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1. The highest Bidder to be the Buyer ; and if any Dispute arise between

Bidders, the Lot so disputed shall be immediately put up again.
II. No_Person to advance less than 6d.; above Ten Shillings, Is.; above

Five Pounds, 2s. 6d.; and so on.
11. The Purchasers to give in their Names and Places of abode, and to pay

down 58. in the Pound, if required, in Part of Payment of the Purchase money ; in default of which, the Lot or Lots purchased to be

immediately put up again and re-sold. IV. The Lots to be taken away, at the Buyer's Fxpence, immediately after

the conclusion of the Sale; in default of which, Mr. S. Leigh Sotheby will not hold himself responsible if lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise destroyed, but they will be left at the sole risk of the Purchaser. If, at the expiration of ONE Week after the conclusion of the Sale, the Books or other property are not cleared or paid for, they will then be catalogued for immediate sale, and the expence, the same as if re-sold, will be added to the amount at which the books were bought. Mr. Leigh SOTHEBY will have the option of re-selling the Lots uncleared. either by public or private sale, without any notice being

•ģiřert to the defaulter. V. The Books

are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise expressed ; but if, upoh collastig, any should prove defective, the Purchaser will be at liberty to take or reject them, provided they are returned within ONS WEEK. after the conclusion of the Sale, when the Purchase•Money.will be returned.

VI. The Sale of any Book or Books is not to be set aside on account of any

Stained or Short Leaves of Text or Plates, want of List of Plates, or on account of the Publication of any subsequent Volume, Supplement, Appendix, or Plates.

VII. No IMPERFECT Books will be taken back, unless a note accompanies

each Book, stating its Imperfections, with the Number of Lot and

date of the Sale at which the same was purchased. VIIK. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in the settle

ment of the purchases, no Lot can on any account be removed during

the time of Sale; and the money must be paid on the delivery. IX. Upon Failure of complying with the above Conditions, the Money

required and deposited in Part of Payment shall be forfeited ; and if any loss is sustained in the re-selling of such books as are not cleared or paid for, all charges on such re-sale shall be made good by the Defaulters at this Sale.

*** Each Day's Sale will commence precisely at One o'Clock.

Gentlemen who cannot attend the Sale may have their Commissions faithfully executed by their humble Servant,


Wellington Street, Strand.


No. to No. FIRST DAY..........Monday, April 4...........

1 to 250 231. 1.6 SECOND DAY ........Tuesday, April 5 ........... 251 to 513 269.8.0 THIRD DAY......... Wednesday, April 6....... 514 to 759 263. 13.6 FOURTH DAY.......Thursday, April 7 760 to 1014 242. G.0 FIFTH DAY..........Friday, April 8............ 1015 to 1271 152. 12. () Sixth Day.........Saturday, April 9......... 1272 to 1530 223. 0.6 SEVENTH DAY......Monday, April 11......... 1531 to 1800 290.6.6 EIGHTH DAY ....... Tuesday, April 12......... 1801 to 2057 266, 676


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1927, 16.6

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No. // 1 A. (G.) an Orthodox Plea for the Sanctuary of God, Common Rodd

Service, &c. by G. A., sometime of Oxford, of St. Johns,

fine impression of the rare port. of the author, by Sherwin calf, gilt leaves

R. Reynolds, 8vo, 1669 712 2 A. (H.) Parthenia Sacra, or the Mysterious and Delicious Garden (Lolman

of the Sacred Parthenes ; symbolically set forth and en-
riched with Pious Devises and Emblemes for the Enter-

tainment of Devout Soules, frontispiece

blue morocco, gilt leaves, fine copy, John Cousturier, 8vo, 1633 *** This work is illustrated by forty-nine emblematical engravings. 616 3 Abbott (Thomas) The Soldier's Friend, or Memorials of Bruns

Rodel wick, a Poem, printed on yellow paper, portrait calf, gilt leaves

Hull, 4to, 1823 16. 4 Academy (The New) of Complements erected for Ladies, Gen

tlemen, &c. with Exact Collection of the Newest and

Choicest Songs a la Mode, both Amorous and Jovial calf, gilt leaves

Samuel Speed, 8vo, 1669
5 Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudesle, Rodd

black letter
half morocco E. Cotes for Tho. Passinger, 4to, 1668
All the editions of this very curious and popular metrical per-

formance are exceedingly rare : the present copy is from the

Roxburghe Collection. 16

Prince James, frontispiece

original vellum, Edinburgh, Thomas Finlayson, folio, 1618
*** This rare volume contains poems by Drummond of Hawthorn-

den, David Primrose, &c. The present copy has the auto-
graph of Jacobus Scottus in supremo regni Scotie Senatu
Archigrammatæus," to whom it was presented.



6 Adamson (John) The Muses Welcome to the High and Mightie huku Thorpe

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9 6

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7 Adamson (John) The Traveller's loy, or a Sermon on the Third
Verse of the Second Chapter of Solomon's Song

John Haviland, 8vo, 1623
*** At the end of this is a poem, commencing on signature A, with-

out any regular title-page; but thus headed, “The Ark, its
Loss and Recovery ; or, some Meditations on the History re-

corded in the beginning of 1 Sam. in meeter.”
8 Addison (Joseph) The Drummer, or the Haunted House, a Comedy Model

4to, 1716
9 Addison (Joseph) The Free-Holder, or Political Essays
old calf

8vo, 1751
Æsop, see Ogilby; N. R.
10 Aikin (John) Vocal Poetry, or a Select Collection of English
Songs, to which is prefixed an Essay on Song-writing @o

8vo, 1810
11 Aikin (John) Essays on Song-writing, with Supplement

Do calf extra, marbled leaves

8vo, 1810 12 Ainsworth (William) Medulla Bibliorum, the Marrow of the Bible, in verse

Kvad calf

George Calvert, 8vo, 1652 13 Alciato (Andrea) Emblemi :-Diversi Impresi accommodate è

diverse moralita, con versi, &c. Tratte da gli Emblemi

dell' Alciato, portruit of Alciat inserted

russia, gilt leaves Lione da Gulielmo Rovillio, 8vo, 1551 *** This series of wood engravings is supposed to be executed by

or under the direction of Petit Bernard, or Sol. Bernard.
14 Alciati (Andreæ) Emblemata, 210 woodcuts

russia, gilt leaves, fine copy Antwerpie, 8vo, 1577
15 Alciati (Andreæe) Emblemata, woodcuts
half calf

ib. 8vo, 1622
16 Aleyn (Charles) The Battailes of Crescey and Poictiers, the

second edition, a poem calf, gilt leaves

Thonias Harper, 8vo, 1633 17 Aleyn (Charles) The Historie of Henrie of that Name the Seventh,

Xing of England, a poem calf, gilt leaves

Tho. Cotes, 8vo, 1638 *** The scarce portrait of Henry VII, by M. Lasne, is added. 18 ALLOT (ROBERT) ENGLANDS PARNASSUS ; or the choysest

Flowers of our Moderne Poets, with their Poeticall Com

russia, very fine copy

N. L. C. B. and T. H. 8vo, 1600
*** A manuscript note on the fly leaf, probably by Michael Lort,

(whose copy it was) states that “ Robert Allot, the editor, was
à Bookseller, living at the Black Bear in St. Paul's Church
Yard, 1631.” This volume is one of considerable rarity and
interest, handing down to us specimens of many of our Eng-
lish Poets, which, but for the industry of the learned biblio-



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choysest Lily

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