tutor) the ordination prayer ; of London, the ordination prayer ; Mr. Percy (senior) of Woolwich, gave Mr. Cope, of Launceston, gave the the charge, from 1 Tim. iv. 16 ; Mr. charge ; and Mr. Cobbio, of Crediton, John Clayton, senior, preached to the preached to the people ; Mr. Allen people from Psal. cxxxiii. 1; and Mr. preached the evening preceding, and Johason, of Faraham, concluded. Mr. Hyatt the evening of the day of

Same day the Rev. 0. Stokes, from ordioations Mess. Griffiths, of Cawsand,

the same academy, was ordained over Gleed of Teigamouth, Crook of New

the Independent church at Stratfordton, Winton of Exmouth, &c. engaged

on-Avon. Mr. Percy, of Warwick, inin prayer. This place was formerly ho

troduced the solemn services by prayer poured with the labours of Mr. Flavel.

and reading the scriplures ; the intro. August 19. The Rev. F. Moore of ductory.discourse by Mr. Richards of the Itinerant Academy, Hackney, was Stourbridge; the ordination-prayer by ordained over the church at the New Mr. Hudson, of West Bromwich; the Tabernacle, Plymouth. Mr. Mends de charge, from 1 Timothy iv. 16, by Mr. livered the introductory discourse; Mr. Jerard, of Coventry ; the sermon to the Platt, of Londoo, the ordination prayer; people from Exodus xvii. 8-11, by Mr Joho Hyatt, the Charge ; Mr. Mr. James, of Birmingham; and Mr. Rooker, of Tavistock, the sermoni to the Spilsbury, uf Tewkesbury, concluded. people ; Mr. Cope preached in the lo the evening Mr. Hartley, of Lut. evening; Messrs. Griffith, C. Hyatt, terworib, engaged in prayer; and Mr. &c. engaged in prayer.

Butterworth, of Eversham, preached Sept. 9. At Mr. Comrie's meeting

from 2 Cor. iv, 4; Mr. Franklin, of house, Pennycuick, the Rev. T. Raa,

Coventry, preached the preceding kia was ordained to the pastoral

evening. charge of the Associate Congrega- Same day a new Independent Meettion at Knottingley, Yorkshire. Mr. ing was opened at a small distance Lothian of Edinburgh began the ser- from Pembrey, Carmarthenshire. Mr. vice; Mr. Aitchison, of Leith, preached Davies, of Bethania, introduced the from Matth. X. 37; Mr. Peddie, of service by reading, siaging, and prayer; Edinburgh, asked the w.ual questions, Mr. Jones of Bridge. Eod, preached offered up the ordination prayer, and from Jam. i. 13, 14, 15; Mr. Griffiths gave addresses ; Mr. T. Brown, of of Glandwr(io English) from Phil. iii. Dalkeith, concluded. Mr. Comrie, of 20; and Mr Davies of Swansea, from Peonycuick, and Mr Belfrage of Slate. Ezek. xliii. 12. who also concluded in ford, two other members of the Edin. prayer ; Mr. Richards of Llavstephan, burgh Presbytery, were also present at and Mr. Watkins of St. Donat's, preachthe laying on of hands. The whole ed in the afternoon. of the service was conducted with so

Sept. 17. Rev. D. Davies, late stu. lemnity before a dumerous audience.

dent as Wrexham, was ordained pastor Sept. 16. The Dorset Association of the Uviied Congregational churches held their half-yearly meeting at Bland- of Sarney, Domgay,and Aithuen, Munt. ford. Mr. Judson began with prayer gomeryshire. Mr. Jones, of Dolgelly, and reading, and was followed by Mr. introduced the service ; Mr. Williams, Durant. Mr. Morris preached from of Wem, delivered the introductory Acts xx. 24. Dr. Cracknell conclud. discourse; Mr. Griffiths, of Machyed with prayer, and an address recom- nelletih, received the confession of mending to the friends contributions faith; Mr. Williams, of Builth, .of. for diffusing the gospel in the county.

fered the ordination prayer; Mr. Ro. Mr. Gray began the evening service berts, of Llanbrynmair, gave the chargc; with prayer ; Mr. Mark Wilkes preach- and Mr. Whitbridge, of Oswestry, ed from 2 Tim. ii. 9 ; and Mr. Collings preached to the people. A small concluded. Mr. Bishop preached on Chapel was erected at Larney, about the evening preceding. The next meet- 30 years ago, by Mr. Griffiths, now of ing is to be on the Wednesday in Easter Carnarvon; and one is now erecting at week: Mr. Jopes, of Birdbusli and Mr. Aithuen; lor which they will be obliged Saltero of Bridport, to preach. to appeal to public benevolence ; ihe Same day the Rev. S. Percy, from

three congregations united being able Hoxion }çademy, was set apart to the

to raise but a very small sunn for pasioral omice at Guildford. Mr.

their ministers. Chapman, of Greenwich, began with Sept. 22. A commodious Independ. prayer and reading ; Mr. Atkinson of eat chapel was opened at Wellingbo

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