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Intelligence.-Yorkshire Tract Society.

483 ene blessing of God, of a more general was acting in the same cause. Here diffusion of the spirit and practice of the speaker could not but contemplate the Christian life. But iruth and with satisfaction the idea that he had virtue are natural, though not insepa- been the first promoter of this Institurable companions, and never thrive so tion. No father could view the sucmuch as when they are cultivated cess of his child with more anxiety. together. This is what it has been He breathed the wish that if his name pur endeavour to connect, in the were destined to be hereafter repeated, formation of this Society, and it is it might be in connexion with the hoped that it is one of those institu- West Riding Tract Society. May it tions, of which there are so many in be that the latest posterity shall own the present day, highly tending to the the parent and the offspring! The moral and religious improvement of name of Thmson is worthy of the mankind.

purest cause of benevolence and truth The report was ordered to be print- that can he associated with it. The ed, additions to the catalogue pro- Doctor also took up in a peculiarly posed, &c.

interesting manner the idea which the On this occasion, certain speeches preacher had advanced of the possible were made, particularly one by Dr. presence, though invisible to mortal Thoinson, of 'Halifax, to which we eye, of the blessed Jesus, and under are truly sorry it is not in our power that impression begged to call to mind to do justice. One particular point the nearly last injunction of their maswhich the Doctor dwelt apon should ter to his disciples, “ Feed my sheep. certainly be noticed, viz. that the Tract Feed my lambs,” and again“ Feed Society had fully redeemed its pledge. my sheep," a command so reiterated Its catalogue of books, though in some yet discriminating, that it would seem respects not all that could be wished, to indicate that provision should be arising from circunstances that could made in the Christian church, both for not be avoided, was yet of a nature to the mature and the young. In this do ample justice to every promise it point of view, the 'Tract Society very had made.

strikingly met the injunction, and the It possessed those Tracts it is true blessed Jesus might be now supposed which gave a very clear view of Unita- to be casting his smile upon it. rian sentiments; and this, froin the After the business of the Tract Sonature of the Societies which had ciety was over, an adjournment took joined together, might be expected to place to the Talbot lon, where a dinbe the case; but it also possessed those ner was provided for the occasion, to which were separate from any doctri- which 08 gen:lenen sat down-_24 nal tenets, and which were purely of ministers and 44 lay brethren. After a practical nature, while it was open dinner, many toasis congenial with the to any recommendation of Tracts, of objects of the day were given by the other views, which its members might Chairman, the Rev. R. Astley, which bring forward. In a word, every ap produced very animated speeches. plicant might be accommodated agree- Accounts were imparted of ihe proably to his wishes. The Doctor inter- gress of L'niarianism in rarious places, mingled with the subject of discussion particularly in Scotland, by the Secremany interesting thonghts. Contem- tary to the General Association of the plating the progress of truth, as it had North, in Rosse:ndale, Thorne, S-by advanced in the North, he glanced and Huddersfield, by the different his imagination back to the time of ministers, whose labours in these Wickliffe, that day-star of reformation, places had been pleasingly blessed. If, who, he believed, was born in the in the ardour of feeling, a more sancounty of York. A Priestley, too, was guine colouring might be occasionally born not far distant from the spot imparted, than the stubborn and slow where his friends were then meeting. priigress of change may at present jusThis reformnist would become a yei tify, still that much is doing is beyond brighter star. He was hourly gaining a question. After every deduction she ascendant with an increasing the most suspicious and scber-minded lastre. The mists of ignorance and calculation can exact, there is sufiierror were gradually departing, and cient cause for congratulation, and for pernitting the pure light of the gospel rejoicing in the assurance that the to be seen avd felt. The Tract Society great doctine of the Divine Unity is gradually advancing, till at length it don, and the remainder are immedi. shall be the one Universal Faith. ately directed to the promotion of 'This at least is the polar star of our rational views concerning scripture creed, that to which we believe the doctrine, with exhortations to consisgreat lawgiver of the Jews pointed, tency of conduct in all who are conand to which the founder of the vinced of the strict Unity, the unriChristian faith as clearly pointed. valled supremacy, and the spontancAnd we have no doubt that although, ous and universal benignity of God. like the polar star of the natural firma- The melancholy case of Mr. C. ment, it may at present be but dimly Herbert, who has lately been warned seen by some Christians, yet that ere out of his school, on which he delong it shall be as clearly viewed as a pends for the subsistence of a fainily star of the first magnitude in the of eight children, for bis integrity in brightest night, and prove, in con- maintaining the divine Unity withibe nexion with those pleasing hopes of plain and inestimable truths connec'ed the gospel to which it is attached, a with ii, was laid before the Society, Satë guide to all who are sailing the and as he possesses considerabie merit ocean of life, to the blissful shores of as a teacher, and is particularly desieternity

rous of inculcating just and generous Wakefield.

