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A Letter by the Late Mr. R. Barnes 25 Warren, 164; A Walk in Cheltenham, 185 ; Soho

Chapel, and Mr. Pells' Friends, 186: Bethnal
A Bishop in a Garret ...

Green and South Hackney Evangelical Mission,

And Abundant Entrance ...


187 : Dalston, 189; Brosely, Salop, 189; Houn-

" An Hour Nearer Heaven than I slow, 190 ; Blackhea h, 191 ; Pastors Without

thought for

Purses, 191; Mr. Wells' Visit to Newcastle-on-


Type, 192: Clapham, 192; Gutteridge street,

"A Poor Sinful Creature" ... .

Hillingdon Heath, 193; Adelaide, 193; Irth-

A Thorn in the Flesh ...

lingboro', 194, Happy Meetings at Mendles-

A Word for Publishers and Authors 209 ham, Suffolk, 191; Glemsford, 194; Stepney,

195; Hope Chapel New 'chools, 195; Braintree,

A Leaf from the Note-book of a Phy-

195 ; Glemsford, 196; Homerton, 196; Deal,

sician ... ... ... ... ... ...

196 ; Plymouth, 196; Dalston, 196; Tring. 196;

A Pattern for Christian Young Men 268 Foxcote, Gloucestershire, 196; Cheltenham,

A Preaching Tour of 15,000 Miles

196; A Plain Countryman's Visit to the Anni-

versary of the Suffolk and Norfolk Association
in South Australia

of Baptist Churches, held at Laxfield, June 4th

A Pattern for Preachers ... ... 313 and 5th, 1867, 216 ; Seeking for Pardon, 220;

A Remembrance of an Interview with

Happy Services at Rye Lane, Peckham, 222;

Mr. John Corbitt Defended, 224 : West End,
a Brother Deacon... ...

Chobham, 225; East Bergholt, 226; A Sunday

A Christian Drowned in Australia... 370 at Knowl Hill, 227; Woburn Green, 227;

Answer to Mr. Edwards

Sharnbrook, Beds. 227; Newton Abbot Devon-

... 367


shire, 228: Orpington, Kent, 228 ; Stepney, 228;

Brilliant Ravs of Light and Truth ...

Southwark, 228 ; Brosely, Shropshire, 228; Par;
Blessed Moments ...

ticular Baptists and Strict Baptists, 252; Strict

Churches in the West end ...

Communion, 262; Soho Chapel, Oxford Street,

254; Islington, 254 ; Sutton, Isle of Ely, 255 ;

Cast Your Anchor Aloft, Mates 78,

Norfolk, 255; Sible Hedingham, 255; Halifax,

146, 211 Nova Scotia, 256; Plymouth, 256; Askett, 257 ;

Foxcote, Glouceste shire, 257; Woodford,


Norths, 258; Knowl Hill, 258 ; Wimbledon, 258;

Mr. John Bloomfield's Removal from Lon. Surrey Tabernacle, Walworth road, 259; New-

dou, 31; A Visit to Bethany, 32; The Clay and port Pagnell. 260; Dalston, 260 ; Bexley Heath,

the Potter, 33; Willenhall, Little London, 33; 260; A Letter from a Soldier in the United

The Best Way to Build a New Tabernacle. 34 ; States of America, 283; Unhappy Suicide of

Mr. W. Crowther on the Death of Mr. John the late Mr. George Wright, 285; A Letter by

Poynder. 34: Who will go? 35; Barking road, Mr. Thomas Edwards, of Tunbridge Wells,

Plaistow, 35; Hoxton, 35 ; To Good Ministers | 286 : Lower Tooting. Surrey, 287 : The British

of Jesus Christ, 36; Tring, 36; The History of and'rish Home Missionary Society, 288; Wal.

Baptists, 36; Homerton, 36; A Preaching Tour tham Abbey, 288 : Devonport, 289; Irthling-

of 15,000 Miles in South Australia, 56; Mr. borough, Baptist Chape', 289; Kenninghall,

Bloomfield's Farewell, 58; Surrey Tabernacle, 1 Norfolk, 289; Mr, Kershaw, and the Deceased

58; The Testimonial to Mr. J. A. Jones, 59; Á | Ministers, 290; Ordination of Mr. Thomas

Letter from Mr. Abraham Howard, of Birming Steed, 290; Hitchin, Herts, 291; King's Lang-

ham, 60: Richmond, Surrey, 61 ; Willenhall, ley, 291; Jireh Chapel, East Bergholt, 291 ;

62; Jubilee Meeting at Two Waters, Herts, 63; Presentation to Mr. William Stokes, 291 · Ips.

