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Jan. 7.


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1748. N express arrived from Fal- he arrived with the French squadron of five

mouth with advice, that M. men of war, the beginning of September de la Bourdenaye, late commander in chief last, and quitted his command, and went of the French king's fhips in India, was seiz- to St. Euftaria to get a passage for Holland. ed the 4th instant, on board a Dutch ship, The reason of this his conduct was said called the Statianfe Friendship, captain Dec- to be, that having been formerly employed ker, bound from St. Euftatia to Holland. on some confiderable station by the French The above ship put into Falmouth the 22d East-India company, he had embezzled a past, by contrary winds, and it being dif- large sum, to the amount, of a million of covered that this gentleman was on board livres; but by the influence of his brotherher, application was made to captain Blad. in-law, who was then a person of great well, commander of his Majesty's ship the consequence in the direction of the said Mercury, who went, with a proper number company, he was so far from suffering of men, to search the ship for him : the disgrace, that he was continued in employcommodore at first denied himself, but on ment, and promoted from time to time, till examining his packets he was discovered, at length he was appointed to command the and, with his secretary and another officer, squadron that sailed to take Fort St. George. was brought a fhore; and, on their parole, However, before he could finish his expehad the liberty of the town of Falmoutb. dition and return home, his friend lost his

He was the commanding officer when influence, and even his employment in the the French took Madrass or Fort St. George, East-India company: and so fearing the where he got great riches, which he put storm would again break out against him, on board a Portuguese ship at St. Paul de having before converted all the spoil of Loagana, where he put in to victual and Fort St. George into diamonds, he took the water the French men of war, on his voyage course above-mentioned, towards the end from India to Martinico; at which iland of the month, he was brought up to London.

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per cent.

An ACCOUNT of the Produre of the SINKING FUND in the Year 1747, and in the

Payment of wbat Debts was contračied before December 25, 17:6, ibe fcriptas been applied. Dr.

Per Contra Cr. The Exchequer to each

By money issued between Dec. 31, 1746, and on the finking fund

Dec. 31. 1747 on December 31, 1746 $64761 5o in full of 1,000,000). . s. d. To the produce of the

for service of the year 1745

359310 9 9 finking fund, between

In full of 1,000,000l. for December 31, 1745,

service of the year 1747 664253 11 10 and December 31,

To pay the ann, at 3 per c. 1746, viz.

600,0001. granted

1736, for one year, at Surplus

Chrifimas 1747

18000 0 £ s. d.

To pay he annuities at 3 Aggre

per cent. v.] 300,0001. gate 682621 18 81

granted anno 1738, for fund

one year, oue at Micbael. Gene

mas 1747

9000 1229343 2 1.To the usher of the receipt fund

of Exchequer for neceiS. Sea

faries delivered for the comp. 38375

service of said annuities

474 31 fund.

pay annuities at 3

on 800,00ol.
£. 1394104 7 11 granted : 742, for 1 year,

due at Christmas 1747 24450
To pay interest on loans

charged on the duties
on salt for 12 months in-

terest, due at Mic. 1747 35000
To make good the defici-,

ency of annuities granted
1720, on the plate-act
at Lady-day 1747

5525 18 101 To make good the deficien

cy of the lottery ann.
1731, at Christmas 1747

7118 5 9 To the bank of England,

to make good the pre-
miums for circulating
Exch. bills charged on
duties on sweets, granted

1737, to July 24, 1747 13660 18 6 Tomake good thedeficiency

ofthe additional duties on
all wines imported fince
Lady-day 1745, at Mid-
fummer 1747

29765 19 st To the Bank of England to

make good the deficiency
of the duties on licences
for retailing spirit. liq.
at Lady-day 1747

