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rough ; Mr. Jackson, of Old, intro- unalienable right of all mankind, which duced the service ; Mr. Chater, of Kib- ought ever to be held most sacred; and worth, offered the general prayer : that the enjoyment of such liberty must Mr. Whitebead, of Creaton, preached he incomplete as long as any man can from Psal. cxxxii. 13, 14; and Mr. lawfully interrupt the enjoyment :Edmuods, of Cambridge, in the an. That the efforts of the Committee sball sence of Mr. Fuller, from Psal. I. 2; therefore be persevered ia, to ohrain Mr. Knight, of Staughton, conclucleil. the repeal of every penal law which In the evening, Mr. Gronow, of Wee- preveors the comp'ete enjoyment of redon, prayed ; Mr. Hillyard, of Bed- ligioos liberty !--2. As the preseat act ford, preached from 2 Cor. v. 11; and, repeals several obnoxious acis; as it Mr. W. P. Davies, student from Hox- will iucrease the teleration and protecton, concluded. Upwards of 100 peo-, tion before enjoyrd ; and as it indicates ple were present; aod in the evening the existence of liberal opinions iu the znany were excluded, through want of administration and the legislature, room.

this Committee accept that measure A ministers' meeting is to be held

vilh considerable delight, and cherish

fervent gratitude to all the persoos by the first Wednesday in November, with

whose efforts the benefit has been ob. the Rev. Mi S. Davies, at Maindy, Glamorganshire ; and the first Wednes.

ta ined.'- The remaining resolutions

contain thanks to the R. H. the E. of day in December, another is to be held at Ilanover, Dear Abergavenay.

Liverpool, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Castlereagh, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the other members of

administration: also, to the R. H. LONDON.

Earl Stanhope, Lord Holland, the

Dukes' of Norfolk and Bedford, Mare During the late visit of the Rev. quises Lansdown and Douglas, Earls. Messrs. Waugb and Jack to Dublin,

of Oxford, Carnarvon, Moira, Darnon behalf of ihe Missionary Society, ley, Donoughmore, Grey, Rosslyn, an Auxiliary Society was forued, under

Lauderdale, and Lord Erskine; to T. the desiguation of “The Hiberniau

Brand, J. Stephen, W. Wilberforce, Missionary Committee,' of wbich Vis

S. Whitbread, Esqrs. and other memcount Lorton was elected President ;

bers of both houses, for their zealous R. Whire, Esq. Secretary ; and D. La- assistance and support; also, to the touche avd Co. Treasurers ; Rev. Drs. Methodist Committee, and to the two Wbitelaw, M‘Dowell, and Thorpe, Secretaries of the Society (Messrs, the Rev. Messrs. Matthias, White, Pellatt and Wilks) for their respective Nixon, Barker, and Davies, and se.

exertions. veral lay-gentlemen, were chosen on the committee; who, in their Resolutions,

Fire at Serampore. expressed their thanks to the Rev. Messrs. Waugh and Jack, "for the We are jpformed that the Com. very liberal, zealous, and enlightened mittee of the British aad Foreign Bible manner in which they have presented Society have voted, in addition to this very Christian object to the Reli. their annual investments for Calcutta, gious Public.

2000 reams of printing paper, at the The first Auxiliary Hibernian So. expence of about 30001. to replace that ciety was formed Sept. 30, at Hoxton

which was consumed in the PrintingChapel; when the Rev. Mr. Brewer, Office at Serampore, for the purpose of of Birmingham, and several Students enabling their corresponding Comof the Academy, addressed the meet- mittee to proceed wiih printing the ing in favour of the institurion ; and a various oriental translations of the liberal subscription was made.