T. J. views of religion and virtue usou the

minds of children, it is hopes that Kent and Sussex Unitarian Association. showd any opening of this kind be

The fifth Anniversary of the Kent atorded, or indeed should any source and Sussex Unitarian Association, was by which an upright man skilled in held at Maidstone, on Wednesday the the arts of writing, arithmetic, &c. joth instant, when it is but justice to may provide, or be assisted in provie Mr. Aspland to observe that his truly ding for a numerous, and still increa. excellent discourse excited a very lively sing fair.ily, reach the kno:wledge of interest in the minds of his auditory, any of our Unitarian friends, or of the and that it is sincerely hoped that he frieuds of liberality and humanity in will yield to the warm expression of general, who may be acquainted with their wishes in favour of its publica- case, they will not fail to commution, and thus enable them to derive nicate the particulars either immedithe full benefit from his generous la- ately to Mr. Herbert himself, or hours, by its extensive distribution. through the medium of some friend. The service comwenced with an ap- There is evidently po object of our propriate prayer by Mr. Harris ; while unanimity so pressing as the endeavour the principal part of the devotions, by to remove or alleviate those sutierings Mr. Holden, presented a beautiful or inconveniences to which a friend delineation of the universal beneli- may occasionally be subjected, from a cence and tender mercies of our hea- conscientious adherence to his prinvenly Father, with a most fervent ex- ciples. pression of gratitude and obedience. From the communications of seveThe annual report of the proceedings ral of our friends from different parts of the Committee, which has been ap- of the counties, it appeared that the pointed toʻsuperintend the distribution spirit of inquiry has been making conof Tracts, and to direct their attention siderable progress. Our Battle Secreto whatever relates to the general inte- tary observes that “it is become almost rests of our associated body, was read universal : men begin to think conat the close of the service, and was cerning religion, and are no longer followed by the reports and commu- content to rest in an implicit faith. nications from the several congrega- This, therefore,” he observes, “is the tions, some of which have chosen coin- time to exhibit Christianity to their mittees from their respective subscri- view in its native purity and simplibers, denominated District Commit- city, that they may see its excellence tees, which maintain a correspondence and be conviviced of its truth, and that with the general Committee, through its effects may appear in their chatheir Secretaries. Nearly 2000 sınallracter and deportment in life.” A Tracts have been distributed during the scarcely less pleasing account was prelast year; upwards of 100 of which sented in the narrative of a friend from consist of practical publications, by Dover, whose exertions have been a the Christian Tract Society in Lon- principal means of establishing a con Intelligence.Eastern Unitarian Society.

425 ference in the General Baptist Meet- by the chairman (Mr. Asp?ard) which ing-house of that place, by which no he prefaced with some interesting resmall degree of atiention has been ex- marks, and which drew forth obsercited to the great question at issue rations from several persons present. between Unitarians and their oppo- The company being composed of both nents. Our Secretary for the Maid- ladies and gentiepun, ibe inconsisstone district observes that “ we have rency of the marriage ceremony with every evidence of the number of Uni- the general principles of Dissenters, tarians being much greater than it and especially of Unitarians, became appears to be ; the extreme difficulties, the subject of some animated discus. the force of fashion, and a false shame, sion, and perseverance in applications deter many from expressing their belief in Parliament for release from this of the snblime and despised truths of ceremony, as the on!y legal bond of Unitarianisın." He acquainted the union, was strenuously recommended. Society with a plan which has been The utmost harmony prevailed, the adopted at Maidstone for conveying company in oneral appearing imreligious instruction to children in a pressed with the obligat:01, as weil language and manner adapted to their of imitating their master in bis entire tender capacities. The boys on one devotion to the will of his fainer and part of each Sunday, and the girls on his God, as in his brotherly-love and the other, are taken apart from the charity. May these social meetings congregation to be familiarized with in which we sit down to one table, os the leading principles of religion, and the worshippers of one common and the plainest practical admonitions. only God and Father, in obedience in

The Society adopted some resolu- one Lord, be attended with the happy tions with a view to the more prompt effect of diminishing our attachment dispatch of its business, and to the to all sublunary distinctions, rememkeeping up of a nore perfect inter- bering that, as ihe disciples of Christ, course between its branchies, as it is we must strive 10 be distinguished by hoped that every step which tends to those qualities of the heart and life engage us in the murnal pursuit of the which it was his sole object to inculeoinnion. objects, will contribute in cate upon mankind of every rank and every point of view to increase the condition, and by our proficiency in advantages of our Association.

which, alone we can attain to disiincWith an expression of the deepest tion in his heavenly kingdom ! regret at the horrid persecution of

