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ECCLESIA & ECCLESIASTICA. Church-Members set in joynt. By Filodexter Transilvanus. 4° Lond. 1648.

Church-Levellers, or, Vanity of Vanities and Certainty of Delusion. 4° Lond. 1649.

X. Infallible Signes and Marks to distinguish the true Church from all other whatsoever : the Lamb from the Beast; that is, Christ from Belial. 4° Lond. 1649.

The Vanitie of the present Churches, and Vncertainty of their Preaching discovered. 12° Lond. 1649.

A Looking Glass (or Warning Peece) for all such as profane Churches. fol. Lond. 1652. The Profession of the Church of

in Conjunction with many other neighbour Churches, who in order to further Reformation and exercise of Christs Discipline, have all agreed in the same Profession. fol. [1653.]

Dissertatio de Pace, &c. Or, A Discourse touching the Peace & Concord of the Church. 12° Lond. 1653.

The Discipline of Gathered Churches. 16° Lond. 1654.

Meditations upon the Marks of the true Church of Christ. By H. W, 80 Par. 1655.

A Disputation concerning Church-Members and their Children, in answer to xxi. Questions. By an Assembly of Divines meeting at Boston in New England, June 46 1657. 40 Lond. 1659.

Ecclesia gemens: or, Two Discourses on the mournful State of the Church, with a Prospect of her dawning glory. 12° Lond. 1677.

Remarques relating to the State of the Church of the First Centuries: wherein are intersperst Animadversions on J. H's View of Antiquity. 8° Lond. 1680.

The History of the Church from our Lord's Incarnation to the twelfth year of the Emperour Mauricius Tiberius, or the Year of Christ 594. Also the Life of Constantine. fol. Cambr. 1683.

Solution de divers Problemes tres-importans pour la Paix de l'Eglise. 89 Col. 1699.

The Rights of the Christian Church asserted. Part 1. go Lond. 1707.

The Picture of a Church Militant. 8° Lond. 1711.

Bibliotheque des Auteurs Ecclesiastiques. Supplement. go Par. 1711.

An Apology for the Danger of the Church. 8° Lond. 1719.

A Dissertation on National Churches. 8° Lond. 1726.

The Clerks Instructor in the Ecclesiastical Courts. 80 in the Savoy 1740.

Jura Ecclesiastica: or, The present Practice in Ecclesiastical Courts. 2 vol. 8° Lond. 1749.



ECCLESIA & ECCLESIASTICA. Abregé Chronologique de l'Histoire Ecclesiastique. 2 tom. 8° Par. 1751.

3 tom. go Par. 1768. An History of the Christian Church from the earliest periods to the present time. 2 vol. 12° Lond. 1790.

The Church of God: or, Essays upon some descriptive Names and Titles given in the Scriptures, by God the Holy Ghost, to the General Assembly of all true Believers in God the Son, or the God-man Jesus Christ. 8° Lond. 1793.

The True Design of the Church of God, and the Government thereof, exhibited by a Selection of Laws, faithfully extracted from the New Testament. To which are added a few Bye Laws. 8° Lond. 1800.

The Universal Church. 8° Lond. 1807.

The Way how a religious Correspondencie may be procured and maintained amongst the Churches, for their mutuall

safety. 4°

Necessitye off [Ecclesiastical] Disciplyne. 40 rb. l. Imperf.) ECCLESIA Anglicana. Reformatio Legvm Ecclesiasticarvm,

ex avthoritate primum Regis Henrici 8. inchoata : deinde per Regem Edouardum 6. prouecta. 4° Lond. J. Daye 1571.

An Abstract of certain Acts of Parliament, of certaine her Maiesties Iniunctions, of certain Canons, &c. for the peaceable Government of the Church within her Majesties Domi. nions and Countries. 4°

De Persecutione Anglicana Epistola. 8Rom. 1582.

A briefe and plaine Declaration concerning the Desires of all those faithfull Ministers, that haue, and do seeke for the Discipline and Reformation of the Church of Englande. 12° Lond. 1584.

