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A. Because I could not a. Deut. 29. 10, 11, speak, they did promise for 12. Those men and

me: and so it is women stood, and fo


my consented both for and Vow, which I muft stand themselves and their to a: and they must do all little ones, to enter in- they can that I may know to God's Covenant and perform all things of it b. and Oath. b. That they may not take God's Name in vain. Therefore Godfathers and Godmothers' ought to be such, as have Reasonable hope both of life and opportunity to perform what they undertake: and then by doing all they can, they do perform their Duty

IX. Q. Why did your Godfathers and Godmothers promise these things for you, and not your Father and Mother ?

A. That they might be a Because Children Sureties with

Sureties with my Father and are often left without Mother, for my being more Father and Mother, before they can be suf surely taught and brought up ficiently taught: and to these things. a even the beit Parents have often occafions for the assistance of friends and good neighbours in the care of their children's Souls; and also to be put in mind themselves of their duty to their children. i Kings,

I. 6.

X. Q. What is to renounce?

A. To forsake for ever. : a Levit xx XI. Q. What is to renounce the Devil ? 6.

A. To have nothing to do with him, or any Deut. xviii

of his evil spirits, or thofe that deal with them a'; 1o, to 15. 6 Epb. vi.and never to yield to any of their temptations b. II to 19.

XII. Q. What is the Devil ? 1 John vi

A. The prince of the devils.', Mat. xxv. XIII. Q. What are the devils? 41.

A. The angels that sinned a, and do tempt a 2 Pet, ii. us to fin b. 46. Eph. XIV. Q. What are the works of the devil?

A. All


vi. 12

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Gal. v.

4. All sin and wickedness.

Eph. ii. 1. XV. Q. What are the pomps and vanity of this ?. wicked world?

i John iü.

8. e They are vain A. The vain shows, brawhen they are sinful,

or we fin for them. very and fashions of it a. ! They are finful, when there is pride, or prodigality, or immo

desty, or any other fin in them. We fin for them, when for them we neglect, or cause our servants to neglect the Service of God, or any duty; when we spend too much time on them, and when we feek them by unlawful means.

Together with these we renounce all other vain finful things of the world. 1 John ii, 15, 16, 17,

XVI. Q. What is meant by the fileja ?
A. Our sinful nature.

Rom. vii.
XVII. Q. What are the sinful lusts of the flesh? 18.
A. Our finful desires and humours.

XVIII. Q. What are the Articles of the Christian 24.

A. The several parts of the Belief.

XIX. Q. What is meant by God's Will and Commandments being boly?

a Deut. iv. 8. Rom. A. That they are perfectly vii. 12. b. Therefore just and good above any other God spake to them in Laws a, and to be regarthe most folemn and

ded with the highest revedreadful manner. Exod. xix. 16, 18. chap. XX,

rence b. 18, 19, 20.

XX. Q. Dost thou not think that thou art bound to believe and to do, as thy Godfathers and Godmothers have promised for thee?

A. Yes verily I do think my self bound so to believe and do: And by God's help, so I will believe and do. And I heartily thank our Heaven ly Father, that he hath called me to this state of

salvation, through Jesus Christ our Saviour. And 1

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my lifes end.

I pray unto God to give me his Grace, that I may continue in the same state of salvation unto

XXI. Q. Why are you bound to believe and do, as your Godfatbers and Godmothers have promised for you?

a. See i 2. a, b, c. A. Because God commands b. Because Baptism is me so to believe and do a, and in token of our forfaking fin to believe my, Baptism requires it b. and obey God. See And I am further bound by Baptism, 7 Q. c. Be- my Godfathers and Godmocause they vowed in thers promising and vowing in my name by the Authority of the Church, my name. c. i and of my parents, both which I am bound to obey by the

fifth Commandment. I must therefore carefully keep this Vow, i as my own Vow.



XXII. Q. What is this state of salvation which God bath called you to ?

A. My being a Member of Christ, the child of Ezek.xviij

God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of heaven, 1. Pet. ii. so long as I do as my Godfathers and Godmothers

promised for me.

