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walls higher for the future, so as to leave out of the prison taking different ways ; but no communication betwixt the rafters of an alarm being spread, five ofthem were redifferent houses.

taken in the neighbouring streets, and carThe confternation of the inhabitants in ried back to Newgate. Tbomas Kemp, and this dreadful calamity was inexpressible, William Gray, got clear off; for the taking and the lofs must have been exceeding great, of either of whom a reward of gol. was pronotwithstanding the effects that were fav- mised by the Keeper of Newgate, and 100l. ed; for it happened on one of the richest by the commiffioners of the customs. spots of ground in the city, and the very March 31. At the anniversary feast of the center of business. There was great danger London- Infirmary, the collection at the of its spreading farther, the wind being church and Merchant-Taylor's hall,amounthigh, of which people were under terrible ed to 11671. 18s. apprehensions, but by the good providence April 2, A mail came from the Weft of God it was prevented; and though, after Indies, confirming the arrival of admiral the first stop that was put to the raging Knowles at Jamaica from North America, flames, the fire broke out afresh more and the sentence of the court martial againft than once, such constant care was taken, tommodore Cornelius Mitcbell, which was, that it never again resumed its destructive that he should be mulated five years pay, and power.

rendered incapable of serving in his Majesty's Dr. Samuel Lisle, bishop of St. Afaph, navy. translated to the bishopric of Norwich, in April 7. At a court of common-council the room of bishop Gooch.

held at Guildhall, a bill was passed for re· Richard Walters, esq. made commissary- pealing all former acts, orders and ordi. general of stores, provisions and forage to all nances, touching the nomination and elechis Majesty's forces abroad.

tion of sheriffs of the city of London and Nichols, esq. made paymaster of county of Middlesex, and for regulating and the forces in Flanders.

enforcing such nominations and elections Jobn White, esq. made lieutenant-gover- for the future. nor of Pendennis Castle.

April 9. The Irish Parliament was proA court of common council rogued, and his excellency the earl of Harwas held at Guildhall, when a motion was rington, the lord lieutenant, arrived foon afmade, that the court of lord mayor and al- ter in England. dermen be empowered to permit as many April 24. Mr. Thompson, one of his Manon-freemen in the building-bufiness, to jesty's messengers, arrived at his grace the be employed in rebuilding the houses de- duke of Newcaftle's office, with the instrudroyed by the late fire in Cornhill, as to ment of preliminary articles for a general them fhall seem necessary; any law, cu- pacification, signed at Aix-la-Cbapelle, by ftom or usage to the contrary notwithstand- the ministers plenipotentiary of his Majesty ing; which, after a short debate was ree the king of Great-Britain, the most Chri. folved in the affirmative.

itian King, and the States General of the A contribution was set on foot for the United Provinces. relief of those sufferers by the said fire, who were objeệts of charity, by several gentle. Lif of the names of the noblemen and gentlemen, bankers, &c. the benefactions to be

men, and of the clerks

for life, whose claims paid to the bankers named in the advertise

for value

of their jurisdictions, or offices have ment; which by the 22d of April amounted

ing been sustained

by i be lords of Sefion; and to near 2000l. and by the 17th to 3320). the

of the sums which their lordships declared claims given in by the sufferers to that time,

in obeir opinion should be given them, &c. amounting to soool. and on the 19th was a general meeting of the contributors, when

1. a committee was chosen for the management

Duke of Hamilton

3000 of the charity, and Stephen Theodore Janf- Duke of Buccleugle

3400 0 sen, esq. one of the city members, appointed Duke of Gordon

5282 19 6 chairman thereof.

Dutchess of Gordon

25 9 10 March 3. About eight at night seven

Duke of Queensberry

6621 8 5 prisoners in Newgate for smuggling, on the

Duke of Argyle turnkeys opening the door of their apart

Duke of Douglas

5104 ment, rushed on them with piftols and Duke of Arbole broomsticks, and knocking them down ran

Duke of Montrose

5578 18 4


March 29.