Midnight Meetings, 64 ; Aylesbury, 64; Dal-



wich, Bethesda Chapel, 292; Birmingham, 292;

: 07-Da!

ston, 65 ; Irthlingboro',65 ; Farnborough, Kent, Newbury, 292; Brockhampton, Gloucestershire,

65; Braintree, 66; Sutton, 66. Colney Hatch, 292; Stepney, 292; Coggleshall, 292; Second

66; Doncaster, 67 ; Strict Baptist Church, Anniversary of the Opening of the New Surrey

Southampton, 67, Lee, Kent, 67; Long Mar Tabernacle, 316; Deach of Mr. John Carr, 318;

stov, 67; Model Prayer Meeting, 67; Mayford, Anniversary of Brother Richard Snaith's

68; Peckham, 68; Birmingham, 68; Chelten Chapel, on the Forest of Dean, Cooper's Hill,

ham. 68; Sturry, 68; Public Recognition of and Cheltenham, 318; Kath, 319; Appeal from

the Rev. John Bloomfield, at Bradford, 92: Sydney, N. S Wales, 320; Eustin Road, 321;

Bethnal Green, 93; New Brompton, 93; A Good Myddelton Hall, Upper street, Islington, 322;

Example, 94; Birmingham, 95; Mr. Charles A Good Day at Kingston-upon Thames, 322;

Hill at Meard's Court, Soho, 97; Nottinghill, 98; Heywood, near Rochdale, 323; Baptising by

Pulpit Utterances, 99; Mr. Blake at Dalston, Mr. Thomas Poock, at Ipswich, 323; Wimble-

99; “A Model Prayer Meoting,” 100; The don, 323; East Bergholt, 323; Pimlico, 324;

Church at Newport Pagnell, and Recognition City Road, 324; Billingborough, in Lincoln-

of Mr. W. Ward, 125; Melbourne, Australia, shire, 324; Death of Mr. J. Tamblin, 324 ;

126; Chatham, 127; St. Luke's, 128; Islington, What is wanted in London, 324; Mr. John Bun-

129; The History and Present Prospects of Eld yan M'Cure, 345; The Inauguration of a Revival

Lane Baptist Chapel, Colchester, 129; Clapham, of the London 'Strict Baptist Churches, 345 ;

181; Bethnal Green, 131: Irthlingboro', 131 ; Peckham, 346; Jireh Chapel, East road, Lon.

St. Neot's, Hapts, 131 ; Soho, 132; Bradford, don, 347 ; Harvest Thanksgiving Sermons, 348;

132 ; Cambridge Heath, 132: Woodford, North Plymouth, 349; Boston, 349; M. Wilkins' First

ampton, 132; Old Ford, 132; Homerton, 132; Anniversary at Soho Chapel, Oxford street,

Good Friday at the Surrey Tabernacle, 156 ; 350 ; Mr. George W yard on the late W. Palmer,

Artillery street Chapel, Bishopsgate street, 159; 350; London Itinerant Baptist Ministers' Asso-

Colchester Chapel Case, 159; Sutfolk, 160 ; The ciation, 351; Sible Hedingham, 352; Clapham,

Late Benjamin Mason, 161; Messrs. Bloomfield 353; Clare, Suffolk, 353; Bath, 353; Kingsbridge

and Anderson, 162; City Road, 162; Chatteris, Trinity Chapel, 354; Bigbury, Devon, 354 ; Tot-

Cambs, 163; Bermondsey, New road, 163 ; nes, 354; street, Somerset, 354; Hertford, 355 ;

Woolwich, 163; Borough, 163; Homerton, 164 ; Hoxton, 355; Newton Abbott, 355; Cheering

Mr. John Bloomfield at Bradford, 164: Nor- Note to our Esteemed Brother Mitson, 356; The

wich, 164; Notice. 164; Hornsey Rise, 164; late Mrs. Taylor, 356; Striking Sentence for

Woburn Green, 164; The late Mr. Edward Ministers, 356;




: : : : : :




