The naval history of Great Britain, from ... 1793, to ... 1820, with an account of the origin and increase of the British navy, Volum 2


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Pàgina 268 - Horatio was created a peer of Great Britain, by the title of Baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Burnham Thorpe in the county of Norfolk...
Pàgina 466 - the Flag of the United States be 13 stripes alternate red and white, that the Union be 13 stars white in a blue field representing a new constellation.
Pàgina 466 - desirous of testifying on this occasion to his Majesty the sense they entertain of his generous exertions in behalf of the United States : Resolved, That the agent of marine be and he is hereby instructed to present the America, a 74 gun ship, in the name of the United States, to the Chevalier de la Luzerne for the service of His Most Christian Majesty.
Pàgina 398 - Rear-Admiral Lord Nelson, who arrived in the bay of Naples, on the 24th of June, with the British fleet, found a treaty entered into with the rebels; which, he is of opinion, ought not to be carried into execution, without the approbation of His Sicilian Majesty, Lord St. Vincent, and Lord Keith.
Pàgina 59 - ... story may seem, did I receive the swords of vanquished Spaniards; which, as I received, I gave to William Fearney, one of my bargemen; who put them, with the greatest sang-froid, under his arm. I was surrounded by Captain Berry, Lieutenant Pearson of the sixty-ninth regiment, John Sykes, John Thompson, Francis Cooke — all old Agamemnons — and several other brave men, seamen and soldiers. Thus fell these ships.
Pàgina 92 - ... merits of the respective delegates. On the 20th of May the seamen prepared a statement, which they required Vice-admiral Charles Buckner, whose flag was on board the 90-gun ship Sandwich, to transmit without delay to the admiralty. With the terms of it, they peremptorily demanded compliance, as the only condition on which they would return to obedience. The statement contained as many as eight articles, of which the first betrayed greater ignorance than one could suppose existed among men capable...
Pàgina 236 - At 5 h. 30 m., the fleet being nearly abreast of the extremity of the shoal, the signal was made to form in line of battle ahead and astern of the admiral, as most convenient...
Pàgina 87 - Bowen, the rearadmiral, in his despatch, emphatically adds, "than whom a more enterprising, able, and gallant officer does not grace his majesty's naval service.
Pàgina 347 - In the spring of 1761, the Vestale was captured, off the Penmarcks, by the 28-gun frigate, Unicorn, the look-out ship of a British squadron cruising off Brest, and was added to the British navy by the name of Flora. In the year 1778, the Flora was sunk by the British, at the evacuation of Rhode-Island, in order that she might not fall into the hands of the Americans. The latter, however, with their accustomed ingenuity, weighed the frigate, and then sold her to her original masters, the French government;...
Pàgina 253 - It was soon after nine that the fire on board the Orient broke out. Brueys was dead : he had received three wounds, yet would not leave his post; a fourth cut him almost in two. He desired not to be carried below, but to be left to die upon deck.

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