The complete works in verse and prose of Edmund Spenser. Ed. with a new life and a glossary, by A.B. Grosart, Volum 5


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PÓgina 13 - Yet wisedome warnes, whilest foot is in the gate, To stay the steppe, ere forced to retrate. This is the wandring wood, this Errours den, A monster vile, whom God and man does hate: Therefore I read beware. Fly fly (quoth then The fearefull Dwarfe) this is no place for living men.
PÓgina 15 - Now now Sir knight, shew what ye bee, Add faith unto your force, and be not faint: Strangle her, els she sure will strangle thee. That when he heard, in great perplexitie, His gall did grate for griefe and high disdaine, And knitting all his force got one hand free, Wherewith he grypt her gorge with so great paine, That soone to loose her wicked bands did her constraine.
PÓgina 286 - In woods, in waves, in warres she wonts to dwell, And will be found with perill and with paine ; Ne can the man, that moulds in idle cell...
PÓgina 46 - In stead thereof he kist her wearie feet, And lickt her lilly hands with fawning tong, As he her wronged innocence did weet.
PÓgina 46 - ' his princely puissance doth abate, And mightie proud to humble weake does yield, Forgetfull of the hungry rage, which late Him prickt, in pittie of my sad estate : But he, my Lyon, and my noble Lord, How does he find in cruell hart to hate Her, that him lov'd, and ever most adord As the God of my life ? why hath he me abhord ? " Redounding teares did choke th...
PÓgina 9 - Crosse he bore, The deare remembrance of his dying Lord, For whose sweete sake that glorious badge he wore, And dead, as living, ever him ador'd : Upon his shield the like was also scor'd, For soveraine hope which in his helpe he had. Right faithfull true he was in deede and word, But of his cheere did seeme too solemne sad; Yet nothing did he dread, but ever was ydrad.
PÓgina 15 - His grasping hold, and from her turne him backe: Her vomit full of bookes and papers was, With loathly frogs and toades, which eyes did lacke, And creeping sought way in the weedy gras: Her filthie parbreake all the place defiled has.
PÓgina 11 - Whose loftie trees, yclad with sommers pride, Did spred so broad, that heavens light did hide, Not perceable with power of any starr : And all within were pathes and alleies wide, With footing worne, and leading inward farr. Faire harbour that them seems, so in they entred ar.
PÓgina 12 - Untill the blustring storme is overblowne; When, weening to returne whence they did stray, They cannot finde that path, which first was showne But wander too and fro in...
PÓgina 174 - With wine and water fild up to the hight, In which a Serpent did himselfe enfold, That horrour made to all that did behold ; But she no whitt did chaunge her constant mood : And in her other hand she fast did hold A booke, that was both signd and seald with blood; Wherein darke things were writt, hard to be understood.

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