Imatges de pÓgina

Christian Faith; and To keep obediently God's Holy Will and Commandments, and to walk in the same all the days of his life.

This would be the way of Advancing the Glory of the Church, and of Preserving the Unity of it.

Then by Receiving the Holy Ghost the Comforter, Christians would find the Angelical Pleasures of_True Christianity; they would be made Rich with Heavenly Treasure ; and they would be highly Honour'd by God, and all his holy Angels.

Then would all Orders and Conditions of men be happy in one another. Christ's Church would have Lively Members : the King would have truly Loyal Subjects: Parents would have Dutiful Children: Masters would have Faithful Servants. And all by patient continuance in well-doing, would both seek for, and find glory, and honour, and immortality.

But to bring such things to pass, is the Marvellous Work of God alone.

Therefore may all, with Earnest Endeavour to do their leve. ral Parts, Devoutly Pray, That God would with his Favour behold our most Gracious Protestant Sovereign *, and all the Royal Family; and so replenish them with the Grace of bis Holy Spirit, that they may always incline to his Will, and walk in his Way; and endue them plenteously with Heavenly Gifts: That be would be pleased to Direet and Prosper all the Consultations of the High Court of Parliament, and of the Venerable Convocation, to the Advancement of his Glory: And that he would send down upon our Bishops and Curates, and all Congregations committed to their Charge, the Healthful Spirit of bis Grace; and that they may Truly Please him, pour upon them the continual Dew of his Blessing : That in his Infinite Mercy he would vouchfafe to grant this for the Honour of our Advocate and Mediator Jesus Chrift: To whom, with the Father, and the Holy Ghost, be all Honour and Glory for ever and ever. Amen.

* That permits nothing of the Pope's pretended pocver.

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at Homer's Head over-against Șt. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet.


HE History of the Council of Constance. Written in
French by James Lenfant. Done into English from the

laft Edition, printed at Amiterdam 1727. Adorned with twenty Copper Plates, curiously Engraven by the best Hands. 2 Vols 4to.

T'hirty-nine Sermons on several Occasions. By the late Reverend Mr: John Cooke, A. M. one of the Six Preachers of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, in 2 Vols. 8vo.

A Translation of Arrian's History of Alexander's Expedition, with Copper Plates. 2 Vols. 8vo.

An Introduction to a General System of Hydrostaticks and Hydraulicks, Philosophical and Practical. Wherein the most reasonable and advantageous Methods of raising and conducting Water, for the watering Noblemen and Gentlemens Seats, Buildings, Gardens, &c. are carefully and in a Manner not yet published in any Language) laid down. Containing in general, a Phyfico-mechanical Enquiry into the Original and Rise of Springs, and of all the Hypotheses relating thereto; as also the Principles of Water-works, and the Draughts and Descriptions of the best Engines for raising and distributing Water, for the Supply of Country Seats, Cities, Towns, For. tifications, Meadows, and the like. Deduced from the Theory of Archimides, Gallileo, Torricelli, Boyle, Wallis, Plot, Hook, Mariotte, Desaguliers, Derham, Hawksbee, and others. Reduc'd to Practice by Vitruvius, Bockler, de Caus, and other Architects among the ancient Romans, Italians, French, Flemmings, and Dutch, and much improv'd by later Practice and Experience. Illustrated and Explain'd by Sixty-nine Copper Plates (done by the best Hands) of the Principles which tend to the Explanation of the Whole, and of such rural Grotesque, and cheap Designs for Reservoirs, Cataracts, and Cascades of Water, Canals, Bafins, Fountains, and Grotto Works, few of which have been ever yet made publick in Works of this Kind. By Stephen Switzer.

Archäologia Græca: Or, The Antiquities of Greece. In Two Volumes. The Fifth Edition. By John Potter, D. D. now Lord Bishop of Oxford.

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