16362 8 5 To make good deficiency

of the duties on glass,
&c. fince Lady-day 1746,
at Midsummer 1747 34177 7 31

1216672 4 21 Balance in cash Dec.31, 1747 177432

2 il f. 1394104 7

Fan. 11. Above 900 sailors, belonging tion, for the relief, support, and encourageto the Bedford, Sterling-Caftle, and Chatham ment of the soldiers employed in fuppreffing men of war, went to St. James's, and de- the late rebellion, when they agreed to the livered several petitions to his Majesty, in recommendations of their committee, to behalf of themselves and their brother fea- dispose of all the remaining balance of the submen, on account of prize money; which scription, by allowing 1000l. to St. Bara were graciously received by his Majesty ; on tholomew's hospital, loool. St. Tbowhich the sailors gave three cheers, and mas's hospital, 1000l. to the hospital at were ordered to come again the next Bath, and 300l. to be equally divided be. Monday, The guards were ordered out tween the infirmaries of London, Weftmina" of the Palace-yard to make room for the fer, and Hyde-Park-Corner. seamen, at which his Majesty expressed Feb. 3. M. Bourdenaye, the French adgreat satisfaction.

miral waited on his grace the duke of Newe Jan. 12. This night Æneas Macdonald, castle, and was in. conversation with him late the Pretender's banker, and under sen- some time. tence of death, was brought from the A petition signed by a great number of New-goal to the Cockpit, where he was inhabitants of the city and liberty of Westfeveral hours before his grace the duke of minster, was presented to the honouraốle Newcastle, duke of Dorset, earl of Chefter- House of Commons, against the bill for field, duke of Montague, and several other naturalizing foreign Preteftants, Jords of his Majesty's most honourable privy This night, about eleven o'clock, Thomas council.

Burdus, esq. attended by Mr. Welph, the Jan. 14. The honourable Henry Ba- high constable, and the conftables of Hole sburst, efq. fon to lord Bathurst, made at- bourn division, and the liberty of the duchy torney-general to the Prince of Wales; and of Lancaster, with a military aid, visited Francis Jodrell, esq. solicitor-general in the new gaming-house, late the Fountain his room.

tavern in the Strand, where the said justice. William Crouch and Richard Lee, efqrs. ordered into cuftody upwards of forty commade clerks of the Navy-office of South mon gamefters, whom he committed to Potomach river in Virginia. ,

New-prison and other gaols. The honourable Henry Legge, esq. ap- Feb. 6., The right honourable the earl pointed ambassador extr

xtraordinary to the of Chesterfield resigned into the King's hands court of Berlin.

the feals of office of one of his Majesty's Robert Dundass, esq. one of the lords of principal secretaries of ftate. fefsion in Scotland, appointed lord president

The right honourable the earl of that court, in the room of Duncan Forbes, of-Traquair, who had been a considerable esg. deceased.

time confined in the Tower, was admitted Jan. 21. This morning, at ten o'clock, to bail, the ships crews of the Bedford, Sterling- Feb. 10. The sheriffs of London and Caftle, and Chatham men of war, met on Middlesex presented a petition to the hoGreat Tower-bill, from whence they march- nourable House of Commons, in relation to ed along the high streets of the city to St. fome duties on coals now near expiring, James's palace, with music and colours, which were appropriated for the use of the to return his Majesty their humble thanks orphans, & c. of that city. for the favours he had bestowed on the Feb. 15. A great number of failors officers and seamen of the above-mentioned waited on his Majefty to return him thanks thips.

for the order of council, for the speedy conJan. 26. His Majesty's pardon passed demnation of the prizes taken from the the great seal’unto Fokn Mackenzie, com- Genoese; which prizes amounted to upwards monly called lord Mac Leod, eldest son of of 200,00ol. the late earl of Cromartie, of all treasons and Feb. 17. Was observed the general faft misprison of treasons, by him committed appointed by his Majesty, on account of the on or before December 24, 1747.

The orders relating to the distempered Feb. 18. His Majesty went to the House cattle were directed to continue in force of Peers, and gave the royal aflent to an for the space of one calendar month longer, act for granting to his Majesty a subsidy of from February 1:

poundage (of 51. per cent.) on all dry goods Jan. 28.

