Is The Bible Really The Law?

AuthorHouse, 2005 - 192 pàgines
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We gave it all up, a great paying job, condo on the Gulf in Florida where we watched dolphins frolic during breakfast, a good life so it would seem. We sold it all, lock, stock and barrel, got rid of all our stuff; the dust collectors and the baggage. Said goodbye to the job and bought an RV then we hit the road!

Courage and lunacy were the main ingredients for such a dramatic change of lifestyle. On a journey of discovery that offered wonderful sights and chance encounters with great people, we not only found a simple truth, but found ourselves again, the price we paid was to give up the rat race, the stress, the politics, backstabbing and a daily routine.

It wasn't all plain sailing, but it was living. This then is the account of our crazy yet wonderful 3 year odyssey. With our gypsy blood boiling; yearning for freedom, for laughter and to leave the madness of the world behind, we really did some living!

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