Imatges de pÓgina

They ftraight each other help and hug
In loving friendship clofe and fnug.
Faith gives to fenfe both life and breath,
And fenfe gives joy and ftrength to faith;
"O now, fays faith, how fond do 1
"In fenfe's glowing bofom lie!"
Their mutual kindness then is fuch,
That oft they doting too too much,
Embrace each other out of breath;
As fop hugg'd his child to death.
Faith leaping into fente's arms,
Allur'd with her bewitching charms,
In hugging thefe, lets rafhly flip
The proper object of its gripe.
Which being loft, behold the thrall!
Anon faith lofes fenfe and all;
Thus unawares cuts fenfe's breath,
While sense trips up the heels of faith.
Her charms affuming Jefus' place,
While faith's lull'd in her foft embrace;
Lo! foon in dying pleasures wrapt,
Its living joy away is fnapt.



The Valour and Victories of Faith.

Y faith I unfeen Being fee
Forth lower beings call,

And fay to nothing, Let it be,

And nothing hatches all.

By faith I know the worlds were made
By God's great word of might;
How foon, Let there be light, he faid,
That moment there was light.

By faith I foar and force my flight,
Through all the clouds of fenfe;
I fee the glories out of fight,
With brightest evidence.
By faith 1 mount the azure sky,
And from the lofty sphere,
The earth a little mote efpy,
Unworthy of my care.
By faith I fee the unfeen things,
Hid from all mortal eyes;
Proud reafon ftretching all its wings
Beneath me flutt'ring lies.
By faith I build my lafting hope
On righteoufnefs divine;
Nor can I fink with fuch a prop,
Whatever forms combine.

By faith my works, my righteousness,
And duties all I own

But lofs and dung; and lay my ftrefs
On what my Lord has done.
By faith I overcome the world,
And all its hurtful charms;
I'm in the heav'nly chariot hurl'd
Through all oppofing harms.
By faith I have a conqu'ring pow'r
To tread upon my foes,

To triumph in a dying hour,

And banish all my woes.

By faith in midft of wrongs I'm right, In fad decays I thrive ;

In weakness I am ftrong in might,

In death I am alive.

By faith I ftand when deep I fall,

In darkness I have light;

Nor dare I doubt and queftion all
When all is out of fight.
By faith I truft a pardon free,
Which puzzles flesh and blood;
To think that God can juftify,
Where yet he fees no good.
By faith I keep my Lord's commands,
To verify my trust;

I purify my heart and hands,
And mortify my luft.

By faith my melting foul repents,
When pierced Chrift appears;
My heart in grateful praises vents,
Mine eyes in joyful tears.

By faith I can the mountains vaft.
Of fin and guilt remove;
And them into the ocean caft,
The fea of blood and love.
By faith I fee JEHOVAH high
Upon a throne of grace;
I see him lay his vengeance by,
And smile in Jefus' face.
By faith I hope to fee the Sun,
The light of grace that lent;
His everlasting circles run,
In glory's firmament.

By faith I'm more than conqueror,
Ev'n though I nothing can;
Because I fet JEHOVAH'S pow'r

Before me in the van.

By faith I counter plot my foes,

Nor need their ambush fear ; Because my life-guard alfo goes Behind me in the rear.

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faith I walk, I run, I fly,
By faith I fuffer thrall;

By faith I'm fit to live and die,
By faith I can do all.


The Heights and Depths of Senfe.


'HEN Heav'n me grants, at certain
Amidst a pow'rful gale,

Sweet liberty to moan my crimes,
And wand'rings to bewail;

Then do I dream my finful brood,
Drown'd in the ocean main
Of crystal tears and crimson blood,
Will never live again.

I get my foes beneath my feet,
I bruise the ferpent's head;
I hope the vict'ry is complete,
And all my lufts are dead.
How gladly do I think and fay,
When thus it is with me,
Sin to my fenfe is clean away,

And fo fhall ever be.

But, ah! alas! th' enfuing hour
My lufts arife and fwell,

They rage and reinforce their pow'r,

With new recruits from hell.


Though I refolv'd and fwore, through grace,

In very folemn terms,

I never should my lufls embrace,

Nor yield unto their charms; Yet fuch deceitful friends they are, While I no danger dream,

I'm fnar'd before I am aware,
And hurry'd down the ftream.
Into the gulph of fin anon,
I'm plunged head and ears;
Grace to my fenfe is wholly gone,

And I am chain'd in fears


Till straight my Lord with sweet surprise
Returns to loofe my bands,
With kind compaffion in his eyes,

And pardon in his hands."
Yet this my life is nothing else

But heav'n and hell by turns ; My foul, that now in Goshen dwells, Anon in Egypt mourns.

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Faith and Frames compared; or, Faith building upon Senfe difcovered..

AITH has for its foundation broad
A ftable rock on which I ftand,
The truth and faithfulness of God,
All other grounds are finking fand.
My frames and feelings ebb and flow;
And when my faith depends on them,
It fleets and staggers to and fro,

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And dies amidst the dying frame.
That faith is furely moft unftay'd,
Its ftagg'ring can't be counted strange,
That builds its hope of lafting aid

On things that every moment change.'
But could my faith lay all its load
On Jefus' everlasting name,

Upon the righteoufnefs of God,

And divine truth that's ftill the fame:

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