Imatges de pÓgina

bour, by murdering,maiming, or hurtingit, or been the means and occafion of doing any of these? Haft thou never been guilty of fighting or attempting duels?

Haft thou not inticed or corrupted thy neighbour's wife, or his daughter, or any others belonging to him, and under his care?

Haft thou injured thy neighbour, in his goods or eftate, by damaging him; by defrauding or over-reaching him in bargains, or contracts; or in his. good name, by flandering, backbiting, or infult?


Haft thou always performed thy words and contracts, without shuffling, treachery, or deceit ? Haft thou envied the good and profperity of thy neighbour?

Reflect if thou haft not publifh'd thy neighbour's faults, when neither the glory of God, nor the good of others, made fuch a publication neceffary?

Doft thou not delight in laying open the failings of thy neighbour?

Haft thou borne falfe witness against any man in a court of juftice, or reproached, reviled, and railed againft thy neighbour, in thy ordinary converfation? or fecretly flandered him by whispering and backbiting?

Doft thou encourage backbiters, by liftning to them, or giving too eafy credit to their flander?

Haft thou not opprefs'd thy neighbour by thy power and authority, or by extortion, and griping ufury?

Doft thou make a confcience of fpeaking accordtruth?


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Haft thou endeavour'd to affift thy neighbour in any diftreffes, to comfort him in his troubles; or when afperfed wrongfully, to vindicate his reputa

tion ?

Haft thou, in the management of thy eftate or calling, run into debt without hopes or defign of payment?

Haft thou openly by force, or fecretly by theft, taken away the goods of thy neighbour, or betrayed him in any matter committed to thy truft and management?

Art thou ready to make reftitution according to thy power, for the wrong and injuftice thou haft a any time done thy neighbour?

Haft thou not fcoffed at or villified thy neighbour, for deformity of body or weaknefs of mind?

Haft thou had a more special love to all true and fincere chriftians, meekly borne with their infirmities, and heartily defired and fought their welfare?

Haft thou relieved the wants and neceffities of thy neighbour according to thy ability, as one that is affected with them, and as being thyfelf alfo in the body, and liable to the fame wants, diftreffes, and troubles with others?

Doft thou approve thy felf careful of thofe of thy family, thy friends and relations, or any others that are committed to thy care, to counfel, to comfort, to reprove, as occafion is given, and need requires?

Haft thou been mild and gentle in thy carriage towards thy inferiors; courteous, affable, and obliging towards thy equals; and doft thou pay due hoB 5


nour and reverence to thy fuperiors in church and ftate, for confcience fake, as having their authority from God?a, miss hel For hel

Doft thou flew due thankfulness and gratitude to all thy benefactors?

Art thou ready, after the example of our bleffed Saviour, to forgive, and to do good to, and to pray for thy enemies, and doft thou not feek or defire opportunities of revenge?


Doft thou enforce upon thy mind, as oft as thou meetest with any provocation to revenge or refentment, as much as poffible to live peaceably with all Men?

III. Concerning our duty towards ourselves.*


Aft thou lived without the thought and confi deration, that thou waft created by God to be eternally happy or miferable after this life; notwithftanding thy intereft and duty, and the exprefs command of God, call and oblige thee to be much and frequent in the exercise thereof? ***

Haft thou duly confidered the terms and conditions, upon which God hath promised to make thee everlaftingly happy?


Haft thou not wafted thy time in idleness or any unprofitable vanity?

Haft thou laid to heart the fhortnefs and uncertainty of this prefent life, and daily improved it to the beft advantage?



This duty This duty may be found explained at large in the new WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 13. Section I, &c.

Doft thou remember, that after this life we must give an account of all our actions?

Haft thou exercised a daily care and watchfulness over thy deceitful heart, refifting its importunities and lufts?

Haft thou contented thyfelf with only the form and outfide of religion and godlinefs, neglecting the life and power thereof?

Haft thou diligently and earneftly implored theaid and aflistance of the holy fpirit of God, to renew and fanctify thee?

Doft thou study to attain a true humility, and to become fenfible of thy own follies and frailties?

Doft thou refift the first rifings of pride, and an immoderate opinion of thy own understanding, and study to improve it to God's glory and the good of mankind?

Doft thou endeavour after a meek and quiet spirit? Haft thou not behaved with pride and haughtinefs in conversation and carriage?

Haft thou not been angry without cause, or above just cause?

Haft thou not been pettifh and froward in little things, and upon meer mistakes, and involuntary errors of others, for want of reviewing things in their juft nature, weight, and meafure?

Art thou contented with the condition which God hath allotted thee in this world?

Haft thou not been immoderately concern'd and anxious about present things?

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Haft thou not been too covetous of the world, its riches, honours, and pleasures?


Haft thou not fought to gain, or to keep them by finful means?


Doft thou not envy others, because their condition is more plentiful and profperous than thy own?

Haft thou been diligent in doing thy own bufinefs, and to provide thofe things that are needful and expedient for thyself and family, and fuch as depend upon thee?

Haft thou endeavoured to make thyfelf useful in the world, and charitable to thy fellow-creatures? Haft thou reftrained thy appetites? haft thou not committed excefs in eating and drinking, in fleep, or recreations?

Doft thou spend more time in fleeping and recreations,than is a neceffary and convenient refreshment? Doft thou chufe and defire fuch recreations only as are honeft and innocent?

Doft thou faft and pray for the fubduing and mortifying of thy lufts?

Haft thou never been guilty of adultery, fornication, or any other actual pollution and uncleannefs, and been careful to avoid all fuch objects and difcourses, as are apt to excite filthy defires in thy heart?

Haft thou not had an impure heart, or unclean affections, or offended by any unchafte thoughts, words, or actions?

Doft thou ufe moderation in thy apparel, fuitable to thy condition and abilities?

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N. B. Thus far, all perfons of what age, fex, or condition foever, concerned to examine thenfelves diftinctly in relation to the fins they





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