holy Scriptures. And we are happy

to learn that a considerable portion of On July 29, the evening of the the above is already shipped ; and that day on which the new Act, in favour of paper 10 ibe anjuunt of 10001. was alreligious liberty, received the royal ready on its way, previous to the arassent, a meeting was held of the com. rival of intelligence of the melancholy nulce of the Protestaot Society for the catastrophe. Also, that a small quanProtection of Religious Liberty, at the tity of types for English printing, was New London Tavern, Cheapside; J. forwarded by the Baptist Missionary Mills, Esq. in the Chair; at which se- Society, in February last; which will veral resolutions were passed ; and from enable them to resuine their important which we give the following extract:- labours without any very considerable 1. That liberty of conscicoce is an delay; and we trust that liberal contti


butions will be made, both in this Oct. 12. A Special General Meeting conntry and India, to retrieve the other of the SOCIETY for MISSIONS TO Africa and much larger portion of the loss and the East was held at the New Lonsustained by the Missionaries.

don Tavern, Cheapside, for the purpose

of addressiog and dismissing to their la. AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETIES.

bours the Rev. Leopold Butscher, one

of the Society's Missi naries, ou his reAug. 19. At Devizes was instituted

turn to Africa, accompanied by eight the Wiltshire Auxiliary Bible Society,

persons, in order to streogthen and ex. T. 8. Estcourt, Esq. in the Chair.

tend the Society's Missions on the Sept. 1. An Auxiliary Bible So- western coast of that continent. The ciery was formed at Dover for the president, Rt. Hon. Lord Gambier, was cinque ports of which, the Earl of Li

in the chair; and there were present verpool and the Lord Warden are the between 3 and 400 ladies and gentle. Presidents; and his Lordshij has since

The Secretary (Rev. Jos. Pratt) contributed a donation of Fifty Pounds delivered the instructions of the Com. to lhat Institution.

mittee to the Missionary and his coin: Sept. 8. At Edmonton was formed panions ; and the Rev. H. Buder, • The North-east Middlesex Auxiliary

Chamman of the Committee of Corre. Bible Society, for the parishes of spondence, addressed them on the sub. Edmonton, Tottenham, and Enfield : ject of their duties and encouragements ; of which W. Mellish, Esq. M. P. is

Mr. Butscher, who has been six years the President.

in Africa, and has become thoroughly

acquainted with the character of the Sept. 17. At Gloucester, the Glousester Auxiliary Bible Society ; of natives, and has gained the confidence

of the Chiefs, replied to these ad. which the Dukes of Norfolk and

dresses in a spirit of simplicity and Beaufort are Presidents.

prudent but determined zeal, which Sept. 17. At Bala, North Wales, greatly impressed the meeting. TWO • The Bala Bible Association ;' one of Settlements have been formed on the the Rules of which provides, That if Rio Pongas; and a third, oamed Gam. a General Auxiliary Bible Society bier (after the noble President of the should be formed for she courty, it is Society) is about to be formed on the the intention of this association to join Rio Dembia. Mr. Burschar takes out with, or become a branch of it.' with him three Laymen, who will con. Oct. 2. At Henley upon Thames, an

tribute to the success of the mission, Auxiliary Bible Society; of which by conciliating the natives, and advance Lieut. Col. Liston is the Presideat. ing their civilization, in the exercise

among them of various useful arts. The object of all the above instito.

The Meeting was addressed by the tions is, to inquire into, and supply Secretary, Rev. H. Budd, D. Wilson, the wants of the poor, as it respects the

Dr.J. P.Smiih, and J.W.Cunningham; holy Scriptures, as well as to contri.

and much interest was excited by the bute to the geceral fund of the Parent

prospects opening before the Society. Institutiou ; and we trust that He, who

Seven Lutheran ministers, five lay-set. has inspired such a gerêral desire to

tlers, six English students, eight wives circulale his own word, will accompany

of Missionaries and settlers, and about it with power to the hearts of the nu.

