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We may reasonably think, that when the Apostles Peter and John Confirm'd the Samaritans, they did not only pray toge. ther for the Congregation, but out of their fervent zeal for the Inestimable Gift of the Holy Ghost, did also jointly lay their right hands upon every one severally,

If the number of persons to be Confirm'd be too great for the strength of the Bishop, he can order them to be divided, and come to him at feveral times.

a From sin and neglect of duty, and from ignorance and error. Thy grace of thy Holy Spirit to know and obey thy Word. Jobn 14. 26. Eph. 3. 14 to 20. ch. 5. 9. i Thy true servant. u In the grace of thy Holy Spirit to know and obey thy Word. 2 Pet. 3. 18. Then shall the Bishop say, .

The Lord be with To help you in A. And with thy Spirit w. praying now. help thee in praying for us. Altho' there is no mention Aas 8, of Peter and John praying for the Congregation, after they had laid their hands on them: yet we may very well suppose that they did solemnly commend them to the Grace of God; as Paul and Barnabas did upon another occasion. Ads 14. 23. And all kneeling down the Bishop shall add.

Let us pray.

Our Father wbicb art in beaa Luke 11. 2 to 14, ven, Hallowed x be tby Name y. Christ commands us, Thy Kingdom z.come a.

Tby when we pray to say, will b be done in earth c, As Our Fatber, &c; par. ticularly when we pray it is 'in beaven d. Give us e for the Holy Spirit

. this day f our daily bread g. Honoured above all

And forgive us our trespasjes ; things by us and all people. Thou and As h we forgive them that all things that belong trespass against us i. And lead. to thee. z Thy rul

us not k into temptation 1: ing Grace. a Into our But deliver us front evil m. hearts, and the hearts of all people, more and Amen. more. 6 All thy Commandments. c By us and all people, d By the Angels and Saints. & All that truly serve thee. This day and night, or this night and day. Gen. 1.


AU things that be needful both for our souls and bodies. b For,


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5 8, &c.



Luke 16. 4. i Not otherwise hoping for thy forgiveness. k By denying the help of thy grace. 1 To be overcome by it. m From fin.

And this Collect. : By these Prayers we God n, who makes us both to

Almighty and

everlasting and importunity,which will

, and to do those things that Christ requires in pray. be good o and acceptable

p unto ing for the Grace of thy Divine Majesty q; we make the Holy Spirit. Luke

our bumble r. supplications sunt II. 8 to 14. the first Prayer. O

o Pbil.

to thee for these thy servants, up2. 13

Pleasing. on whom (after the example of 9 Majesty of God. thy holy Apostles t) we bave 9. Confessing our selves

now laid our hands u, to certify v unworthy to be heard. s Humble earnest pray-.

them (by this sign w) of thy fam | Aets &. 17. ch. vour and gracious goodness to

Heb. 6. 2. wards them x. ů One of our hands, our Right-hand. See before.

v Affure. Not only our Laying on our hands, but our praying particularly for every

* Promis'd (fobr 7. 37, 38, 39. ch. 14. 16. Aets 2. 38, 39) to be given by this Sign. As 8. 14, 15, 16, 17. ch. 19. 6.

Let tby Fatberly hand, we 9 Leading and guid, befeech thee, ever be over them y. them in the knowledge them z. And so lead them in the ing

them. To lead Let thy Holy Spirit ever be with and obedience of thy Word. John 14. 26. knowledge and obedience of thy Epb. 5. 9. By Word, that in the end they Christ's giving them thy Holy Spirit, and may obtain everlasting life, Föhn 15. 26) ever- through our Lord Jesus Christ a; (lasting life (ch. 10. who with thee, and the Holy 27, 28) and for his Ghost, liveth and 'reigneth ever fake. ch. 3. 14, 15. one God b, world without end c. Tit. 2. 14

Amen. 25. 6 Who with thee and the Holy Ghost


19. 6.