. Doctor Hawker and the Apostle Paul 23

David's House and Key ... .. 75

Delightful Employment ... ... 242

Deep Distress and Deliverance ... 152

Death of Mr. George Abrahams ... 357

Exposition of Psalm lxx. ... ...


lxxvii, 1–10... 150

Ixii. 1-8
Gal, i. 1-12 243

Jer. xxxi. 6-11 ... 277

Micah si. 7-13 309
Extracts from Mr. Pells' Sermons ... 313
From Calvary to Jordan ... .. 135
Full Satisfaction in Prospect 293
Four Sons Dead in One Day 9, 47,

80, 108, 148, 172, 202, 275

Grace and Glory-What are they ? 5,

37, 83

How I became a Preacher of Christ's

Gospel... ...


“ He is able to Save unto the Utter-


Heaven's Four Great Powers in the

Salvation of the Soul ... ... 306

Heaven's Cure for Adam's Sick Sons

Heaven Secared to the Believer in

Christ . ... ...

“I was brought Low"


as brought Low" ... ... 55

In Memoriam

Letters from the Heart 114, 145

250, 314

Lying on Jesus' Bosom ...

Letter from Samuel Cozens...

My Work and My Authority

My Brother's Birth-day Letter ... 155

My Soul is full of Troubles

“ My Medicine is Bitter, but Christ

is Sweet!”...

Memorials of Departed Saints ...

, Friends ... 325

Memoir of Mrs. Elizabeth Turner ... 364

Mr. R. Wheeler's Experience, and

Thoughts of Chastisement ... 296

Mr. John Kersbaw again at Zoar ... 168

Mrs. Prothero's Daughter ... ... 249

Mrs. Ingalls, of the Baptist Burmah

Mission, among the Buddhist

Priests ...


New Books 28, 154, 183, 281, 315,

341, 371

One taken, the other left ...

Our Free Grace Photographic Gallery

Our Troubles and Sorrows ... ... 273

On Church Membership ... ... 279

Photographic Gallery of Gospel Minis-

Pilgrimage of Life ...

ters... ... ... ... ... 141


The Rock of Israel Spake to Me.. 22
The Cry of Many ...

... 28
Winter in the Soul ... ... 51
The Travail of the soul from Despon-

dency to a Happy Deliverance ... 361


Thou shalt know Hereafter ... 51

“I am the Lord, I Change not”...

Original Pastorals... ... ...

A Hymn


To the Blessed Spirit .. ... 215

The Penitent's Prayer ... 278

The Lord of the Harvest ... ... 299

Thoughts suggested by the Presen-

tation Watch ... ... 373

One Year Nearer Home ... 374

To the Memory of the Late Mr.

John Carr ..


On the Death of Rev. W. Parks ... 338

In Memory of Mr. John Saxby .. 339
Reflections by a Young Christian ... 154
Responsibility ...

Recollections and Repose is
Sudden Death ...
Scripture Illustrations
Signs of Holy Life ...
Signs of Holy Life ...
" Safe! Safe! Safe !"

... ... 207
Strictures on "N. L...


Surrounded by Special Providences 122

Solemn Question in Death ... .. 332

The Death of an Aged Pilgrim .... 331

The Late Rector of Openshaw ...

“ The Morning Star,” and What

they Say ..

The Great Rock of Offence.. ...

The Relative Characters of Christ ...

The late Mrs. J. J. Waite ... ...

The Church between Two Bridges ...

The Hunchback Crossing-Sweeper's

Conversion and Death ... ...

The Death of Mr. William Palmer... 300

The Three Graves Outside the Church 247

The Saviour's Cup .... *.*** 172

The Sound of the Great Trumpet ... 177

The Gigantic Powers of Sin... 197, 232

The Good Man in Life-The Happy

Man Death

The Deliverance and Death of Mrs.

John Adams of Folkestone ... 123

The Church in Madagascar Passing

through its Baptism of Fire ...

The Cross of Christ ...

The Four Anchors: or, Wishlng for

Day... -

The Experience of a Young Minister

of the Gospel... ...

Thoughts on the Resurrection 174

“ This is My Beloved" ... 112

The Experience of Mrs. Pearson ... 369

“ Up and Doing—for Christ's Sake” 280
“ Unto Him that Loved Us”

Visit to Yarmouth ..

