The Advent Of The End-time Church: What Are The True And Apostate Churches?

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 224 pàgines
In Flying by the Seat of His Pants the reader travels to international, exciting power centers of business, art and spirituality. Jack Steele, born in Zurich, takes us from Europe to the United States of America and Hong Kong during the course of his struggles of merely surviving to becoming an internationally successful financier. We experience Jack, walking down Piccadilly in rain drenched, sloshing shoes, to making his first business deal while sipping tea with a professor and his wife in the English countryside. From mediating merger and acquisition deals in London to buying and selling his own acquisitions from New York to Hong Kong, becoming one of the richest and most distinguished tycoons in America.

His aristocratic mother, Ashley, makes a painful transition as the wife of a diplomat to a lonely divorcée, who exchanges her unethical husband for two suitcases. She moves to Bermuda, where her father had left her a small bank account, assuring her financial survival. On the beautiful island of pink sands and turquoise waters, she finds solace in the sand dunes, where she spends many a lonely hour. When she moves to live in Santa Fe, N.M., a new life of healing, spirituality and eventually a wonderful new love await her. Jack's old time friend, Rob, is not only a high-flying trader but also a drug user unable to make peace with his past. When his habit lands him in the hospital, his life takes a dramatic turn, eventually for the better. He almost drops out of the re-habilitation center his friends committed him to. Upon his successful discharge, without the stacks of money he used to earn, Rob catches up with Chantale in Santa Fe, where the two enter into a business partnership.

Chantale blossoms from a mere employee at Sotheby's in London to an accomplished businesswoman in the art world. She meets Jack Steele at a time when both are struggling beginners in their chosen fields. While she falls in love with him instantly, he is preoccupied with his work. When Jack asks Chantale to accompany him on a trip to Santa Fe, her whole life changes. Chantale develops quickly from a culture-shocked photography student to a respected businesswoman in the art world, almost losing her fiancé in the process to an ice-cold career woman from the West Coast.

In the vast and purple desert, Trudy Sommer keeps the reader in suspense with dramatic sunsets, romance, intrigue, hope and captivating power struggles in and out of international bed- and boardrooms.

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