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A Commendatory Prayer for a fick person at the point of departure.

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Almighty God, with whom do live the fpirits of juft men made perfect, after they are delivered from their earthly prifons; We humbly commend the foul of this thy fervant, our dear brother, into thy hands, as into the hands of a faithful Creator, and moft merciful Saviour; moft humbly befeeching thee, that it may be precious in thy fight. Wafh it, we pray thee, in the blood of that immaculate Lamb, that was flain to take away the fins of the world; that whatfoever defilements it may have contracted in the midst of this miferable and naughty World, through the lufts of the flesh or the wiles of Satan, being purged and done away, it may be prefented pure and without fpot before thee. And teach us who survive, in this and other like daily fpectacles of mortality, to fee how frail and uncertain our own condition is, and fo to number our days, that we may seriously apply our hearts to that holy and heavenly wisdom, whilft we live here, which may in the end bring us to life everlasting, through the merits of Jefus Chrift thine only Son our Lord. Amen.


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A Prayer for perfons troubled in mind or in con-

Bleffed Lord, the Father of mercies, and the God thee, look down in pity and compaffion upon this thy afflicted fervant. Thou writeft bitter things a


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Aflitation of the Sick.


gainst him, and makeft him to poffefs his former iniquities; thy wrath lieth hard upon him, and his foul is full of trouble: But, O merciful God, who haft written thy holy word for our learning, that we through patience and comfort give

of thy holy See als have be

him a right understanding of himself, and of thy threats and promifes, that he may neither caft away his confidence in thee, nor place it any where but in thee. Give him ftrength against all his temptations, and heal all his distempers. Break not the bruifed reed, nor quench the Imoking flax. Shut not up thy tender merèies in difpleafure; but make him to hear of joy and gladnefs, that the bones which thou haft broken may rejoice. "Deliver him from fear of the enemy, and lift up the light of thy countenance upon him, and give him peace, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen sabbing a dash my wyrus „Mida monterat


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Forafmuch as all mortal men are fubject to many fudden perils, difeafes and ficknesses, and ever uncertain what time they shall depart out of this 25life; therefore to the intent they may be always in a readiness to die, whenfoever it shall pleafe Almighty God to call them, the Curates hall ad diligently from time to time (but especially in the time of peftilence, or other infectious fickness) exbort their Parishioners to the often receiving of the Holy Communion of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Chrift, when it shall be publickly adminiftred in the Church; that fo doing, they may in cafe of fudden vifitation have the lefs caufe to be difquieted for lack of the fame. But if the fick perfon be not able to come to the Church, and yet is defirous to receive the Communion in his houfe; then be must give timely notice to the Curate, fignifying alfo how many there are to communicate with him. And if the fame day there be a Celebration of the Holy Communion in the Church, then shall the Priest reserve at the open Communion fo much of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood, as fhall ferve the fick perfon and fo many as fhall communicate with him. And after the open Communion ended in the



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Church, as foon as he conveniently may, he shall go and adminifter the fame, first to those who are appointed to communicate with the fick, and last of all to the fick perfon himself. But before the Curate diftributes the Holy Communion, after the Vifitation-Office ended, he shall (ay Ye that do truly and earnestly, &c. and fo proceed according to the form before prefcribed of adminiftring the Holy Communion; excepting that inftead of the Prayer of bumble Access, We do not prefume, &c. be shall fay the following Prayer, ftanding.


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TH Hefe thy fervants do not prefume to partake of thy Holy Table, O merciful Lord, trufting in their own righteoufnefs, but in thy mani fold and great mercies. They are not worthy fo much as to gather up the crumbs under thy Table; but thou art the fame Lord, whole property is always to have mercy Grant them therefore, gracious Lord, fo to eat the Flesh of thy Son Jefus Chrift, and to drink his Blood, that their finful bodies may be made clean by his Body, and their fouls wafhed through his moft precious Blood, and that they may evermore dwell in him and he in them. Amen.

But if the day be not appointed for the open Communion in the Church, or if there be a neceffity for the fick perfon to receive the Eucharift before the time of Publick Celebration; then upon convenient warning given, the Curate fall come and visit the fick perfon before noon. And having a convenient place in the fick man's house, with all things neceffary fo prepared that the Curate


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may reverently minifier, after the Vifitation Office ended, he shall there celebrate the Holy Com= munion after the form and manner following.


The Lord be with you.


And with thy fpirit.

Let us pray.

Lord, have mercy upon us.


Chrift, have mercy upon us.


Lord, have mercy upon us.

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Then shall be faid the Collect, Epiftle, and Gofpel, bere following.


brot The Collect.

ALmighty, ever-living God, maker of man

kind, who doft correct those whom thou doft love, and chastisest every one whom thou doft receive; We befeech thee to have mercy upon this thy fervant vifited with thine hand, and to grant that he may take his fickness patiently, and recover his bodily health, if it be thy gracious will; and whenfoever his foul fhall depart from the body, it may be without fpot presented unto thee, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

The Epiftle. Heb. xii. 5.

MY Son, defpife not thou the chaftening of

the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him. For whom the Lord loveth, he chastneth; and fcourgeth every fon whom he receiveth.


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