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can say the Catechism ; but that they do reasonably Understand it, and Diligently live according to it: that they have performed, and do frequently perform the Work of repentance ; and do believe that God will perform to them his promises to those that are Baptiz'd and Confirm'd: and that they Understand, and have daly Confider'd the Vow, and the Prayers of the Order of Confirmation.

For nothing can be more Uņkind, either in the Bishop, or in the Minister, to the Souls they must give Account of, than to be too easy in approving of them. For thereby they Cause them to partake of God's Ordinance unworthily, to the loss of the Great Inestimable Benefit of it, and to their hurt instead of any benefit.

bo One might think so easy a manner should be always pun&tually, observ'd in all the parts of it; and thereby be taken away the scandal and inconvenience of the accustomed disorder.

Upon the day appointed i, i See note e. k With

all that are to be then Conin hearing of the Bishop. If there be more

firmed, being placed, and than can be so placed; standing in Order before the then should not the rest Bishop k; he (or some other be Confirm'd after the Minister appointed by him) other, and the whole shall read this Preface followOffice repeated ? It is but a short repetition. ing.

Here, or when the Bishop Lays on his hand, for the prevent ing disorder and intruders, it is necessary that the Ministers call to the Bishop by name all they present, Which if they do when the Bishop Lays on his hand, then the calling them by companies, and the calling by name every one of another company, after he has laid his hand on the former, will give him some time of rest in case of a great Congregation.

To the end that ConfirmaThis Preface teach

tion may be ministred to the es that persons to be Confirm'd must learn

more edifying of such as shall and Understand the receive it, the Church has Catechism, that they thought good to order, That may know what their :

none hereafter shall be ConGodfathers and Godmothers promised

for firmned, but such as can say the them, and so know Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and

the how to give their Con- the Ten Commandments; and fent to it, and promise can also answer to such other. to perform it. 1. See Questions, as in the short

Canotes b c. m See note a. # Consent and agree

techism are contain'd l. Which toit as their own Vow. order is very convenient to be They do this by say observed, to the end that chiling, I do; declaring dren being now come to the they ratify and confirm the fame

in their years of discretion m, and having own persons, and ac- learned what their Godfathers knowledge themselves and Godmothers promised for bound to believe and

them in Baptism, they may to do all those things which their Godfa themselves with their own thers and Godmothers mouth and consent openly beundertook for them.

fore the Church ratify and • They do this by confirm the fame n; and also the same faying, I do ; declaring they do in promise that by the grace of the presence of God, God they will evermore enand of the Congrega- deavour themfélves faithfully tion, renew the folemn

to observe such things o as they promise and vow that was made in their name by their own confeffion have at their Baptism.

afsented unto p. p Consented and agreed to, as before note n. By their own confession, that is acknowledging themselves bound to believe and do all those things which their Godfathers and Godmothers undertook for them. Then shall the Bishop say,

Do you here in the presence of Promise and vow God, and of this Congregation, again. q

Consenting renew q the solemn promise and and agreeing to it as

vow that was made in your name your own vow, s Confefling.

at your Baptism; ratifying and

confirming the same in your own person r'; and acknowledging s your selves bound to beLieve and to do all those things which your Godfathers and Godmothers tben undertook for you?


t And can it be well

And every one t shall audidone to let any one bly u answer, pats without this AnIwer? But children and elder persons also come before the Bihop without fo much as knowing how to make it, or underftanding it. Should not he either see himself, or appoint one to see every

one answer in order, one after another And to this end hould not the Demand be repeated as there is occasion?

# As he may be heard by the Bishop and the Congregation,

I do v.

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He is to anfwer standing (as before directed) I do: that is, I do here in the pre. sence of God, and of this Congregation, renew the folemn pro mife and vow that was made in my name at my Baptism ; ratify. ing, C.

Or thus, I do confess my self bound to believe and to do all; that my Sureties undertook for me. And therefore I stand to the Vow they made in my name: And I do here folemnly Vow it again.

This is to be done, that thou may'lt be fit to receive the Grace of Confirmation. For when we come to God for his. Grace, we must come with a stedfast Resolution to do what he gives us Grace to do. And when we come to the Bishop for his Prayer for the fame Grace, we muf Satisfy him concerns ing our Refolution.

The Bishop. Our belp is in [Now kneel down the Name of ihe Lord w. to give thanks and pray A. Who hath inade heaven with the Bishop.]w Our help to keep our Vow and earth x. of Baptism is in the Bishop. Blessed be the Name Lord.

