A Compendious Manual of Qualitative Chemical Analysis


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Pàgina 174 - Its length and fineness also increase with the rapidity of motion of the hands. If it is desirable that the finer tube should have thicker walls in proportion to its bore than the original tube, it is only necessary to keep the heated portion soft for two or three minutes before drawing out the tube, pressing the parts slightly together the while. By this process the glass will be thickened at the hot ring. To obtain a tube closed at one end, it is best to take a piece of tubing, open at both ends,...
Pàgina 173 - When a tube or rod is to be bent or drawn close to its extremity, a temporary handle may be attached to it by softening the end of the tube, or rod, and pressing against the soft glass a fragment of glass tube, which will adhere strongly to the softened end. The handle may subsequently be removed by a slight blow, or by the aid of a file. If a considerable bend is to be made, so that the angle between the arms will be very small or nothing, as in a siphon, for example, the curvature can not be well...
Pàgina 171 - ... Whenever the place of experiment is supplied with common illuminating gas, a very small jet of burning gas may be advantageously substituted for the hot coal or slow match. To obtain such a sharp jet, a piece of hard glass tube, No. 5, 10 cm long, and drawn to a very fine point (see...

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