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Protestant Society the Committee, and deserved the ever, the satisfaction to state, that the attention of every friend to human- Committee had, on the precedios ily, – to the Protestant faith, to day, received a written assurance tror the rights of conscience, - to the religion of Jesus CHRIST. Tbe Resolutions of the Comini! tee, under the Government of the Dukes of St. a'ready 'cominunitated to the Wiect Kings of Sardimit, tier lawful Vlast. +3, drettir

te n in munier, silmate in thier vlies, bor. ing, superseded the necessity

dering upon the mountains, of the * 2 ere much further explanation. The His- call them, which separale I'ranee iron Pierri, tory of the Ancient Waldenses, frorn on the sivio up at Dauphis?'11131 my 14,

Villa, ut, aint Juan, Poras, 11:grin, whom the present

Vaudois clin in the sells of Lovrne siruon. S.Cerain, to be descended from their origin, Prancol, ne morat, in the valley of Pente: mahy ages before the general Res Ville irheWirine an! Pial, in the alloy

of St. Martin; these three latter chasebe burias formation, to the close of the 17th chapeis of ease. century, fiuc bern recentiy published formerlystipendaries of liie Britanic Varis;

The pastors of these thirteen charebes vere in two valuaisle volumes, by Mri who, from a principle of charity, knowing the WM. Joves; and their moden His- the people of these vallies were poer, ani 1 tors and the Situation of the allicied, tik ir Sovereigos did nothing for them, was ara.

ciously pleased to permi: bent to feel beste is Vaudois, in the autumn of 1814, a 01 his generosity, and had them each pail acn

dvies of Piemont: brief Memoir, by a Ciernyman vi the aliy the sum of Church of England (the Rev.Mi. They have attributeri this loss of His Briticie

>nce the year 1997 inne hat 00:40 recere SIMS) had, with much energy, pa dijous Souns in the ioni ani expens ve var thetically detailed *. He had, low- ch Great the bas bag to...707 against a

Guvernment aliri appearedi ders *** erning all Eurofr, and

more tue For more pentru nisumtion, the suolen tritics'; to the plors de centres following extraits from inters, received of having been guilty or anything utansiye 19 from respectabl. Ministers of the Vall- bis Majesty, or to the majanimons nxiton ta dois cherches, ara érlected from other general feel a partiality aparching to veris

yon belonk, juis ubat'ı, inderd, they in most interesting letters, received by ion We had the boor 10 ad *** Ohrsti , the Committee ; but which, by their about eighteen wonths ago, io his frier the length, are unavoidably excluded from us the benent of representing ours and pri

Archbist:op of Canterbury, treats him to do this Report.

frilly miserable situation to lus May. Copy of a Letier addressed to M:. JOHN !!! know whether our bumble pozitne reacted W ks, from the Rer. Dessrs. PEYRAN French were master's of oni commer, 1 * Pirach

kins, but we have had ng reply. But the and RossaING, Moderator und Sp Ercutire l'umission of Piemont having con cretary to the Erungelical Laudois ceived that the names of Catholie puiests in the

vatlie's were too numcrons for 1: IC! nter Churches, in the rallies of Piedmont.

of Catholics resident there, sipprasm part of Pomaret, near Perouse, their livings, and appropriated to us the little

Province of literal, in Piedmont, benefit attached to theu ior oor inpport Sir,

the 31st Inuy, 1916. wisest and most prudent of 'os would love Mr. Rostaing, pasioi Pille seche, has visited other measures, less odious, to bave been received the letter which you did him the lionor a lupted, and measures by which we might have to addoss to him, under date of the 10th of breu less exposed to subsequent ill-will; but se December last. He delivered it to me as his were obliged to accept whät was conceded to as, ehief,-1 having the honor to fill the same situa. or to die of hunger. The King, oar muster, was tion that I di briore the Revolution deprived no sooner re-established in his cales, by the us of onr princes, namely, Moderator un the protection of Great Britain, and by the valoir Churches of the Vallies of Piedinont, known by the anci perseverance of the generens English nation, pame the legutois Churches. We cannot suit than we found onrnelves deprived of the little cientiy tank you, Cotlemen, for the proofs of advantage that had been conferred on ns. It kindness and Christian charity which yon therein was pretended, contrary to all reason, that the give 08. “The Protestant society for the Protectiou livings led deteriorated in oor hands, and we of Religious Liberty,' or winch yon are one of the were subjected to long and disagreeabielaw-egi 4. worthy Secretaries, has given plain demonstra His Majesty, who is personally benevolent, ad tion of the existence of the true spirit of Chris- vised by ministers devoted to the clergy of the tianity in Great Britain. To that happy coul.

