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Conduct us safely, by thy grace,

Through life's perplexing road;
And place us, when that journey's o'er,
In heav'n thy bless'd abode.

133. c. M. Supplication for the Divine Blessing on the word. "REAT GOD! thy gracious aid im part,

To give thy word success ; Write all its precepts on my heart,

And deep its truths impress.
2 Oih speed my progress in the way

That leads to joys on high,
Where knowledge grows without decay,
And love shall never die.

184 c. M.
A Hymn for the Morning or Enening.
HO OSANNA! with a cheerful sound,

To God's upholding hand ;
Ten thousand snares our path surround,

And yet secure we stand.
2 How wondrous is that mighty pow'r,

Which form'd us with a word ! And ev'ry day, and ev'ry hour,

We lean upon the LORD. 3 The ev'ning rests our weary head,

And mercy guards the room ; We wake and we admire the bed,

That was not made our tomb. 4 The morning no assurance gives

That we shall end the day;
He who one bour in vigour lives,

The next may pass away.
5 God is our Sun, whose daily light,

Our joy and safety brings;
Our feeble frame lies safe at night

Beneath his shady wings.

183. P. M. The Constant Presence and Providence of God.

Source of Gratitude and Trust.

All worlds, all creatures lie ;
No distance can elude thy search,

No action 'scape thine eye :
Hear, gracious LORD! our mingled praises hear

Thou art our hope, our joy, our fear. 2 Erom thee our vital breath we drew;

Our childhood was thy care ;
And vig'rous youth and feeble age

Thy kind protection share:
Hear, gracious Lord! our mingled praises bear

Thou art our hope, our joy, our fear. 3 Whate'er we do, where'er we turn,

Thy ceaseless bounty flows, Oppress'd with woe, when nature faints,

Thy arm is our repose : Hear, gracious LORD! our mingled praises hear

Thou art our hope, our joy, our fear. 4 To thee we look, thou Power supreme !

Oh still our wants supply! Safe in thy presence may we live,

And in thy favour die : Hear, gracious Lord ! our mingled praises hear Thou art our hope, our joy, our fear.

186. P. M.


Grateful acknowledgment of God's constant

Goodness. GRI "REAT Source of unexhausted good ! Who giv'st us health, and friends, and foort,

and calm content: Like fragrant incense, to the skies, Let songs of grateful praises rişe,

For all thy blessings lent.

And peace,

Through all the dangers of the day,
Thy providence attends our way,

To guard us and to guide ;
Thy grace directs our wand'ring will,
And warns us lest seducing ill

Allure our souls aside.
Thy smiles, with a reviving light,
Cheer the long darksome hours of night,

And gild the thickest gloom ;
Thy watchful love, around our bed,
Doth softly like a curtain spread,

And guard the peaceful room.
To thee our lives, our all we owe,
Our peace and sweetest joys below,

And brighter bopes above ;
Then let our lives, and all that's ours,
Dur souls, and all our active pow'rs,

Be sacred to thy love.
Thus, gracious Father ! thee we praise ;
And while our feeble songs we raise

To bless thee and adore,
Some spark of beav'nly fire impart,
And teach each humble, grateful heart,
To bless and love thee more.

187. L. M.
God our Supporter and Preserver.
GREAT Gon! we sing that mighty hand

By which supported, still we stand ;
Our opening years thy mercy show ;
Thy mercy crowns them as they flow.
In ev'ry place, in ev'ry hour,
Still are we guided by thy pow'r,
By thy incessant bounty fed,
By thy unerring counsel led.
With grateful hearts the past we own;
The future all to us unknown,
To thee commit in humble prayer,
And banish every anxious care.


4 In scenes exalted or depress'd,

Be thou our joy, our hope, our rest;
Unchang'd through all our changing days,
Thy love may we with fervour praise !

189. 1. M.

The Providenceof God a Source of Gratitude & Trust 1 GREAT LORD of earth, and seas, and skies !

Thy wealth the needy world supplies ; On thee alone the whole depends ;

Tay care to ev'ry part extends.
2 To thee perpetual thanks we owe,

For all our comforts here below;
Our daily bread thy bounty gives,

And ev'ry rising want relieves.
3 To thee we now glad bomage bring,

In grateful hymns thy praises sing,
Direct to thee our joyful eyes,

And humbly look for fresh supplics.
4 On thee, O God! would we depend,

The rich, the sure, the faithful Friend ;
Our portion may thy wisdom choose,

Nor let our hearts that choice refuse.
5 And should thy measures seem severe,

Calmly may we thy chastenings bear;
Without complaint to thee submit,
The unerring Judge of what is fit.

139. c. m. God our perpetual Preserver and Benefactor. I ALMIG TY FATHER : gracious Lord !

Kind Guardian of my days! Thy mercies let my heart record

In songs of grateful praise.
2 In lite's first dawn, my tender frame

Was thy continual care,
Long ere I could pronounce thy name,

Or breathe an infant's prayer.


3 Though reason with my stature grew.

How feeble was its aid !
How little of my God I knew !

How oft from thee I stray'd!
4 When life hung trembling on a breath,

'Twas thy unfailing love
Preserv'd me froin the stroke of death,

And bade my fears remove.
5 How many blessings to thy throne

Have rais'd my thankful eye !
How many pass'd almost unknown

Or unregarded by !
6 Each rolling year new favours brought

From thy exhaustless store;
In vain, great God! my lab'ring thought

Would count thy mercies o'er. 7 While thus reflection, through my days,

Thy bounteous hand wcald trace,
Superior blessings claim my praise,

The blessings of thy grace.
8 Yes, I adore thee, gracious LORD!

For nobler favours still,
The truths and precepts of thy word,
Which teach me all thy will.

190. L. M.
God our constant Friend.

THIS God is the God we adore,

The faithful unchangeable Friend,
Whose love is as great as his power,

And neither knows measure nor end: 2 'Tis he is the first and the last,

Whose hand shall conduct us safe homę;
We'll praise him for all that is past,
And trust him for all that's to come.

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