120 African children, are now dependmerous readers, that the kingdom of

ent on the Society. The income of the the Redeemer may be thereby enlarged ! Society having fallen short of its ex.

penditure last year, by the sum of By the Minutes of the last Con- £600 ; and being wholly inadequate ference, it appears that the Methodist

to the exertions which the Commitree Societies wniaio ihe following Mem.

are now inaking, the noble President bers :

added liberally to his former ample conGreat Britaip


tributions to the funds ; and, as many Ireland


persons present have regretted that Gibraltar


They were not distinctly invited at the Sierra Leone


meering to follow his Lordship’s exNova Scotia and Newf jundland 1,225 ample, it is hoped that they and West Ladies


others will fulfil their kind intentions, United States


by sending their contributions or subo

scripcions either to the Rev. J. Pratt, 307,401 Doughty Street; to the Deputy Secrea

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tary, Mr. T. Smilh, 19, Little Moor. The first Association will be formed fields; or to the Treasurer, H. Thora. in a rew weeks at Bristol, when ser. toi, Esq. M. P. Bariholomew Lane., mons will be preached on the occasion

A' Plao of Church Missionary As- by different Clergymen from London sociations' was distributed at the Meet- and other parts. Other Associations ing; in which the Committee point are intended in various parts of the out the method and the advantages of kingdom; and all clergymen and others associating, in support of the Society, who are friendly to the designs of the the inhabitants of large towns, of Society, are earoestly requested by the parishes, the members of congrega- Committee to assis. io rendering these tions, or a circle of private frieuds. Associations as general as possible.

MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS. Collected by the Rev. Rowland Hill and the Rev. Thomas Jacksor. Messrs. Hilt and Jackson beg leave to express their deep sease of the obliga. hons under which they are laid, by the kind and affectionate maoper in which they were received by the Ministers and Congregationis visited by them in their Tour ; and when it is considered that the following sums were collected within the short space of three weeks, at a time when the manufacturing towns are labouriog under great difficulties, from the state of the times, their liberality will at once declare their regard for the Redeemer's glory and the salvation of the Heathen.

£. d. Stratford upon Avon

5 14 0 Warwick, Rev. Mr. Percy

26 15 0 Coventry, Rev. Mr. Jerrard

45 19 4 First Fruits of a Penny Society at Foleshill, Coventry 6 1 6 Hinckley, Rev. Mr. Gill

25 8 0 Leicester, Mr. Mitchell

48 94 Nottingham, Rev. Ms. Alliot 93 6 2 Rev Mr. Bryan

53 00 146 6 2 Mansfield, Rev. Mr. Weaver

27 12 0 Collection at Sheffield

60 5 6 Wakefield, Rev. Messrs. Bruce and Rayson, and Methodist Chapel

57 156 Halifax, Rev. Mr. Cockin

45 13 0 Bradford, Mr. Taylor

26 5 0 Leeds, Rev. E. Parsons

74 11 11 Rev. Mr. Eccles

37 2 7 Donations at Mr. Ecc!es's

15 15 0 White Cloth Hall

22 07

149 10 1 Penny a-week Society at Bingley, near Bradford, by the Rev. A. Hudswell

4 0 0 Heckmond wikt, Rev. Mr Hale

30 3 3 Rotherham, Rev. Dr. Williams

- 74 10 0 Attercliffe, Rev. Mr. Richards

19 1 8 Chesterfield, Rev. Mr. Burgess

15 00 Matlock, Rev. Mr. Wilson

20 10 0 Derby, Rev, Mr. Gawiborne

44 11 8 Lirchneld, Rev Mr. Salt

15 8 0 Birmingham, Mev. Mr. Jamcg

52 12 g Rev. Mr. Bennet

41 l 6 Aux. Society at Mr. Bennett's, half-year 17 12 6

111 16 8 West Bromwich, Rev. Mr. Hurlson

45 9 10 One Moiety of a Peony a-week Society at Sheffield I ling

1054 3 1 A Lady at Bath, per Rev. Dr. Haweis

0 0 A Friend at Inverness, per Rev. Mr. Bogue

1.1 Mrs. Mary , per Rev. J. Sykes 101-W. N. 21 103

12 10 0 Hev. Mr. Clark and Friends, Brigg and Wraby, Lincoloshire

9 60 A Friend, per J. R. and Co.

1 1 0 Rev. Mr. Bull and Friends

990 At the Monthly Prayer Meeting at Rev. Mr.Gore's, Barbican 5 9 8 A London Friend

1 0 0 Collection at Holywell Mount Chapel, per Rev. Mr. Platt

21 78 Rev. J. Washbourne and Friends, Hammersmith

28 8 0

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