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txceeding the yearly value of sool. more Mr. Young's a woollen-draper, with the test than what they are now poffeffed of. of the houfes in Change-alley, were destroya

Sir Jobn Douglas was bailed out of the ed, except Baker's and Şam's coffee-houses, Tower, his fureties being bound in 2000l. which were greatly damaged. The flames each, and himself in 4000l.

extended themselves into Cornbill, and March 16. The convocation met at the burnt down the houses of Mr. Afley, Mr. Chapter-house in St. Paul's Churcb-yard, Meadows, Mr. Straban, Mr. Walthoe, and and went in procession to the Cathedral, Mr. Brotberten, booksellers; Mr. Dep. After which, the lower house chose Dr. | Cleve, a pewterer; Mr. Warner, a statioLynch, dean of Canterbury, their prolo- ner; Tom's and the Rainbow coffee-houses,

the Fleece and Three-tuns taverns, a milliMarch 25. His Majesty went to the House ner's next the Three-tuns, and a cabinet. of Peers and gave the royal afsent to

maker's the corner of Birchin-lane; Mr. The land-tax bill, of four shillings in 1, Legg's, a woollen-draper, the other corner, the pound.

a fhoe-maker's, with another woollen-dras The mutiny and desertion bill.

per's adjoining; the London Asurance of A bill to prohibit assurance on fhips bę. fice, the widow Harrison's, Mr. Vaughan's, longing to France, and on merchandizes or a haberdasher, Mrs. Sarrazin's, the corner effects laden thereon, during the present of Michael's-alley ; in the said alley, Mr.

Knigbt's shoe-ware-house, the cock and A bill to indemnify persons who have Lion, a public-house, the house of Mra omitted to qualify themselves for offices ac- Guyther, a perriwig-maker, Mr. Oldis, a cording to law, and for allowing farther sadler ; the Jamaica coffee-house was but time for that purpose :

little damaged, as was likewise St. Michael's And to several road and private bills. church : the houses in Castle-court and

About one o'clock in the morning, a fire White-lion-court, Bircbin-lane, were all conbroke out at Mr. Eldridge's a perriwig- sumed; the back part of the George and maker in Exchange-alley, Cornbill, which Vulture tavern, Helford's coffee-bouse, and proved one of the most terrible, before it the house of Mr. Willmore, a hosier, ia was extinguished, that had happened since George-Yard, were consumed, and great the fire of London in 1666. The flames in damages done to other houses in the said a few minutes spread themselves three dif. yard; the Pensylvania, Carolina and Georgia ferent ways, and before noon consumed, coffee-house, the Marine coffee-house, the according to the best computation that could Sword-blade and Cole's coffee-houses, the be made, very ncar one hundred houses, house of Mr. Shaw, a fhoe-maker, Mr. about twenty of which fronted Cornhill, | Wilson, a ftationer, and all the others in and the rest were in Birchin-lane, Exchange- Birchin-lane, excepting eight towards Lomalley, George-yard, and all the avenues bard-street, were likewise consumed. thereabouts, nutwithstanding all possible Mr. Eldridge, his wife and two daughmeans were used to stop them; there being ters, and a journeyman perished in the upwards of fifty engines, which were well fames; the two apprentices and the fermanned by the populace, and in general vant-maid only escaping, Mr. Cooke, a pretty well supplied with water ; but the merchant, that lodged in the house, jumped wind being south south west, all the bankers out of a two pair of stairs window, broke houses in Lombard-fireet, and their effects, his back, and died soon after. were preserved. No public office was burnt, Several persons were detected in felonia except the London Allurance, who had time ously carrying off goods in the general conto save all their effects, and suffered only fufion, and committed to the Compter. in the loss of their house. By the great The goods of the sufferers were most of care of the right honourable the Lord them secured in the Royal-exchange. Mayor, and several other magiftrates, who A soldier on guard at the fire ftabbed a were present, by the diligence and dexte- man who refused to affift in carrying water rity of the firemen and officers, and by the to the engines, in so dangerous a manner aslistance of the guards from St. James's that his life was despaired of: the soldier and the Tower, the greatest part of the was committed to the Compter. goods and valuable effects of the sufferers. It was observed, that the fire communi. were saved.

cated itself chiefly by the tops of the houses, Garrawey's, the Jerusalem and Jona- over the party walls ; which it is prefumthan's coffee-houses, the Swan tavern, ed, shewed the neceflity of building those


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7 len-draper, with the test ange-alley, were destroya and Şam's coffee-houses, damaged. The flames es into Cornbill, and suses of Mr. Afley, Mr. zban, Mr. Walthoe, and ooksellers; Mr. Dep.