Catholic church, had the temple of St. Jean slut try, where law and ortier prevari anıt govern, and np (it had been built at great expence within which has prorluced a Pucon, of lerulam, Luke, this commune) under a pretext that ibere existen Nouton, ilark, Trilatson, Broke, and many an edict of the year 1032, prohibiting the Proother eminent men, wo less illustrious for their testant inliahitanis of that coininude from baving virtues tan their extens se knowledge! - to that a temple, althonight in former times ode had been happy country I say, it was ietriver en hold ont erected. We were then without resource, - we to the world the exainple of iiversal tolertion, appealed to the known bounty and justice of the and to make it in a muner a violinguisting in King, -we implored him to be graciously pleased ginongst then, May honor and cury uteod that to put as apon the same fooring with his other generens nation, which shellry with its powerful suhipets---10 admit the Protestants to fill all civil protection the canse of the uniortunate', and pie- situations for which they were compeleot, and Rents to aik Europe an example which c.ipnot fail especially to grant to the pastors of the pallies to bave the greatest infuence upon the measures the means of subsistence. Hitherto all our repre. or all governments !

benuations, our humble petitions and supplica As the society is desirons of Icarning what tions, have been vain and fruitless. We have passes in our rallies, we have the honor to in been able to obtain nything, owing to the power form you, sir, that the Vaudois churches, living in practice of the Caitulic clergy, who have

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for the Protection of Religious Liberty. Lord LIVERPOOL, that the Lords of ribute to their aid ; they would the Treasury had directed the investi: invite all wise and good men to gation of their complaints, and of imitate the conduct which the best the reasons why the allowance which, and wisest of their forefathers bave for a century, hai bieu transmitted displayed, and to collect a fund from Birishib suliin, had been with which should permanently mitigate drau! The result of that investiga- their ills,--should preserve their tion be collat uut perint himself to widows from lamine, and their Minisdurl':1 The restusallon of pecuniary ters from despair,-and should cause aiit from the British Government he their children and their children's won!!! ventiile in anticipate ; and children, amid their glens--and dells -be wronki also eherish a hope, that and rocks, scarcely pervious to a fos! O parukoo would promote their reign foot,- in their bumble churches enjoyment of all those civil and religi- and their hours of prayer, long to contious rights of whiel by ignorance, in nue to repeat the praises and the pray? tolerance, and injustice alone they ers which their parents had so often could be deprivest. But if those hopes uttered, that God would ever bless should be disappointed,ilie. Committee with peace and with prosperity our would then redeem ihe pledge which native, but to them this distant and they had gisen:- they woull con protecting lanıl!


not hectice more tolerant than in forines tines; children were obliged to be conveyed to Anand all we last eighinen :nonths we have been grogne to be baptized. Moreover, this pastor Hilm day . 1.000$. such amongst is ay have was never allowed to pass the night or sleep in uo , as is the cise with those who have this coinmune. As a muhrntal example we can the bun, i tu write to you, who are the poorest mention pastor Appia, win, being overtaken by amor"* tue pasto, se in the most mise tale a storm at his own farmin st. Jean, was obliged $!!!! Unii suute i cvery thing, and utterly to pass the night upon a chair, and the next day

their song to Geneva, he was acensed ny the liscil, and imposoned ; Swila:14, for stu:iy, so as to be able hereafter and was exculpated only by proving that he had tu ojciate cus ciuiches, which are conse not transgressed the law. These measures cerquently in 14ger ei being beieit of ministers, tainly principally affected the commune of si. wires, in the gensionity of our powerful British Jean, but other persecutions were also felt protectors, retind semne relil. Bu us the favor, throughout the Vaudois. The vallies of 1,4 gerne sir, to present our most respectful homage to aud Pervuse, forment by the stream Pelis and yoni rospetables are jdept, Mr. Mills, as also Cluson, were not permitter to afford a tranquil to your wortby associate. Viimellat; and be asylum to the poor Vaudois: for they were prolieve 11% to be, with the siacerest and most lively hibited from inhabiting or possessing land in the gratitude and profoundest esteem, Şir, you very principal villages and hamiets in several of the humble, inosi ubedient, and i especirul servants, commes in these vallics; nor were they allow.


ed to fill any civil oflices. They were neither .Pastor at Pomaret,

&tluwed to be Secretaries of the communes, nor and Moderator of the Vandois Churches.