S. d.

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Duke of Roxburgh

W. Black, clerk of the regality
Marquis of Tweedale

of Dumfermline

500 Marquis of Annandale


Gibert Clark, clerk of the regaCountess dowager of Hoptoun 5000

lity Brugbron Earl of Crawford's trustees 3000

7. Halkersion, clerk of the reCountess of Errol

gality of Culrofs. Earl of Sutberland


Claud. Hamilton, clerk of the Earl of Rotbes

6268 16 bailliary of Carrick Earl of Morton


G. Jobnson, clerk of the SteEarl of Eglinton

78000 warty of Fife. Earl of Calilis


Ja. Marshal clerk of the bail.
Earl of Meray

of Cunninghame

400 Earl of Strathmore


Peter Oglivie, clerk of the re-
Earl of Galloway

321 9
gality of Coupar

50 Earl of Lauderdale

J. and Ja. Smith, clerk of the Earl of Kinnoul

800 0

regality of Aberbrotbock Earl of Loudon

2675 5 Earl of Dumfries

2400 0

Total, Sterling, £ 152,237 15 4 Earl of Finlater

1084 19 4 Earl of Braidalbin


May 3. Articles of capitulation were Earl of Marcb

3418 4 5 figned on the 7th instant, N. S. by marshal Earl of Marcbmont


Saxe and general d'Alyva, governor of MaeEarl of Stair


Aricbt, for the giving up the town upon Earl of Bute

2186 9 3

honourable conditions : in consequence of Earl of Hoptoun

which, the garrison was to march out of Lord Salton

52 18 4 the town on the roth inftant, N. S. with Lord Tropbicben

134 12

6 military honours. And the vith instant Lord Blantire

200 o N. S. was the day named for the cessation Lady Isabella Scot

1200 O of hoftilities in the Low Countries. Lord Dalmeny

IOI 13 7 May 5. The anniversary feast of the fons Sir Andrew Agnew

4000 0

of the clergy was held at Merchant-Taylor's, Sir Jobn Anftrutter

282 15 3

hall. The whole amount of the collection William lord Bracco


at the rehearsal on the 3d, at the sermon Antonio Barclay


on this day, and at the fealt, was go6l. 195. Sir John Bruce

243 13

8 8d. C. Bruce, esq. his eldest son


Within these few days 30,000 quarters of Sir Duncan Campbell

83 16 4 wheat were brought up for exportation. Jobn Campbell, esq.


April 12. The collection for the FoundDavid Carmichael

187 II II ling-Hospital was upwards of 650l. Robert Colvil, esq.

633 6 8

The general asiembly of the church of Arcbibald Douglas, esq.

4 Scotland met on this day, the right hon. Dr. Robert Drummond


the earl of Leven, as high commissioner, David Erskine, esą.

representing his Majesty's person. Sir Arthur Forbes


His Majesty in council, declaring his inSir Ludovick Grant

900 o tention of going out of the kingdom for Mr. J. Hamilton, advocate

500 o

a short time, was pleased to nominate the Pat. Hepburn, writer in Edinb. 37 15 5 following persons to be lords justices for the Jibn Hay, esq.


administration of the government during Heriot's hospital in Edinburgh 486 19

8 his Majesty's absence, viz. archbishop of Sir James Lockart

65 19 9. Canterbury ; lord Hardwicke, lord chancelRoderick M.Leod

lor ; duke of Dorset, lord president; earl William Maxwell, esq.

523 4 1

Gower, lord privy seal ; duke of Devorshire, Jobn Murray, jun, esq. 4000

lord steward ; duke of Grafton, lord chamFobn Ogilvie, esq.


berlain ; duke of Richmond, master of the George Sinclair, eiq.

3189 0 horse ; duke of Bedford, one of his MaDavid Smith, esq.

jesty's principal secretaries of fate; duke of William Urquhart, efq.