THOMAS PINE, which onr Protestant brethren in the Maidstone,

Secretary. department of the Gard, have so long July 10, 1810. been the unoffending and unprotected victinas, a vote of thanks was unani- Eastern Umtarian Society. mously passed to the Committee of The Yearly Meeting of this Society the Dissenting Ministers of the Three was held at Ipswich, on Wednesday Denominations, for their unwearied and Thursday, the 26th and 27th of exertions in their behalf; to Mr. C. June. On Wednesday evening Mr. Perrot for his Christian intrepidity in George Harris of Greenock introduced encountering every hazard and every the service by prayer, and reading the difficulty to arrive at the first sources Scriptures, and Mr. Fullagar of Palo of information, and for the luminous grave preached from 2 Peter i. 10. report by which he has established ** Wherefore, the rather, brethren, give the dreadful detail of terocious cruel- diligence to make your calling and tics and merciless oppression ; and to election sure." On Thursday wornSir Samuel Romily for the able, ing Mr. Scargill, of Bury, introduced manly, and Christian-like conduct, the service, and read the Scriptures; which he has shewn in pleading that Mr. Toms, of Framlingham, prayed; cause in the British House of Cons- and Mr. Thomas Rees, of London, 'mons.

preached from Isaiah xl. 25. The company afterwards adjourned whoin then will ye liken me, or shall to the Star lun, where , 1:34 persons I be equal? saith the Holy One." It sat down to a plain dinner, a larger is much to be regretted that Mr. Rees riunber than had assembleal at any declined complying with the wish of previous meeting of the Society. Se the Society to print a sermon so admi. veral appropriate sentiments were given rably adapted to expose the pernicious

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tendency of the doctrine of the Trinity. dined together; after the dinner a numBy the report of the Committee it ap. ber of sentiments were given, which peared that the funds of the Society called up different speakers, and the afwere in a flourishing state. The fol- ternoon was spent in an animated and lowing resolutions were pas ed unani- truly Christian manner, much to the mously:—That Is. L. Marsh, Esq. and edification of the whole company. At Mr. Edward Taylor be continued in seven o'clock the congregation re-asthe offices of Treasurer, and Secretary sembled, and Mr. Hawkes, of Lincoln, for the year ensuing. That a number preached “On the Nature of Heresy.“ of Tracts, at the discretion of the The public services were numeCommittee, be placed at the disposal rously attended. The Unitarian cause of the different ministers in the as- in this district is still advancing. The sociation. That the next yearly meet. Association will be held next year at ing be held at Framlingham, on the Boston.

R. W. last Wednesday and Thursday in June, 1817, and that Mr Scargill be Nottinghamshire, Derlyshire, 6c. requested to preach. Thirty-seven

Association. members and friends to the Society At Nottingham, on Friday, 21st of afterwards dined together at the Bear June, 1816, was holden the Annual and Crown, Mr.J. D. Harmer in the Meeting of the Unitarian Ministers of chair.

Thę toasts and sentiments Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and the which were given, called forth cbser- Southern part of Yorkshire. The derations from several gentlemen present, votional service was conducted by the particularly Alr. Rees, Mr. 'Toms, Rev. J. P. Wright, of Stannington, Mr. Harris, Mr. Scargill, Mr. Fulla- near Sheffield : and the Sermon was gar, and Mr. Taylor. On “ the preached by the Rev. John Williams, memory of our departed friend, Mr. of Nansfield, from Matt. xii. 52. Jovce," being given, Mr. Rees took In this Sermon, which produced a occasion to pay a just and affecting strong impression on the audience, the tribute of respect to the character of preacher pointed out the necessity of that excelleni man, and steady friend a well-educated ministry; and shewed to the cause of civil and religious li- what qualifications are essential to berty. Several subjects connected with constitute a well-educated minister. the spread of Unitarian principles in Much general knowledge, and espethis district were discussed, and some cially a thorough acquaintance with measures adopted for the attainment of the Scriptures in the original tongues, so important and highly desirable an he deemed indispensable to a scribe event. The greatest cordiality and thoroughly instructed unto the kingharmony pervaded the meeting, and dom of heaven. He concluded with the company separated with feelings of a display of the advantages resulting Christian affection and sincere pleasure. from such a ministry: adding, that

from an ill-educated ministry, much

positive evil results to religion and so North-Eastern Unitarian Association.

