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And to several road and private bills. About one o'clock in the morning, a fire broke out at Mr. Eldridge's a perriwigmaker in Exchange-alley, Cornbill, which proved one of the most terrible, before it was extinguished, that had happened fince the fire of London in 1666. The flames in a few minutes fpread themselves three different ways, and before noon confumed, according to the beft computation that could be made, very near one hundred houses, about twenty of which fronted Cornhill, and the rest were in Birchin-lane, Exchangealley, George-yard, and all the avenues thereabouts, notwithstanding all poffible means were used to stop them; there being upwards of fifty engines, which were well manned by the populace, and in general pretty well fupplied with water; but the wind being fouth fouth weft, all the bankers houfes in Lombard-fireet, and their effects, were preferved. No public office was burnt, except the London Affurance, who had time to fave all their effects, and fuffered only in the lofs of their houfe. By the great care of the right honourable the Lord Mayor, and feveral other magiftrates, who were prefent, by the diligence and dexterity of the firemen and officers, and by the affiftance of the guards from St. James's and the Tower, the greateft part of the goods and valuable effects of the fufferers were faved.

Garrawey's, the Jerufalem and Jonathan's coffee-houfes, the Swan tavern,

Mr. Young's a woollen-draper, with the test of the houfes in Change-alley, were destroy ed, except Baker's and Sam's coffee-houses, which were greatly damaged. The flames extended themselves into Cornhill, and burnt down the houses of Mr. Aftley, Mr. Meadows, Mr. Strahan, Mr. Walthoe, and Mr. Brotherten, booksellers; Mr. Dep. Cleve, a pewterer; Mr. Warner, a stationer; Tom's and the Rainbow coffee-houses, the Fleece and Three-tuns taverns, a milliner's next the Three-tuns, and a cabinet maker's the corner of Birchin-lane; Mr. Legg's, a woollen-draper, the other corner, a fhoe-maker's, with another woollen-dra per's adjoining; the London Affurance of fice, the widow Harrifon's, Mr. Vaughan's, a haberdasher, Mrs. Sarrazin's, the corner of Michael's-alley; in the faid alley, Mr. Knight's fhoe-ware-houfe, the Cock and Lion, a public-house, the house of Mr. Guyther, a perriwig-maker, Mr. Oldis, a fadler; the Jamaica coffee-house was but little damaged, as was likewife St. Michael's church: the houses in Caftle-court and White-lion-court, Birchin-lane, were all confumed; the back part of the George and Vulture tavern, Helford's coffee-house, and the houfe of Mr. Willmore, a hofier, in George-Yard, were confumed, and great damages done to other houses in the faid yard; the Penfylvania, Carolina and Georgia coffee-houfe, the Marine coffee-house, the Sword-blade and Cole's coffee-houses, the houfe of Mr. Shaw, a fhoe-maker, Mr. Wilfon, a ftationer, and all the others in Birchin-lane, excepting eight towards Lombard-freet, were likewife confumed.

Mr. Eldridge, his wife and two daughters, and a journeyman perished in the flames; the two apprentices and the fervant-maid only efcaping, Mr. Cooke, a merchant, that lodged in the house, jumped out of a two pair of ftairs window, broke his back, and died foon after.

Several perfons were detected in felonioufly carrying off goods in the general confufion, and committed to the Compter. The goods of the fufferers were most of them fecured in the Royal-exchange.

A foldier on guard at the fire ftabbed a man who refufed to affift in carrying water to the engines, in fo dangerous a manner that his life was defpaired of the foldier was committed to the Compter.

It was obferved, that the fire communicated itself chiefly by the tops of the houses, over the party walls; which it is prefumed, fhewed the neceffity of building those B 2 walls

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len-draper, with the test ange-alley, were destroyand Sam's coffee-houses, damaged. The flames es into Cornbill, and sufes of Mr. Aftley, Mr. zban, Mr. Walthoe, and ookfellers; Mr. Dep. Mr. Warner, a ftatioRainbow coffee-houses, ee-tuns taverns, a milli ree-tuns, and a cabinetr of Birchin-lane; Mr. iraper, the other corner, th another woollen-drae London Affurance of rrifon's, Mr. Vaughan's, Sarrazin's, the corner in the faid alley, Mr. e-houfe, the Cock and ife, the house of Mr. ig-maker, Mr. Oldis, a ca coffee-house was but vas likewife St. Michael's fes in Caftle-court and ircbin-lane, were all conpart of the George and lford's coffee-houfe, and Willmore, a hofier, in e confumed, and great other houses in the faid ania, Carolina and Georgia Marine coffee-house, the Cole's coffee-houses, the aw, a fhoe-maker, Mr. r, and all the others in pting eight towards Lomlikewife confumed. his wife and two daughrneyman perished in the apprentices and the ferefcaping, Mr. Cooke, a dged in the house, jumped Ir of ftairs window, broke ed foon after.

s were detected in feloniF goods in the general connmitted to the Compter. the fufferers were most of the Royal-exchange. guard at the fire ftabbed a d to affift in carrying water in fo dangerous a manner as defpaired of the foldier to the Compter.

ved, that the fire communiefly by the tops of the houses, walls; which it is prefume neceffity of building those walls

walls higher for the future, fo as to leave no communication betwixt the rafters of different houses.