XXIII. Q. How has God. called us to this state

of salvation through Jesus Christ ? a Marth,

A. By Christ's calling us by his Ministers a, xxiii. 18, for the sake of his Dying for the forgiveness of b Rom. v. 6, 8, 10. XXIV. Q. What does' our Saviour Jesus Christ 1. Tim. ii. save us from in this state of salvation ?

A. He faves us from our fins a, and from the a Matth i. 4 21. Tit. ii. punishments of them b.

XXV. Q. What is God's Grace? 14. b. Gal. iii. A. His help to believe and do what he com13. mands us. XXVI. To whom does God give his Grace?

A. God

19, 20.

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fins b.

4, 5, 6.

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4. God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to fam. iv. il ibe bumble.

1 Pet. v.

The C R E E D. *
1. Question. Ebearse the Articles of thy Be-

. For the substance of it deliver'd by the Apostles, 2 Tim. i. 13.
For no other form of Faith can be pretended to be deliver'd by

them. See Hammond of Fundamentals, and Comber's Compani-
у Ý
on to the Temple.

A. 1. I believe in God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.

3. .6.

2. Jobax. 2. And in Jesus Chrift his only Son, our Lord. 31.

3. Who was Conceived by the Holy Ghost, 3. Mattb. Börn of the Virgin Mary;

i. 18. 20. 4. Suffered under Pontius Pilate; was Cruci-1 fobriv.

22, 23. fied, Dead, and Buried: He descended into Hell. 2, 3.

5. The third day he Rose again from the 4. i Cor. dead:

15. 3, 4 6. He ascended into Heaven, and Sitteth at is. 4. the Right Hand of God the Father Almighty : 6. Mark

7. From thence he shall come to Judge the xvi.19. 3 quick and the dead.

11. ch. 10. 8. I The Holy Ghost;

42. The Holy Catholick Church, 8. Mattb.

The Communion of Saints +;
10. lieve

The Forgiveness of sins ; :
in The Resurrection of the body,
And the Life Everlasting.

ti Cor. Amen.

10. Atts x.

43. The words I believe in, not only I believe, are understood in il. Afts all the four last Articles : as the words of the Articles without xxiv. 15. any other expression of belief do fhew. This Epipbanius fully 12. 1 John

expresses V. 10, 11,

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5. I Cor.

7. Alts i.

9. be.

xxviii. 19.

9. Matth.

xxviii. 19,

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&11. 25.

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in a Confession of Faith, in these words, MISTUURY es play xabonexio, &c. We believe in one Catholick and Apoftoliche Church, and in one Baptifm of repentance, and in the refurre&tion of the dead, and in the kingdom of heaven, and in the life everlasting. But whether the word in be understood or not, in these Articles, the fense is the same. For the true Christian belief of all the Articles of the Creed, is to believe them so as to do and hope according to them. Jam. 2. 19. to 24. And this true Christian belief is best exprest with the word in.

II. Q. What do you mean by I believe in ?

A. I believe, and live and hope according to my 19 to 24. belief.

III. What do you believe in the first Article, concerning God the Father ?

A. I believe that there is a a Heb. xi. 3. 6. God, that he is the Father. Alb. Gen. xv. 6.c. fam. mighty, and Maker of heaven ii. 19 to 24.

and earth a; and I trust in him

b, and obey him c.
IV. Q. What is God?
a for iv. 24.

A. God is a Spirit a of Infi.
Boundless. b. Jeř. nite * Power b, Wisdom c, and
xxxii:17. PS:147.5. Goodness d, every whete pre-
I PS. 145. 8, 9, : fent e, and without beginning
John iii. 16. Fer.
xxii. 24: 1 Kings viñ. , or end fol
27. f Pf. 9o. 2.

V. Q. Who is God the Father of ?
a Mattb. iii.

A. He is the Father of Jesus b. John i. 12.+ He is Christ a, and of all true Chrialso the Father, that is ftians for Christ's fake bf

the Creator, and Pre* IlayTO

server of all things. I Cor. viii. 6. κράτωρ. .

VI. Q. What is meant by Almighty ? * a Matth.

A. The Ruler of all things a, able to do what

foever he pleases b. b Pf. 135

VII. Q. What is meant by Maker of heaven and 6.


A. Maker and Preserver of heaven and earth, 6 and all things in them.


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xi. 25.

Neb. ix.

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