50 19 Montague, mafter general of the ordnance ; T. Bifet, clerk of the rolls, of

duke of Argyle; duke of Newcastle, another Atbole

of his Majeity's principal secretaries of state;

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earl of Pembroke, groom of the stole; earl pany. Bill for relief of infolvent debtors, of Sandwich, first commissioner of the ad- And to several road and private bills. miralty ; earl of Harrington, lord lieutenant After which his Majesty made the followof Ireland ; viscount Cobham; and Henry ing speech to both houses, and prorogued Pelbam, esq. first commissioner of the trea- the Parliament to the 30th of June next. fury.

My Lords, and Gentlemen, His Majesty was graciously pleased to de- " At the opening of this session of Para clare, that in order to prevent any incori- liament I informed you, that a congress veniencies which his subjects may suffer by had been agreed upon by the several powers misapprehending the purport or effect of his at war; and. I have now the satisfaction to royal proclamation, dated the 5th instant, acquaint you, that the preliminaries for reas soon as pasles could be interchanged, they ftoring a general peace have been signed beshould be delivered to such of his subjects tween my 'minifter, and those of the moft as desired the same for their ships, goods, Christian King, and the States General of merchandizes and effects, they duly-ob- the United Provinces ; the basis of which serving the several acts of Parliament in is a general reftitution of conquests made force, with regard to trade or correspondence during the war, on all sides. with France.

" In consequence of these preliminaries, The amount of the whole expence of which have been ratified by all the conbuilding the Mansion-house for the lord tracting parties, a cessation of hoftilities mayors of London: (including the sum of has actually taken place in the Low Coun3900l. paid for purchasing of houses) was tries, and in the channel; and certain pe42,6381. 185. 8.d.

riods are fixed, according to former pracMay 13. At noon his Majesty went to tice, for its commencement in other parts the House of Peers with the usual state, of the world. and the commons being sent for up, and at- " In this important transaction my great tending, gave the royal assent to the follow- views have been steadily to adhere to the ing bills, viz. The bill for granting one true interests of Europe, to pursue and million out of the linking fund.-Bill to maintain those of my own kingdoms, in parrectify a mistake in the mutiny act. Bill ticular, and to procure for my allies the best to amend and inforce the window light act. terms and conditions, that the event of a --Bill for the more effectual disarming the war, in some parts unsuccessful, did adHighlands.-Bill to regulate trials for high mit. treason in the Highlands of Scotland.-Bill s. I have, in the course of this negociafor rendering more effectual an act for re- tion, acted with the most unreserved conJief of such loyal subjects in Scotland, whose fidence and communication towards my 'altitle deeds were destroyed in the rebellion. lies : and I hope, that when they fall

Bill to regulate courts-martial in the sea have maturely weighed the situation of afservice, and for extending the discipline of fairs, the necessity from thence arising, and the navy to the crews of his Majesty's ships the care and attention which have been wrecked, loft, or taken, &C.-Bill for al- shewn for their advantage and security, lowing the exportation of tea to Ireland and they will not delay to accede to these prethe plantations, duty free ; and for enlarg- liminary articles, but concur in effectuating ing the time for some of the payments to be the good work of peace. made on a subscription of 6,300,000/

-Bill “ The vigorous and powerful support you to amend and inforce an act for prohibiting have given me, during this feflion, towards the wearing and importation of cambricks carrying on the war, has strengthened my or French lawns.--Bill for encouraging the hands, in proceeding thus far in the meagrowth and importation of indigo from his sures of peace. Nobody can suggest the Majesty's plantations in America.--Bill for leaft failure on the part of Great Britain, amending and continuing several laws near which, not only for the fake of its own expiring.--Bill to explain and amend two particular interest, but of the common acts for the preservation of the public roads. cause, has taken on itself a share of the Bill for holding the summer añizes for burthen, unexampled in former times. I the county of Buckingham, at the town of hope foon to see this necessary work brought Buckingham.--Bill to continue the duty of to perfection, with the concurrence of all 6d. per chaldron on coals, for relief of the my allies ; with whom it is my firm intenorphans of the city of London.Bill for re- tion to cultivate the most perfect harmony, lief of the annuitants of the mercers com- and to cement and strengthen, if poflible,


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the ties of our antient union and friendship, ceffion of the empress queen of Hungary to in such a manner as may render the peace the preliminary articles, which were signed secure and durable.