Justices, nor Advocates, nor Professors of MediALEX. ROSTAING,

ciue. Some few offices of notary were granted Pastor at Ville Seche, and Secretary by favour, but upon condition that they only

to the said tvangelical Vaudois prepared deeds for those professing the Prom Churches, in the Vallies or l'iedmont.

iestant reiigion. The municipal administration of the cominunts of the Vaudois wag regulated in the same spirit, The Catholics always com

posed three-fifths or two-thirds of the municipal Another Letter from the Rev. P. Bert, counsel; and as in some of the communes there Minister of La Tour, dated Feb. 9, from neighbonring commoues, or else elected

were 110. Catholics, they either imported them 1816, after relating the Ancient mendicants and vagabonds to oceupy those situHistory of the Vaupois, and the be. ations, and excluded persons of property and nefits which they had derived from character, of hereditary fortune, and updoubted the interference of Cromwell, and the sion of Piedmont by the French, in 1798.

This state of things lasted amtil the invaJiberality of l’illiam the Third and Other grievances more or less afflicting, they Queen Mary' of huppy memory,' thus were compelled to undergo, at the caprice of states the situation in

which they

some Catholic ctirates, or superior civil fana

tics, or ill-intentioned men, and by the carrying were compelled in exist.

off some children, and of a considerable number They were snhject to rigorous conditions. Very in vain reclaimed.

of yoring Vandois females, whom their parents confined limits were prescribed to them, and they became slint up in the vallies of Lusserne, despoiled our King of his continental states, and

Such was the state of things wben the French Perouse, and St. Martin, with the adjoining communes of Piarnitin and Rocheplate. They were

made themselves masters especiully of Pied

mont. There was then no longer any difference permitted to exercise ibeir religion; bui their between the Vandois and the other friedmontese : churches having been demolished, there were But because the number of the Protestants in some communes in which they were interdicted

our communes exceeded the Catholics in the from building more. That of St. Jean, in parti- proportion or about eleven to one.-It appeared cular, which still possceyed a church in 170+, was obliged to build one at nearly a league distance, justices and clerks of our own communion, and

io sume that then a partiality existed. We had in: Angrogne, as well as a presbytery and a our boundaries were extended; and this novelty, school for the children of the commune of St. Jean. The pastor of that church was forbidden injury intricted on the Catholics. Ilow power.

80 strictly just in itself, appeared to some an to perform any of the duties of his ministry there, fully does the babit of apthority subvert the judg. escepting the visiting us the sick, sud'ail the menti


Protestant Society Whilst such efforts were made as England, and throughout France, to all these objects by the Committee, Italy, and Spain, did not permit the it was impossible to conceal that the abandonment of this Society, or the general start of circunstances in relaxation of their vigilance and their

In 1906 the commune of silen, composed u: icar a relaps into our fornit e. Yet one almost wholly of Protestants, trong'at they night idea encograged us: it was the certainty that our profit by the intentions of the esisting (overnment, king, owing every thing to the protection of the en build the church which tbey had so much ganerons British nation, world have the reari. and so long desired. A zealous proprietor gra. tor i population processing the uue iaith with tuitously gave a spot of grond it for the pure the British people, and which for muy ages had pose, and permission having been granted, the only subsisted by the very :rotectioa which that chureh was erezted, at the expence and by the noble people had avoided. Labor of the inhabitants of that conimine only,

Put his Majesty, our king, me his with soine assistance they derived froin some entry into his capital on the 2011 o Jay, and charitable foreigners.

instantly on the 21si le issued an edict, which During this period the condition of the minis- pat things upon the rune inating they were dar. ters was also meliorate i. The Execntive Con- ing the year 1998. In conseyacuce of the pro. mission of Piedmond, being informed that the clamations,

comna! adidinistrations Royal English Subsidy, which constituted part retock their old starjons, and the former system of their allowance, was in arrears for some years, W18 ievived in almost every particolar. For and that the communes, which were already want of Cathotic resiuent inbabilns, ons com. overburdened, were obliged to supply the deli munes had for syndi's and counstilors, beggars ciencies, – suppressed suveral Catholic curacies and cobblers. No more irot stant justices. No which were notoriously nseless,--pensioned thuse more Protestant clerks; aud the vallies of priests, and sppropriated 10 the Protestant minis. Luzerne, having already two notaries of our ters, uneolicited and unasked for, the reuts of a communion, and a third requiring to be admitted, great number of sipall estaica, which, having was rejected, because the dininder prescribed by belonged to the Vaudois before the persecution, law was already complete. The sale of salt and laken from thici, had helped to forin and tobacco was con died in several communes the funds for the pay of lae Catholic to foreign Catholics, and the faudois vere derates and vicars. To this they added some other prived of every ho:10rable and prontat!e emaploy. funds, which, with a buon granted from the The pastors were also o.liget to deliver ng treasury of the state, fixed the pay of the pase the propery they enjoyed. The new church of tors at a thousand francs ( or aburi 421. ) each. St. Jean was shut in November, 1914, by order By these alterations several Catholics were gain- of the count; and from tiis siate of things others ers, and the poor and communes were relieved may be of course expected. from the support of their spiritual instructors. Some lower officers are delighted at making us