Heb. 7.


liveth and reigneth, not another God, but the same eternal God.

c He fo liveth and reigneth ever world without end. There. fore he can do all we pray


O Almighty Lord, and everd See the firf Pray, lasting God d, vouchsafe e we

make holy. De beseech thee, to direct, Janetify f fending us with thy and govern both our hearts and grace.

b In all holi- bodies in the ways of tby laws, ness, and from all fin. and in the works of thy commandi By Christ's giving us

and for his fake. grace

ments; that through thy most Tit. 2. 14. Heb. 3. mighty protection ğ, both bere 25.

and ever, we may be preserved h in body and soul, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ i. Amen. Then shall the Bishop bless them, saying thus,

The blessing of God Almighk The one God, and Lord of all

, (Exod. ty k, the Faiber 1, the Son m, 20. 3) in three Per

and the Holy Ghost n, be upon fons. Matth. 28. 19. you, and remain with you for I The blessing of the ever. Amen. Father, from whom is all blessing. 1 Cor. 8. 6.

m The blessing of the Son, by whom the Father does all

. Eph. 3. 9. n And the blessing of the Holy Ghost, by whom the Father and the Son do all. John 15. 26. Job 26. 13. See the Creed, 50. 2.

And there shall none be ado Because till then he mitted to the Holy Commucannot be ready to par. nion, until such time as he be take of the Holy Communion. And if he re

Confirm’d, or be ready and fase to be Confirm'd, desirous to be Confirmed o. then he fins in despising God's Ordinance, and the means of Grace, and also in disobeying the Law of the Church.

But who are they that are Confirm’d? Surely not all that have been under the hand of the Bishop; but only they who were duly prepar'd for it; and also were careful to do what belonged to them to do at their Confirmation. For such only can hope for che Inestimable Grace of the Holy Ghost, which is pray'd


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for, and given in this Ordinance. They certainly receive their Part of that Grace, altho' they do not presently perceive it. Lake in. 93

But how can they receive fuchsa Mersy from God, who come for it unprepar'd, or slightly prepard; or are not careful to joyn Devoutly with the Bishop in fo short a Service, as well before and after, as at the Laying on of his hands? Such therefore are to repent of theit coming unwortlily to God's Ordinance, and to prepare themselves duly for it; and then to come for that Confirmation, which before they could not receive. Aits 19. 2.

Now how to be duly prepar'd for Confirmation, we may know by the Conditions, upon which the Grace given therein is promised. John 7 37, 38, 39, Jesus: food and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, &c. Ch. 14. 15, 16, he says, If ye love me, keep

commandments, And I will pray the Father, &c. And Acts 2. 38. Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptized every one of gjou in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of fins : Andege thall receive the gift of the Holy Ghoft; the Gift then spoken of, to be given in Confirmation. ch. 4. 31. ch. 8. 17.

Now there there on è lieving in Christ, and Thirsting for his Grace; 'of-Loving him and keeping his Commandments; and of Repentance, and being Baptiz'd, and so Believing also in the Father, and the Holy Ghost, implied in being Baptiz'd in their Name, cannot suppose less than a Reasonable knowledge and understanding of all in the fo short Catechism, and a believing and Diligent living according to it, with true Repentance for all failings; and with resolution to obey the Commandment to partake of the Holy Communion, as foon as they can learn to Understand, and joyn Devoutly in the Communion Service; and also with a resolution to endeavour to partake of it as often as they are invited to it. As 2. 42, 46.

And for their partaking of Confirmation, they must understand what it is, and how to joyn with understanding and De. votion in the Service of it.

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An Exhortation to a Devout

Preparing for Confirmation,


F thou desireft the Inestimable Berrefit of True

Confirmation, let thy Preparation be anfwerable.

Therefore as Chrift commanded his difciples to faft, when they had a great Mercy to ask of God, such as cafting out a devil : (Matth. 17. 21) fo what remains of Satan in thy heart being to be caft out, by a Plenteons Increase of the Grace of the Holy Spirit, do thou faft fome convenient day before. On that day perform carnestly the work of Repentance ; that thou may'st be duly prepard to Renew thy Vow of thy Baptism in the prefence of God, and of the Bishop, and to receive the Grace of the Holy Spirit then given. Jam. 4. 8, 9, 10. If thou would'It receive the Grace of Confirmation, thou must earnestly repent of all thy neglect of the Grace of Baptism, (John 15. 2) and of all thy breaches of those Commandments, upon the keeping of which the fame Grace is promised, John 14. 15, 16.

Give God most humble, and most hearty thanks for the Ineftimable Grace which he offers to thee, and to all Devout Chriftians in this Ordinance. Pbil.


6. 1 Thes. 5. 18. And most humbly and earnestly pray to him to affift thee to Renew thy Vow, Truly and Fully, and to Pray with the


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