Mr. Warner, a statio3. Rainbotu coffee-houses, ee-tuns taverns, a millia ree-tuns, and a cabinet. r of Birchin-lane; Mr. Traper, the other corner, th another woollen-drave London Asurance of a rrison's, Mr. Vaughan's,

Sarrazin's, the corner in the said alley, Mr. e-house, the cock and ise, the house of Mr. ig-maker, Mr. Oldis, a ca coffee-house was but vas likewise St. Micbael's ises in Caffle-court and ircbin-lane, were all conpart of the George and lford's coffee-house, and · Willmore, a hosier, ia e consumed, and great other houses in the said ania, Carolina and Georgia Marine coffee-house, the Cole's coffee-houses, the aw, a shoe-maker, Mr. r, and all the others in pting eight towards Lomlikewise consumed. his wife and two daughrneyman perished in the apprentices and the fere






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escaping, Mr. Cooke, a dged in the house, jumped ir of faits window, broke ed soon after. s were detted in felonif goods in the general connmitted to the Compter. he sufferers were most of the Royal-exchange. guard at the fire ftabbed a d to assist in carrying water

in so dangerous a manner as despaired of : the soldier to the Compter, ved, that the fire communi. efly by the tops of the houses, walls ; which it is prefume neceflity of building those



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walls higher for the future, so as to leave out of the prison taking different ways ; but no communication betwixt the rafters of an alarm being spread, five ofthem were redifferent houses.

taken in the neighbouring streets, and carThe consternation of the inhabitants in ried back to Newgate. Tbomas Kemp, and this dreadful calamity was inexpressible, William Gray, got clear off; for the taking and the loss must have been exceeding great, of either of whom a reward of gol. was pronotwithstanding the effects that were fav- mised by the Keeper of Newgate, and tool. ed; for it happened on one of the richest by the commissioners of the customs. spots of ground in the city, and the very Mareh 31. At the anniversary feaft of the center of business. There was great danger London- Infirmary, the collection at the of its spreading farther, the wind being church and Merchant-Taylor's hall,amounthigh, of which people were under terrible ed to 11671. 185. apprehenfions, but by the good providence April 2, A mail came from the Wefto of God it was prevented; and though, after Indies, confirming the arrival of admiral the first stop that was put to the raging Knowles at Jamaica from North America, flames, the fire broke out afresh more and the sentence of the court martial against than once, such constant care was taken, tommodore Cornelius Mitchell, which was, that it never again resumed its destructive that he should be muleted five years pay, and power,

rendered incapable of serving in his Majesty's Dr. Samuel Life, bishop of St. Afaph, navy. translated to the bishopric of Norwich, in April 7. At a court of common-council the room of bishop Gooch.

held at Guildhall, a bill was passed for reRichard Walters, esq. made commissary- pealing all former acts, orders and ordi. general of stores, provifions and forage to all nances, touching the nomination and elechis Majesty's forces abroad.

tion of sheriffs of the city of London and Nichols, esq. made paymaster of county of Middlesex, and for regulating and the forces in Flanders.

enforcing such nominations and elections Jobn White, esq. made lieutenant-gover- for the future. nor of Pendennis Castle.

April 9. The Irish Parliament was proMarch 29. A court of common council rogued, and his excellency the earl of Har. was held at Guildhall, when a motion was rington, the lord lieutenant, arrived soon afmade, that the court of lord mayor and al- ter in England. dermen be empowered to permit as many April 24. Mr. Thompson, one of his Manon-freemen in the building-business, to jesty's messengers, arrived at his grace the be employed in rebuilding the houses de- duke of Newcastle's office, with the instrudroyed by the late fire in Cornbill, as to ment of preliminary articles for a general them fhall seem necessary; any law, cu- pacification, signed at Aix-la-Chapelle, by ftom or usage to the contrary notwithstand- the ministers plenipotentiary of his Majesty ing; which, after a short debate was rem the king of Great-Britain, the most Chri. folved in the affirmative.

ftian King, and the States General of the A contribution was set on foot for the United Provinces, relief of those sufferers by the said fire, who were objects of charity, by several gentle. | Lif of the names of the noblemen and gentlemen, bankers, &c. the benefactions to be

men, and of the clerks

for life, whose claims paid to the bankers named in the advertise

for value

of their jurisdictions, or offices have ment; which by the 22d of April amounted

ing been Sustained by ibe lords of Sefion; and to near 2000l, and by the IIth to 3320/. the

of the sums which their lordships declared claims given in by the sufferers to that time,

in their opinion should be given them, &c. amounting to soool. and on the 19th was a general meeting of the contributors, when

1. a committee was chosen for the management

Duke of Hamilton

3000 of the charity, and Stephen Theodore Janf- Duke of Buccleugle

3400 0 sen, esq. one of the city members, appointed Duke of Gordon

5282 19 chairman thereof.