But the scine his change, wo un impels feel their power; and some priests, even in their the avowal,-- Whatever subject of cemplaint we bomilies or discoses, have forbidden, under might have against the Governinent of Napoleon pain of excommunication, any kindness being - complaints which we participated in common shein to Protestants. But we bave reason to be with the other subjects of buona parte --- we had lieve, that ihe generons resolntivas and protesta gained too much, on the score of civil and reli- lions of your society, have already produced pions liberty, not to be aware of our advantages. a happy efect; and on your continued kindness The downial of this too celebrated man made we therefore rely. To one of these Letters many authentic and interesting documents were subjoined,

and the following Statement of the Protestaut Population in the 13 Vauvois Churches in Piedmont.

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The total population of the churches of the Vaudois in Piedmont, which for the great ceri tainty in the eirculation is perhaps m.der-rated, is from 16 10 18,000, that of the Catholics is nothing in some comunques, varying in others, but always in a very inferior proportion.

for the Protection of Religious Liberty. toils. Even in England, hostility ap- pecuniary relief, from public liberality, peared to accompany success in the i: ile necessary assistance should not diffusion of knowledge and of gospel be otherwise obtained. truth. The progress of religion excited 3. That the disturbances of public local, clerical, magisterial, judicial worship, and the disregard of the acts antipathies, which could not but be and true spirit, even of toleration, perceived and deplored; and tenden- which continue to oecur, demonstrate cies to persecution, under certain to this Meeting the continued imforms, were even manifested by those portance of this Institution, and from whose doctrines and professions induce them to renew their pledges might bave been expected far dif- to confer their recommendation and ferent deeds. But whatever forms Support. Persecution might assume, or where 4 That this Meeting regret the cver it may exist, the Committee want of success, whicù attended on woulil never fail to unmask its dc- the efi'orts of Government, to obtain formity, and to resist its attempts-a3 An Act for the Exemption of Places long as they were supplied with the of Religious Worship from Parochial means from general ev-operation, and Assessment, and especially on acas long as their energies were invigo- count of the causes and consequences taied by general support.

of the failure of that attempt; but

they approve the exertions which have R.Stevex, Esq. the Treasarer, then been made in the case of Surry chapel, confirmed the necesssity for the ex- to resist all illegal violations of public tension of that general support, as, right; and otfer their thanks to the on his Annual Statement of the Ac- Rev. Rowland Hill for tbe firmness connts of the Socieiy, he was con- and perseverance which he has disa pelled to annonnce That the EXPENDI- played, and for the able publication, TURE of the Society, during the past in which he has exposed the evils of year. had more than DOUBLED the such assessments; and especially as amount of the RECEIPTS.

he has libcrally devoted the profits of These statements were succeeded that publication to the funds of this by the following RESOLUTIONS, whicha Justiintion. were adopted with unanimity and 5. That from the Proceedings of the enthusiasm:-

last Anniversary, this Meeting did

anticipate, that the Annual Receipts “1. Twat this Mecting, firmly attach- of the Society would have been sufed to the great ani invaluable priuci- ficiently augmented to discharge the ples of Religious Liberty, on whichibis Annual Expenee; but that as from Society was founded, and which they the Report of the Treasurer, those have often avowed, have learnt, with hopes are disappointed, as continued unleigned regret, that those principles experience additionally demonstrates have not

bern justly respected the importance of the Society, as it throughout Italy and France'; and includes within its benefits persons of recommeud to ibeir Committee all every denomination, - as the Annual that unabated vigilance in exposing Contribution of Two Pounds cannot and resisting their violation, which be burlensome, even to poor congrecircumstances may require, and pru- gations, they express their anxious dence may approve.