* Therefore of the Lord y. he is able to help us to

A. Henceforth world with : keep ourVow. Thanks and praise be given to

out end z. the Lord for the Gra- Bishop. Lord bear our praye ces of his Holy Spirit ers a. to help us to perform

4. And let our cry come our Vow. Phil. 4. 6.

% This thanks and unto thee b. praise be given henceforth world without end. a Grant us the Graces we pray for. b To obtain the Graces we pray for.


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& To

As Aits 8. 15, the Bishop. Let us pray. Apostles Peter and

Almighty and everliving Jobn prayed for the

God c, who bast vouchsafed d Congregation that they might receive the Holy to regenerate these thy servants e Ghoft: So the Bishop by water and the Holy Ghost is does in this prayer. and baft given unto them the

for. mighty, that is, the giveness of all their fins g; Mighty Lord of all, Strengthen them, we beseech and everliving God, thee, O Lord, with the Holy therefore we pray


all the days of our life. d Been pleased. e To give them grace to live righteously. f By Baptism and the Holy Ghoft. them that truly repent of their fins, and believe thy promise to forgive them for Jesus Christ's sake.

Note, That saying the words of the Catechism cannot be fufficient to obtain the forgiveness of fins, ner the grace of the Holy Ghost. Therefore none ought to be admitted to Confirmation without further Examination concerning their Understanding the Catechism and Confirmation, and this Service of Confirmation; and concerning their true Repentance, and their Belief of the Promises of Baptism and Confirmation.

b The Comfortable Gift of the Holy Ghost given in Çonfirmation Rightly done, to them that come duly prepar'd. John 7. 37, 38, 39. ch. 14. 15, 16.

And daily increase in them i The grace of thy 'thy manifold gifts of grace; the Spirit. k Of wisdom and understanding in Spirit i of wisdom and underour duty. 1 Of good standing k; the Spirit of counresolution to do our du- fel 1 and ghostly strength m; the ty, m Of ftrength of spirit of Knowledge n and true solutions. n Of know- Godliness o: and fill them, o ledge of all things Lord, with the spirit of thy bowhich Christian ly fear p, now and for ever, ought to know for his Amen q. fouls health. o Of the true worship and service of thee. Of all due reverence to thy Great Majesty, and fear to displease thee. 9 We thank thee for the grace of the Holy Ghost, and forgiveness receiv'd by our Baptism. And we pray for a comfortable increase of the same grace, and that thy manifold gifts of it may daily increase in us.



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If we have the gifts of grace nam'd in this prayer, then all the other manifold gifts of grace will naturally flow from them. Those are faith, hope, the love of God and our neighbour, humility, patience, obedience, justice, liberality, diligence, meekness, temperance, chastity, contentedness, and the rest. All flow from knowledge, counsel and strength.

Then all of them kneeling in As Afts 8. 17, Pe

order before the Bishop, he ter and John laid their shall lay his hand upon the bands on them whom

head of every one severally, they had before prayed for, that is, with lay

faying, ing on of their hands,

Defendr O Lord this tby child prayed fevetally for every one : (Mattb. (or this thy servant) with thy 19. 13, 15) so did heavenly grace s; that he may Paul, Aas 19. 6: and continue tbine t for ever; and fo does the Bishop: daily increase in tby Holy Spihand upon the

head of rit u, more and more, until be every one severally, come unto thy everlasting kingsaying, Defend O Lord, dom. Amen. this tby child, or this thy servant. And in one of the Prayers he says, upon whom (after the example of thy holy Apostles) we have now laid our bands.

The reafon is, because Laying on of hands in the Scripture, signifies Laying on One of the hands, the Right hand. Numb. 27. 18. God says to Moses of Fokua, Lay thine band upon bim. And ver. 23 it is said, He laid his hands upon him. Matth. 9. 18. Lay tby band upon her, is Mark 5. 23, Lay thy hands on her. The fame is Acts 9. 12, 17. And Mark 1o. 16, Christ took the little children up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them. Now in reason we must understand, that he held them one after another in his left hand and arm, and put only his Right hand upon them. And the fame is intimated by the bringing them to him that he should touch them; for which his Right hand only was sufficient.

Therefore for the truth of the words, upon whom (after the example of tby boly Apofles) we have now laid our hands, there is no no need for the Bishop to lay his right-hand upon one, and his left upon another. He may keep to the Order of the Church, and to his Sacred Obligations to observe the Ore ders of the Common Prayer-book; which require him to lay his hand (no doubt his right hand) upon every one severally, saying, Defend O Lord this thy child, or this thy servant.


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