Dutchess of Gordon

25 9 March 3. About eight at night seven

Duke of Queensberry

6621 8 5 prisoners in Newgate for smuggling, on the

Duke of Argyle turnkeys opening the door of their apart

Duke of Douglas

5104 ment, rushed on them with piftols and Duke of Arbole broomsticks, and knocking them down ran

Duke of Montrose

5578 18 4


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Duke of Roxburgh

o W. Black, clerk of the regality Marquis of Tweedale

of Dumfermline

500 Marquis of Annandale 3000

Gibert Clark, clerk of the regaCountess dowager of Hoptoun 5000

Jity Brugbron Earl of Crawford's trustees 3000

7. Halkerfion, clerk of the reCountess of Errol

gality of Culross. Earl of Sutberland


Claud. Hamilton, clerk of the Earl of Rotbes

6268 16 bailliary of Carrick Earl of Morion


G. Jobnfon, clerk of the SteEarl of Eglinton

78000 warty of Fife. Earl of Calilis


Ja. Marsal clerk of the bail.
Earl of Moray

of Cunninghame

400 Earl of Strathmore


Peter Oglivie, clerk of the re-
Earl of Galloway

321 9
gality of Coupar

500 Earl of Lauderdale

J. and Ja. Smitb, clerk of the
Earl of Kinnoul

regality of Aberbrotbock


6 8 Earl of Loudon

2675 5 9 Earl of Dumfries

2400 0

Total, Sterling, f. 152,237 15 4 Earl of Finlater Earl of Braidalbin


May 3. Articles of capitulation were Earl of Marcb

3418 4 5 figned on the 7th instant, N. S. by marshal Earl of Marchmont


Saxe and general d'Alyva, governor of MaeEarl of Stair

Aricbt, for the giving up the town upon Earl of Bute

2186 9 3

honourable conditions : in consequence of Earl of Hoptoun

4568 16

which, the garrison was to march out of Lord Salton

52 18 4

the town on the roth instant, N. S. with Lord Tropbicben

military honours. And the rith instant Lord Blantire

N. S. was the day named for the cessation Lady Isabella Scot

I 200

of hoftilities in the Low Countries. Lord Dalmeny

101 13 7 May 5. The anniversary feast of the fons Sir Andrew Agnew


of the clergy was held at Merchant-Taylor's Sir Jobn Anftrutter

282 15 3

hall. The whole amount of the colection William lord Bracco


at the rehearsal on the 3d, at the sermon Antonio Barclay

215 0

on this day, and at the fealt, was 9o6l. 195. Sir Jobn Bruce

243 13

8 8d. C. Bruce, esq. his eldeft con

Within these few days 30,000 quarters of Sir Duncan Campbell

83 16 4 wheat were brought up for exportation. Joba Campbell, esq.

April 12. The collection for the FoundDavid Carmichael

187 II II ling-Hospital was upwards of 6501. Robert Colvil, esq.

633 6 8

The general asiembly of the church of Archibald Douglas, esq.

1666 13 4

Scotland met on this day, the right hon. Dr. Robert Drummond


the earl of Leven, as high commissioner, David Erskine, esą.


representing his Majesty's person. Sir Arthur Forbes


His Majesty in council, declaring his inSir Ludovick Grant


tention of going out of the kingdom for Mr: J. Hamilton, advocate

a short time, was pleased to nominate the Pat. Hepburn, writer in Edinb.

37 15 5 following persons to be lords justices for the Jobn Hay, efq.


administration of the government during Heriot's hospital in Edinburgh 486 19 8 his Majesty's absence, viz. archbishop of Sir James Lockort

9. Canterbury ; lord Hardwicke, lord chancelRoderick M.Leod


6. lor ; duke of Dorset, lord president ; earl William Maxwell, efq.

523 4 Gower, lord privy seal ; duke of Devonshire, Jobn Murray, jun. esq. 4000

lord steward ; duke of Grafton, lord chamJoba Ogilvie, esq.


berlain; duke of Richmond, master of the George Sinclair, eiq.

horse ; duke of Bedford, one of his MaDavid Smith, esq.


jefty's principal secretaries of fate; duke of William Urqubart, efq.

50 19 Montague, malter general of the ordnance ; T. Bilet, clerk of the rolls, of

duke of Argyle; duke of Newcastle, another Atbole

400 0
of his Majeity's principal secretaries of ftate;


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