Ecclesiae Anglicanae Trophæa. 4° Rom. 1584.

Certaine Considerations, touching the better Pacification and Edification of the Church of England. 4° Lond. 1604.

4° 1640. Doctrina et Politia Ecclesiae Anglicanæ a beatissimæ Memoriæ Principibvs Edovardo sexto, Regina Elizabetha, stabilitæ, et a Iacobo M. B. Rege continuatæ. 4° Lond. 1617.

A Discovrse of the State Ecclesiasticall of this Kingdome, in relation to the Civill. By C. D. 4° Oxf. 1632.

4° Orf. 1634. A Reflection of certaine Avthors that are pretended to disavow the Chvrches Infallibilitie in her generall Decrees of Faith by F. F. 12° Douay 1635.

A Copie of the Proceedings of some worthy and learned Divines appointed by the Lords to meet at the Bishop of Lincolnes in Westminster; touching Innovations in the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England. 4° 1641.

A Short View of the Prælaticall Church of England. 4° 1641.



ECCLESIA Anglicana. Good Covnsells for the Peace of Reformed Churches. 4° Orf. 1641.

An humble Motion made in the time of the reign of Queen Elizabeth to the Lords of her Maiesties Privie Councell for the reforming of Ecclesiasticall Discipline and Church Government after the Word of God. 4° 1641.

The First and Large Petition of the Citie of London for a reformation in Church-Government: as also for the Abolition of Episcopacie. 4o 1641.

A Motion presented to the consideration of the High Court of Parliament consisting of Twenty Quæres concerning the setlement of the Church Decemb. 2. 1641. As also a grave Speech made by Sir James Parrot. 4° Lond. 1641.

A Copie of two Writings sent to the Parliament. The one intituled Motions for reforming the Church of England in this present Parliament: the other a Humble Petition unto the Parliament. 4° Lond. 1641.

Sixteene Propositions in Parliament, touching the Manner and Forme for Church Governement by Bishops and the Clergie of this Kingdome. 4° Lond. 1642.

The Dangers of new Discipline to the State and Church discovered, fit to be considered by them who seeke (as they tearme it) the Reformation of the Church of England. 4° 1642.

- Sixteene Propositions in Parliament touching the Manner and Forme for Church Government by Bishops and the Clergie of this Kingdome. 4° Lond. 1642.

To the most Excellent Majesty of the King and to the Lords and Peeres of this Realme, as also to the Commons, the humble Petition of the Churches of God in England. fol. Lond. [1642].

The Divisions of the Church of England crept in at XV. severall Doores by divers. 4° Lond. 1642.

A Forme of Ecclesiasticall Government fitted to the present State of the Church of England as now it standeth, 40 Lond. 1642.

The Doctrine of the Church of England established by Parliament against Disobedience and wilfuil Rebellion. Published by G. I. for satisfaction to his Parishioners of Watton in the County of Hartford. 4° Lond. 1642.

The Protestation of the Two and Twenty Divines, for the setling of the Church. 4° Lond. 1643.

The Copy of an Act for the abolishing and taking away of all Arch-Bishops, Bishops, Chancellours, Commissaries, &c. out of the Church of England. fol. 1643.

Considerations of present Use concerning the Danger resulting from the Change of our Church Government. 40 1644.

A Late Dialogue betwixt a Civilian and a Divine concerning the present Condition of the Church of England. 4° Lond. 1644.



ECCLESIA Anglicana. A Looking-Glas for the Presbitary Go

vernment, establishing in the Church of England. 49 Lond. 1645.

Palæmon, or the grand Reconciler: composing the great Difference and Disputes about Church Government. 40 1646.

Consjderations of present Use concerning the Danger resulting from the Change of our Church-Government. by H. H. DD. 4° 1646.

Severall Propositions and remarkable Observations pre.. sented to the View of the Citizens of London, concerning the Discipline of the Church of England; and receiving of the Holy Sacrament. 4° Lond. 1646.