at Aix-la-Chapelle by count Kauntix the “ Gentlemen of the House of Commons, 25th of this instant May. N. S. “ My particular thanks are due to you, May 22. The general assembly at Edinfor the ample provision you have made for burgh was dissolved by his grace the High the service of the current year. Nothing Commissioner, with the usual solemnity; could have contributed so much to the put- after having made an act, that every miting an end to the calamities of war, and nister of the church of Scotland, shall preach reducing our future expences, as these well. the first fabbath of every quarter, upon rejudged supplies. The most prudent æco- volution principles, and against popery, &c. nomy shall be made use of in the application May 26. Upon advice of his Majesty's of them : and you may be assured, nothing landing in Holland, on Sunday last, the will give me more real pleasure, than to lords justices opened their commillion, when take the first opportunity of leffening the they appointed Richard Nevil Aldworth, present burthens of my people.

and Fobn Potter, esqrs. to be their secreta“ My Lords, and Gentlemen,

ries. “ I cannot sufficiently express my en- May 28. A messenger arrived from the tire satisfaction in your whole conduct, du- earl of Sandwich, at Aix-la-Chapelle, with ring this feffion ; and I must recommend the acts of accession of the king of Sardinia, it to you, to promote in your several coun- and his most serene highness the duke of ties a right sense of those measures, which Modena, to the preliminary articles. have been so necessarily taken for the re- The people in France were become so curity and ease of my people. As it is the mutinous for want of bread and other neearnest defire of my heart to see the crown cessary provisions, that dangerous insurecof Great-Britain maintain that figure, tions had happened in several parts of that Atrength, and weight, in making war and kingdom, particularly at Bourdeaux, from peace, which juftly belong to it, it is equal- whence arrived the following account: ly so, to see my good subjects enjoy the The benefit which peace is likely to bring blessings of tranquility and prosperity. to this kingdom, began to manifeft itself

About four in the afternoon, his Ma- here, on the arrival of thirty ships laden jesty set out from St. James's to "embark with wheat from England. The Intendant for Holland, in order to proceed for his Ger- immediately caused their cargoes to be diman dominions. He remained windbound stributed to the people, who were in the at Harwich till the 19th, when he failed greatest distress, bread being sold for 12d. from thence about two in the afternoon a pound, and for eleven days together there with the wind at S. by W. Lord Anson was none to be had ; but the arrival of these commanded the squadron that convoyed his ships soon filled the town with plenty and Majesty.

joy, and instantly occasioned the price to May 16. This night a messenger arrived fall to gd. per pound." from the earl of Sandwich, his Majesty's Another good effect for that kingdom was, minister plenipotentiary at Aix-la-Chapelle, that the cessation raised their Eaft-Lidia with the ratifications of the preliminary ar- stock at once from below 1200 to 1600 per ticles, which were exchanged on the 21st cent. and in order to revive their ruined instant, N. S. between the ministers of his trade, his most Christian Majesty by an Britannic Majesty, the most Chriitian King, arret, gave them leave to make a lottery and the States General of the United Pro- for 1,200,000 livres. vinces.

June 2. His Britannic majesty having May 19. An order was issued out from arrived at Helvoetsluys early in the morning the Lords of the Admiralty to capt. Lloyd, set out at fix the same morning on his commander of the Glasgow man of war, journey to Hanover, had an interview with at Sheerness, to fail with all expedition to the princess of Orange at Maeslandjluys, anoNewfoundland and North America, and to ther with the prince of Orange at Utretcht, advertise all captains and commanders he and on the 4th arrived at Herenhausen. meets, belonging to Great-Britain, to cease June 4. The Swallow packet, capt. Philhoftilities against the French.