The confternation of the inhabitants in this dreadful calamity was inexpreffible, and the lofs must have been exceeding great, notwithstanding the effects that were faved; for it happened on one of the richest fpots of ground in the city, and the very center of bufinefs. There was great danger of its fpreading farther, the wind being high, of which people were under terrible, apprehenfions, but by the good providence of God it was prevented; and though, after the firft ftop that was put to the raging flames, the fire broke out afresh more than once, fuch conftant care was taken, that it never again refumed its deftructive power.

Dr. Samuel Lifle, bishop of St. Asaph, tranflated to the bishopric of Norwich, in the room of bishop Gooch.

· Richard Walters, efq. made commiffarygeneral of ftores, provifions and forage to all his Majefty's forces abroad.

Nichols, efq. made paymafter of the forces in Flanders.

John White, efq. made lieutenant-governor of Pendennis Caftle.

March 29. A court of common council was held at Guildhall, when a motion was made, that the court of lord mayor and aldermen be empowered to permit as many non-freemen in the building-bufinefs, to be employed in rebuilding the houses dedroyed by the late fire in Cornhill, as to them fhall feem neceffary; any law, cuftom or ufage to the contrary notwithstanding; which, after a fhort debate was refolved in the affirmative.

A contribution was fet on foot for the relief of those sufferers by the said fire, who were objects of charity, by feveral gentlemen, bankers, &c. the benefactions to be paid to the bankers named in the advertisement; which by the 22d of April amounted to near 2000l. and by the 11th to 3320/. the claims given in by the fufferers to that time, amounting to Soool. and on the 19th was a general meeting of the contributors, when a committee was chofen for the management of the charity, and Stephen Theodore Fanffen, efq. one of the city members, appointed

chairman thereof.

March 3. About eight at night seven prifoners in Newgate for fmuggling, on the turnkeys opening the door of their apartment, rushed on them with piftols and broomsticks, and knocking them down ran

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April 9. The Irish Parliament was prorogued, and his excellency the earl of Harrington, the lord lieutenant, arrived foon after in England.

April 24. Mr. Thompfen, one of his Majefty's meffengers, arrived at his grace the duke of Newcastle's office, with the inftrument of preliminary articles for a general pacification, figned at Aix-la-Chapelle, by the minifters plenipotentiary of his Majefty the king of Great-Britain, the moft Chriftian King, and the States General of the United Provinces.

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Earl of Kinnoul
Earl of Loudon
Earl of Dumfries

Earl of Finlater

Earl of Braidalbin

Earl of March
Earl of Marchmont

Earl of Stair

Earl of Bute
Earl of Hoptoun
Lord Salton

Lord Trophichen
Lord Blantire
Lady Ifabella Scot
Lord Dalmeny
Sir Andrew Agnew
Sir John Anftrutter
William lord Bracco
Antonio Barclay
Sir John Bruce
C. Bruce, efq. his eldest fon
Sir Duncan Campbell
John Campbell, efq.
David Carmichael
Robert Colvil, efq.
Archibald Douglas, efq.
Dr. Robert Drummond
David Erskine, efq.
Sir Arthur Forbes
Sir Ludovick Grant
Mr. J. Hamilton, advocate
Pat. Hepburn, writer in Edinb.
John Hay, efq.

Heriot's hofpital in Edinburgh
Sir James Lockart
Roderick McLeod
William Maxwell, efq.
John Murray, jun. efq.
John Ogilvie, esq.
George Sinclair, efq.
David Smith, esq.
William Urquhart, efq.
T. Biffet, clerk of the rolls, of

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W. Black, clerk of the regality

of Dumfermline

Gibert Clark, clerk of the regality Brughton 7. Halkerfon, clerk of the regality of Culrofs. Claud. Hamilton, clerk of the bailliary of Carrick G. Jobnfon, clerk of the Stewarty of Fife. Ja. Marfbal clerk of the bail. of Cunninghame Peter Oglivie, clerk of the regality of Coupar

J. and Ja. Smith, clerk of the regality of Aberbrotbock


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Total, Sterling, £. 152,237 15 4

May 3. Articles of capitulation were figned on the 7th inftant, N. S. by marshal Saxe and general d'Alyva, governor of Maeftricht, for the giving up the town upon honourable conditions: in consequence of which, the garrifon was to march out of the town on the 10th inftant, N. S. with military honours. And the 11th inftant N. S. was the day named for the ceffation of hoftilities in the Low Countries.

May 5. The anniversary feast of the fons of the clergy was held at Merchant-Taylor's hall. The whole amount of the collection at the rehearsal on the 3d, at the fermon on this day, and at the feast, was 9067. 195. 8d.

Within these few days 30,000 quarters of wheat were brought up for exportation. April 12. The collection for the Foundling-Hospital was upwards of 6501.

The general aflembly of the church of Scotland met on this day, the right hon. the earl of Leven, as high commiffioner, representing his Majesty's perfon.

His Majefty in council, declaring his intention of going out of the kingdom for a fhort time, was pleafed to nominate the following perfons to be lords juftices for the adminiftration of the government during his Majesty's abfence, viz. archbishop of Canterbury; lord Hardwicke, lord chancellor; duke of Dorfet, lord prefident; earl Gower, lord privy seal; duke of Devonshire, lord fteward; duke of Grafton, lord chamberlain; duke of Richmond, mafter of the horfe; duke of Bedford, one of his Majefty's principal fecretaries of fate; duke of Montague, mafter general of the ordnance; duke of Argyle; duke of Newcastle, another of his Majesty's principal fecretaries of ftate;


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