... 311
Words for Faithful Watchmen
What He hath done for my Soul ... 101
What is the Millennium, and How

cometh It ? ... ... 235
WhatCup was it Christ Prayed might

Pass from Himn e
“ Write Ichabod Everywhere!"



... 363

... 179


... 249

... 212




Christian Record.

Grace and Glory :—What are They ?



“ Sure as God is living,

66 The heaven and earth all flaming, The storm is drawing nigh ;

Away will quickly pass,
The warning still is giving;

And all creation's framing
The millions pass it by.

Will be one flaming mass.
To Scripture I'm appealing,

" THEN-every true believer,
THE TRUTH is there contain'd,

Whose safety is of grace.
It needs no human sealing,

Its Author is unfeign'd.

And see Him face to face. " This storm of heaven's sending

His Church, for heaven fitted,
Will come as in the night,

Shall enter at the door ;
When Christ the Lord descending

No more shall be admitted,
Shall all His foes affright:

For “ Time shall be no more!” KIND READERS OF THIS “ EARTHEN VESSEL”-in commencing the twenty-third volume of this wide-spreading monthly—in entering upon the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-seven, I feel the responsibility and solemnity of my work more than ever ; because I cannot divest my mind of the stern conviction that there is an approaching reality in the facts expressed in the lines which I have quoted above, and which, on sitting down to pen this brief address to you, caught my eye, and sunk down my soul almost to sadness as I read them in the November number of The Gospel Magazine ; and in printing them here I pray God to bless the perusal of them unto many thousands : for, certainly these are not times for trifling, or thinking lightly of the awful and fast-approaching fulfilment of many of the most important portions of the word of God : much less doth it become us to be carried away with the extravagant speculations, or mere literal predictions which meet us on every hand. Three things appear to me to be of more value than all the writings and anticipations of the wisest of men which the world can produce.

The first thing is, to have THE WORD OF GOD, as Jeremiah con

fessed before the LORD he had it. He says, “Thy words were found, and I did eat them, and Thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart, for I am called by Thy name, O Lord God of Hosts.” For many years, Christian friends, this one thing has been my stay-my strengthmy salvation—my comfort—my secret and holy pleasure, and the mainspring of my ministry; the word of the Lord has been found (dropping in my soul) and I have ate it, and it has carried me into the closest communion with the Lord God; and it has enabled me to stand in the ministry with authority, with liberty, and with some usefulness to seeking and sorrowing hearts. Seek ye, to have, and to hold fast by then, the good word of God.

The second invaluable blessing is to have that which is written of the Witnesses in Revelation xi. : “ The Spirit of Life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet.” We are all dependent upon the incomings, shinings, revealings, and teachings of the blessed SPIRIT OF GOD, if, indeed, we are the quickened and Spirit-born children of God. Without His unction and power, we nothing good can do ; but with His gracious and sacred enlightenings we shall be wiser than all the carnal and naturally gifted teachers in Christendom. To have the SPIRIT-to be led of the SPIRIT-to know His teachings and His power are privileges great indeed !

Then, of course, the third result of all this will be an experience of the love of God in the heart, making it honest and hearty, and humble in His sight and in His service : an experience of the sin-subduing and sin-forgiving blood of the Passover LAMB, and an experience of the convicting and converting grace of the HOLY SPIRIT in our souls from day to day. With these things we are safe, whatever may come.

With Paul I would say—if God will condescend still to spare and use me as His instrument in any measure,—“I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls-(as the margin says)—“Though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved.” Be it so—if God see best.

There are three sentences which have taken fast hold of me in opening this part of my work for you. They are in Hosea's prophecy. chapter thirteen, verses nine and ten, and read thus,

O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself ;


“I WILL BE THY KING !” If the whole of the Divine revelation concerning man in the fall — A TRIUNE God in the covenant of grace—and the ultimate mutual glory of CHRIST and the Church, I say, if ihe whole of the two-fold mystery is not comprehended in these three lines, then I have not received the true knowledge of the Scriptures ; nor have I that wisdom which maketh wise unto salvation. But with confidence I presume to call attention to these words, in these times,--because they are expressive of the three general conditions in which the redeemed Church of Christ has been—is --and will be found—as the Holy Ghost again and again declares. In the Bible there are, as it were

THREE FAITHFULLY REFLECTING MIRRORS. In the first place-if the SPIRIT OF THE Living God be your Teacher, you may see the whole family of Adam in the depths of darkness-in

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