lips, arrived at Falmouth from Jamaica, and May 20. Mr. Dick, one of his Majesty's brought the following account, viz. that after messengers, arrived at his grace the duke the reduction of Port Louis, admiral Knowles of Newcastle's office, with the act of aç- failed immediately for St. Jago de Cuba,



where capt. Dent, of the Plymouth, being church during the time of divine service, &c. senior, demanded, as his right, that he might June 23. The Parliament which tood go in first, seconded by the Cornwall ; but prorogued to the 30th inftant, was ordered on his approach found a chain across, with to be further prorogued to Aug. 30. booms, also two large ships, and two fmall June 24. Edward Ironside, esq. alderman ones filled with combustibles, and teady to and goldsmith, and Thomas Rawlinson, efq. be set on fire on the first attempt to break alderman and grocer, were elected theriffs the chain. They tired several broad fides of London and Middlesex for the year enat the castle, and the Cornwall had some suing. men killed. Then capt. Dent consulting June 30. A petition, figned by a great his officers, they all agreed that they must number of eminent merchants, was prelose their fhips if they attempted to break fented to the lords of the regency, by a the chain; and therefore gave over the committee appointed by the said merchants, enterprize, and returned to Jamaica, praying, that leave may be given to open

June 9. His grace the duke of Newcastle, a trade with the kingdom of Spain. And, one of his Majesty's principal secretaries of soon after, a number of bills were posted state, set out for Harwicb, where he em- up at the Royal-exchange, for ships bound barked for Holland in his way to Hanovor. to Spain; which gave great satisfaction to

June 10. Being the first day of term, the generality of people in trade. the earl of Traquair appeared at the court By the paying off several men of war, King's-bench, and was farther continued the wages fell in the merchant's service from on his recognizance : was Sir Jobon 50s. to 255. per month. Douglas, bart. late knight of the shire for The right honourable the lord Anson preDumfries.

sented the account of his voyage round the June 11. A special free pardon passed the world to the Royal Society, for which he great seal, granted to John Murray, of received their thanks. Broughton, efq. and Hugh Frazer, gent, July 2. Arrived from Hanover his Ma. of all treasons, misprision of treasons, and jesty's" ratification of his acceptance of the all other offencés committed or done by accession of the court of Spain, and the themselves alone, or either of them, on republic of Genoa, to the preliminary or before the 6th day of May, 1748. articles signed at Aix-la-Chapelle, the 28th

June 12. There was a violent storm of of June, N. S. 1748. thunder and lightning, accompanied with After figning the preliminaries, the court hail of an extraordinary fize in some places ; thought proper to revoke all the orders particularly at Addington-Place, in Surrey, formerly given, for prohibiting commerce where the hail storm lafted about twenty of any kind with Gibraltar; and his Caminutes; the smallest hail-ftones were as tholic Majesty, being perfectly satisfied large as middling walnuts, not round, but with the conduct of M. Wale, major-geneof an irregular form ; many of them were ral of his armies, in the negociations with feven inches in circumference, and fell on which he was charged at London, his Majeity the ground with such force that they re- authorised him to settle, with the Bribounded above two feet. ' All the gardens tish ministers, fome articles relating to the round about were entirely covered with freedom of the English navigation in the the hail, which lay in shady places full Wif-Indies; as likewise certain points retwo hours before it was diffolved. There lating to the demands of the English Southwere also melancholy accounts from several

Sea company. parts of the country, of the great hurt done July 12. At North Curry, near Taunby the thunder and lightning: at Streatham ton, Somersetshire, there was ploughed up in Surrey, it beat in a chimney next door an urn or pitcher, in which were contained to the Black Bull, and knocked down a several Glver Roman coins, viz. of Gratianus, fervant maid who was just called from the Valentinianus, Valens, Theodofius, Honorius, window to avoid it, but did her no confi- Arcadius, Constantinus, Conftans, Julianus, derable damage; but what is more re- and many others. markable, at the next door to that, it They were almost all of them of the same finged the painting off a landscape, which fize, excepting one of Gratianus, with this hung over the chimney piece, and likewise inscription, D. N. GRATIANUS. P. F. the gilding off the frame, but did no far- AUG, and on the reverie a sort of an ther mischief. Åt Spring field, near Chelms- ingo standing with one of his feet on a ford, two boys were instantly killed in the globe, with a thield in his hands; in which

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