Imatges de pàgina
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HE fermon which gave

Trife to the publication

of thefe, having been offered to the world as a fermon of Yorick's, I hope the most serious reader will find nothing to offend him, in my continuing these two volumes under the fame title: left it fhould be otherwise, I have added a fecond title-page with the real name of the

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author-the firft will ferve the bookseller's purpose, as Yorick's name is poffibly of the two the more known;and the fecond will ease the minds of those who see a jeft, and the danger which lurks under it, where no jeft was


I suppose it is needlefs to inform the public, that the reafon of printing these fermons, arises altogether from the

the favourable reception, which the fermon given as a fample of them in TRISTRAM SHANDY met with from the world-That fermon was printed by itself fome years ago, but could find neither purchasers nor readers; fo that I apprehended little hazard from a promise I made upon its republication, "That if the fermon "was liked, these fhould be "alfo at the world's fervice;" which,

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