Was a general meeting of the and merchandizes, to be imported into this fubscribers to the late Guildhall subscrip- kingdom, and for raising a certain fun of VOL. III.



Feb. 2.



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money by annuities and a lottery, to be the Leeward Ihands, dated Jan. 12, that charged on the said subfidy: and an act to his Majesty's ships in those parts had taken revive and make perpetual two acts of about thirty fail of the convoy that failed liament, to prevent frivolous and vexatious from France with the French men of war arrests.

which Sir Edward Hawke fell in with; His grace John duke of Bedford, was ap- and that about ten more of that convoy had pointed one of his Majesty's principal secre- also been taken by the privateers of the taries of state.

said islands: that a French privateer had The earl of Sandwich, lord Vere Beau- been taken by his Majefty's ship the Ludlow clerk, lord Anfon, viscount Barrington, lord Castle, and that five French privateers had Duncannon, Welbore Ellis, and Fobin Stan- also been taken by his Majesty's ship 'the bope, efqrs. lords commissioners of the ad- Centaur. miralty.

March 8, Abstract of the resolution of Roger Townsend, esq. måde receiver. the court of feffion, concerning the values general of the custoins.

of the heretable jurisdictions in Scotland. Jobn Eckerfall, efq. made register-gene

£. s. d. sal of all trading Inips belonging to Great- For fixteen heretable fheBritain.


59,553 12 Jeremiah Dyson, efq. made under-clerk Four sheriffships redeemof the parliaments, to attend upon the able, stated at the reHouse of Commons, in the room of

demption money, and Nicholas Hardinge, efq. who resigned. for the duke of Argyle's

Dr. Thomas Goocb, lord bishop of Nor- office of heretable jurwich, translated to the fee of Ely, vacant tice general

25,666 0 by the death of Dr, Butts.

Two theriffships for life, Feb. 20. The honourable Mr. Bentinck, Perth and Air

4,179 4 brother to count Bentinck, and one of the All the regalities sufdeputy states of Holland, arrived here from tained

34,390 that country, on affairs of great impor- Baillies of regality tances

Royal Stewarties, part A proclamation was published, strictly of shires

6,834 10 forbidding all commerce, of what nature Royal bailliaries

8,551 0 foever, with the subjects of the French Constabularies

3,500 king; and to direct all officers of the reve- Clerkships

2,442 10 nue, and others, in the service of the public, to assist in the execution thereof to the

Total 6. 164,232 16 utmost of their power.

Feb, 24. This morning his Royal High- An order of council was published, diness the Duke of Cumberland, accompanied recting that all the rules and regulations by several officers of distinction, let out relating to the distempered cattle, should from his apartments at St. James's for Har- remain in full force for the space of ten wich, in order to embark for Flanders, days longer, to commence from the 14th and take on him the command of the instant, The two preceding orders were, army:

the first for a month, and the other for Sir John Ligonier and lord fourteen days. Cathcart, set out for Harwich, in order to

March 11.

His Majesty received the embark for Flanders.

compliments of the nobility and gentry on The Magnanimous, a French man of war, account of the safe delivery of her Royal was taken by the Nottingham and Portland, Highness the Princess of Orange of a Prince; two of admiral Hawke's Tquadron,

when their Royal Highnefies the Prince His Royal Highness the Duke of Cuma and Princess of Wales likewise paid their berland arrived at the Hague on Saturday, compliments on the fame occasion. His Feb, 27. He was thirty-seven hours going Majesty ordered one hundred guineas to the to Holland before he landed, and was in messenger who brought the news. great danger by the large quantities of ice A perpetuity passed the great seal about which interrupted his passage.

this time, granted to the masters and felAccounts were received, in a letter from lows of Gonvil and Caius college, Cambridge, captain Pocock, the commanding officer and their fucceffors, to hold in mortmain of his Majesty's fhips at Barbadces and for ever any lands, tenements, &c. not



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Feb. 25.

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