wish that every congregation, of every 2. THAT ibeir particular interest sect, should immediately subscribe, and commiseration are excited by and should continue permanent memthe situation of the Vaudois, or bers of this Society. Waldenses, in the vallies of Pied 6. Thar the following five Ministers mont; and that although they receive, and five ! aymco be appointed Mem. with some satisfaction, the assurances bers of the Committee, instead of the of Lord Liverpool to the Committee, Gentlemen who now retire, pursuant that their case shall experience the to the Plan of the Society :attention of the British Government, Rey. Nicers, HYATT they express their hope, that the

JONES Committee will watch over their

LEWIS future security and welfare, and will

'STODHART ondeavour to procure for them



Protestant Society, &c.
Messrs. NEALE

belonging to the Baptist dryeminaBUTCHER

tion, had been liberally allorded. TOWNSEND

Mr. MAT. WIKS dementialed the. EMERSON, aird

necessity and praciicability of more DRESSER. apd in addition to the ten other Mi

extensive pecuniary support. — r.

PELLATT disclaimed, as an unmerited nisters and ten Laymen who remain. aspersion, any representation (f the

7. That ROBERT STEVEN, Esq. the Society as an institute exclusively Treasurer of the Society, be requested political;- and Mr. DURANT advocato continue to occupy that appoint. ted the cause of the Vuitdms. is lie ment, which he has hitherto filles depicted the borrors attesidant with honorable and useful fidelity and the sanguinary march of Persecution, zeal.

even amidst the retirements of their 8. That this Meeting renew their thinly populated vallies, and anast acknowledgements to Thos.PELLATT, the contiguous sublimities of the Esq. and John Wilks, Esq. the Se- stupendous Alps. cretaries, whose disinterested and im

All thesc gentlemen, however, portant labours they gratefuily ac- concurred to express theis zealous atknowledge and most urgently cntrcat tachment to a Societs sluich had so them to renew.

often frustrated evil designs. -- wbich 9. That thi · Meeting cannot sepa- had repressed the tyrannous and perrate withoat again expressing their secuting, which had contributed to opinion of their excellent Chairman, protect liberty of conscience in Eng. SAMUEL MILLS, Esq. whose integrity, land, in India, in Europe-and which attention, prudence, and firmness, bad.usefully laboured to acquire privi. they unite with cordiality to applaud.” Jeges and security for Dissenters and

Those Resolutions were introduced for Methodists, which had never been or supported by various Gentlemen; previously attained. and the Meeting was informed and The resalt of a recommendation so stimulated by the successive and general and well merited, was an able addresses of the Rev. George immediate present of £50 by a reCollison, of Hackney : Durant, spectable and pious Welchman, on of Poole;- Eccles, of Lecds;- Row- behalf of the Calvinistic Methodists land Hill; Hunt, of Chichester ; in WALES;-- and will be, it is hoped, -Jarkson, of Stockwell ;-Juckson, of a subscription of a small annual conGreen Hammerton, in Yorkshire; tribution from every Christian society, Perrot, of Guernsey ; - Slatterie, of of every denomination, which Eng. Chatham ;-Dr. Styles, of Brighton ; land may contain. - Thomas, of London ;- Thornton, of That no apology may be made for a Billericay;-Upton, of London ; and neglect of such assistance, we again Matthew Wilks ;-and of William Bate- additionally state, that I'wo Pounds man, Thomas Wilson, and James are the amount of the Annual ConYoung, Esqs. the Treasurer, the tributions experted from each ConChairman, and Mr. Pellatt.

gregation in England, and Ong Those able and interesting Ad- Pound from every Congregation in dresses there is not an opportunity to Wales; that such Subscriptions beinsert; but it is especially to be re- came due at Lady-day; and that they gretted that it is not possible to and the arrears may be transmitted by report the impressive and Christian friends, or by the post, to the Treasurer cloquence with which the Rev. Mr. Rob. Steven, Esq. Upper Thames Slatterie illustrated the exertions Street, London; or to either of the and utility of the Society. – Mr. Secretaries, THOMAS PELLATT, Esq. Perror communicated the gratitude Ironmongers' Hall; or John Wilks, and the oppressions of the French. Esq. Finsbnry Place, London; to Mr. JACKSON applauded the firm the latter of whom applications may resistance of M. Hill to Parochial he addressed ; and that any Country Assessments-Mr. Hill explained Miuisters or their friends will always the evil tendencies of such assess- be received with pleasure at the ments, and the causes of his resist. Meetings of the Committee, which ence. – Mr. Hunt detailed the riots occur at Half past Six, precisely, in wbich, at Midlurst, had occurred.- the Evening, on the last Tuesday in Mr. Upton acknowledged the protec- every month, at the New London tion, which, to bis place of worship, Tavern, Cheapside. Williams, Printes, Clerkenwell.

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