An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parlia ment for the present setling of the Presbyteriall Government in the Church of England. 4° Lond. 1646.

An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the repairing of Churches, and paying of all Church-Duties whatsoever within the Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales. 4° Lond. 1647,

The humble Petition of the Ministers of the Church of England desiring Reformation of certaine Ceremonies and Abuses of the Church. 4° Lond. 1647,

Propositions to both Houses of Parliament for gathering of Churches, in the behalfe of many Congregations in the City of London, and other parts of the Kingdome, commonly (but falsely) called Independents. 4° 1617.

An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the repairing of Churches, and paying of all Church-Duties whatsoever within the Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales. 4° Lond. 1647.

The Last Papers betwixt his Majesty and the Commissioners of Parliament concerning Church-Government. Lond. 1648.

The Form of Church-Government to be used in the Church of England and Ireland : agreed upon by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, after Advice had with the Assembly of Divines. 4° Lond. 1648.

Persecutio Vndecima. The Churches Eleventh Persecution : or, a Briefe of the Pyritan Persecution of the Protestant Clergy of the Church of England. 4° 1648.

Church-Lands not to be sold. Or, a necessary and plaine Answer to the Question of a conscientious Protestant; Whether the Lands of the Bishops and Churches in England and Wales may be sold ? 40 1648.

The Way of Reformation of the Church of England declared and justified. 4° Lond. 1653.

De hodierno Statu Ecclesiarum in Anglia, Wallia, Scotia, & Hibernia, Narrativncula. 4o 1654.

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ECCLESIA Anglicana. A brief View and Defence of the Re

formation of the Church of England by King Edward and Q. Elizabeth. 12° Lond. 1654.

Certaine Propositions tending to the Reformation of the Parish-Congregations in England. 4° Lond. 1655.

De antiqua Ecclesiæ Britannicæ Libertate Diatribe Autore J. B. 4° Brug. 1656.

Acts of Parliament now in force establishing the Religion of the Church of England. 4° Lond. 1660.

Complaints concerning Corruptions and Grievances in Church-Government: dedicated and directed to the Kings most excellent Majesty by certain peaceably affected Presbyters of the Church of England. 4o 1660.

A Remonstrance to the Presbyterians concerning the Government established in the Church of England. And a Vindication of Episcopacy from its original and divine Institution. 4° Lond. 1660.

The Judgement of foreign Divines as well from Geneva as other parts, touching the Discipline, Liturgie, and Ceremonies of the Church of England: whereunto is added a Letter from M' John Calvin to M'. Knox concerning the English Common Prayer. 4° Lond. 1660.

Two Papers of Proposals concerning the Discipline and Ceremonies of the Church of England; humbly presented to His Majesty by the reverend Ministers of the Presbyterian Perswasion. 4° Lond. 1661.

The History of the Church of Great Britain from the birth of Our Saviour untill the Year of our Lord 1667. 44 Lond. 1674.

A Letter to an honourable Member of the House of Commons, in the Vindication of the Protestant Reformed Church (as established by Law) in Opposition to the superstitious and idolatrous Church of Rome. 4° Lond. 1679.

The Proselyte of Rome callid back to the Communion of the Church of England. In a private Letter. 4° Lond. 1679.

The Point of Church-Unity and Schism discuss'd by a Nonconformist with respect to the Church-Divisions in England. 12° Lond. 1679.

A Book of the Valuations of all the Ecclesiasticall Preferments in England and Wales. 12° 1680.

The Church of England free from the Imputation of Popery. 4° Lond. 1683.

A Discourse about the Charge of Novelty upon the Reformed Church of England, made by the Papists asking of us the Question, Where was our Religion before Luther? 40 Lond. 1683.

An Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England in the several Articles proposed by Monsieur de Meaux, late Bishop of Condom, in his Exposition of the Doctrine of the Catholick Church. 4° Lond. 1686.


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