ciety. This Association comprehends the The number of ministers present Unitarian Churches in Wisdrach, Lut- was small; vet, by the respectable attor, Boston, and Lincoln. They held tendance of lay friends, a company of their annual meeting at Wisbeach, on about thirty lay-inen and ministers Wednesday, June the 26th, and dined together. The place of meeting Thursday the 27th. Mr. Platts, of announced for next year is Sheffield. Boston, preached on the Wednesday crening, “ On Salvation by Jesus Devon and Cornwall Annual Meeting Christ, on Unitarian Principles." On of Unitarian Christians. Thurslay morning Mr. Wright, the July 5.--The Annual Meeting of Missionary, preached the Association "the Association of Unitarian ChrisSermon, * On the Import and Prac- tians in Devon and Cornwall, estab, tical Tendency of the Doctrine of the lished for the purpose of promoting Unity of God':” after which the An- the cause of Christian Truth and Pracnual Business of the North-Eastern tice, by the Distribution of Books, and Unitarian Book Society was trausacted. effecting a more intimate Union At two o'clock more than 100 friends among the Professors of the Unitarian

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Intelligence.South Wales Unitarian Book Society. 427 Doctrine in those Counties," was held every speaker, seemed to give delight at Moretonbainpstead, on the 3d in- and animation to all, and to prove the stant, when the Rev. T. Cooper happiness which brethren, who in. opened the service of the day, by read- some respects differ in opinion, may ing a psalm, which was sung in an enjoy, when they meet together to excellent stile by the choir, after promote the cause of divine iruth and which the devotional service was con- religion.

J. 1. ducted by the Rev. Dr. Carpenter in his usu

impressive and serious manner. The annual Sermon was

Sonth Wales Unitarian Book Society. delivered by the Rer. 1. Worsley, The Annual Meeting of the South founded on the 40th chapter of Isaials Wales Unitarian Book Society was and the 13th verse, “To whom then held at Swansea, on Wednesday the will ye liken God?". The discourse 26th, and at Gellyonen, on Thursday Was somewhat original and highly the 27th of June. The Rev. J. Rowe, impressive, and pointed out some of of Bristol, preached, on Wednesuay the various erroneous notions enter- morning, from John xx. 31, a very uined by reputed orthodoxy concern- manly and seasonable Discourse, which ing the Divine Being, and his més- he was afterwards requested to print, senger of love to the human race, the but declined. The Rev. D. Davis, of holy Jesus. After the conclusion of Neath, followed him, in Welsh, from the service, the members of the Asso 1 Tim. ii. 5.: and in the evening the ciation went through the business of Rev. J. Evans, of Carmarthen, delithe day with zeal and unanimity, vered, in English, a very ingenious which was highly edifying, and ad- Discourse, from John i. 1. Between mitted several new members. After a thirty and forty gentlemen dined tovery plain dinner, at which nearly 6o gether at the Bush Inn, and sixteen members sat with apparent satisfac- new subscribers were added to the tion, the memory of the late venerable Book Society, Dr. Priestley was solemnly drank, On Thursday morning, at Gellyonen, stauding; nor were the names of the Rev. Thomas Evans, of Aberdare, Lindsey, Kenrick, and Toulmin, and preached from Colossians iji. 4.; and some others still living for the benefit the Rev. J. Evans, of Carmarthen, the of the cause of religious truth, forgot- Sermon before the Society, from 1 Cor. ten; and with a feeling which was viii. 6. The Rev. Mr. Thomas, a pupil affecting and impressive, the members of Mr. Evans, of Islington, and the were reminded of their obligations to Rev. B. Philips, of St. Clear's, con“ the friends of Unitarianism both in ducted the devotional part of the Serand out of the establishment," who, vice. The whole of the Services of though they have not yet avowed this day were in Welsh; and Mr. J. themselves as such, have by rational Evans's Sermon, at the request of the instruction and virtuous examples, Society, is to be printed. been for years rooting out the weed,

When the business of the Book Soand preparing the ground, in which ciety was closed, the attendants, who the enlightened Unitarian is now en- were very numerous and respectable, couraged to sow with diligence the and among whom were eighteen migood seed, which, by producing an nisters, formed themselves into “ A abundant crop, will ere long cause the Meeting of Unitarian Christians from nations of the earth to rejoice;--and, different parts of South Wales," at by one respected member of the Soci- which eiy, the effects of the improving libe- GEORGE THOMAS, Esq. rality of some of the most distin

Being in the Chair, guished advocates of reputed ortho- IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED, doxy on the cause of Unitarianism, "1. That the thanks of this meeting and of the exertions of the friends of be given to the Rev. Thomas Belshain, the latter on the former, were with for his seasonable and very useful pubChristian benevolence pointed out as lication, cntitled, “A Letter to the tending to spread religious enquiry and Unitarian Christians in South Wales." the cause of divine truth, as well as “ 2. That it is not known to this to diminish and prevent asperity, on meeting that any injury whatever, but both sides of the question. In short, on the contrary very eminent service, the zeal and liberality displayed by has been donç io the “ Cause of. Uni

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