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barve committed against GOD, their Neighbour, and Themselves. But upon the following heads, enquiry is only to be made as they Shall agree with every one's particular circumflances and relations in life.

The duty of a child to the parent.*

AST thou reverenc'd and honour'd thy parents, obey'd their lawful commands, and attended to their wife counfels and inftructions, and that for confcience-fake?"


Doft thou fhew all love and gratitude to them for thy being and education?

Doft thou heartily wifh and pray for their life and prosperity?

Haft thou, according to thy ability, made a coin-, fortable provifion for them, if reduced to want? Doft thou dutifully conceal and excufe their failings and infirmities?

Haft thou been difobedient to them; difhonoured them in thy mind, or carried thyself rudely and irreverently in thy behaviour towards them?

Haft thou mocked, or fpoken evil of them? Haft thou not been stubborn and obftinate towards them, and endeavoured to caft off thy fubjec tion to them?

Doft thou not fecretly with the death of thy parents, out of impatience to be delivered from their government, or poffeffed of their eftate?

Didft thou difpofe of thyfelf in marriage, without their advice or confent?


This duty may be found explained at large in the new WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 8. Sections V. and VI


The duty of a parent to the child.* RTthou diligent in thy calling, to enable thy felf to nourish and fuftain thy children?i Haft thou diligently preferred the eternal intereft of thy children before their temporal?

Haft thou taught them, as they were capable of learning, to know, fear, love and worship God with a perfect heart, and a willing mind?

C Haft thou taught them how to govern their paffions, and to moderate their affections to worldly things; and encouraged them, by thy own example, to follow that which is good?

Doft thou watch over their behaviour, and fee that they practise what they have been taught?

Haft thou not been too fond and indulgent to them; fuffering them to go on in their follies and fins, without fuch correction and reproof, as in duty thou waft bound to give them?

Art thou any ways acceffary to the fins of thy children, by any ill example fet them? or by giving them fuch an education, as would naturally lead them into pride and vanity?

Haft thou done thy part to provide what was neceffary and convenient for their living, and comfortable fubfiftence and being in the world?

Doft thou blefs them, and commend them to the favour and guidance of God?



This duty may be found explained at large in the em WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 8. Sections VII. and VIII.

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The duty of brethren and fifters.*


AST thou had a tender affection, and a compaffionate concern for thy brethren and fifters, endeavouring to promote their good, both fpiritual and temporal?

Doft thou always ftrive to keep up brotherly love and unity in the family?

Doft thou not fecretly with their death or difgrace, to make thy own fortune the more plentiful? Haft thou commended them to God in thy prayers? Or,

Haft thou been unconcerned for their welfare, and deftitute of natural affection towards them? The duty of a wife to her husband.


AST thou refufed to comply with those commands, in which God requires thee to obey and ferve, to love and honour thy husband?

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Art thou loving to him, and defirous to render his life as eafy and comfortable as thou canst? Haft thou provoked him, or published his faults? Haft thou spoken ill of him?

Haft thou borne with his infirmities?

Haft thou given him caufe of jealoufy, or been unfaithful to his bed?

Haft thou been frugal in the management of thy expences, with refpect to the circumftances and condition of thy husband? Haft

This duty may be found explained at large in the e WHOLE DUTY OF Man, Sunday 9. Section I.

t. This duty may be found explained at large in the new WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 9. Section II. &

Haft thou fquandered away thy husband's fub


Halt thou kept thyfelf within those bounds, which both reafon, religion, and the condition of thy hufband require? Or,

Haft thou been indifferent and careless in thy carriage towards him, not forecafting to do what thou didst or mightest know would oblige and pleafe Him?

Haft thou been unconcerned in his joys and forrows?

Haft thou neglected to recommend him to the grace and protection of God in thy prayers? !-.

The duty of a husband to his wife.*


AST thou been faithful to the folemn contract and engagement made in the prefence of God, at the entering upon the state of matrimony? Doft thou love thy wife, and fhew it in a kind, tender, and gentle behaviour towards her?

Art thou faithful to her bed?

Haft thou neglected to defend and protect thy wife, to maintain and provide for her?

Haft thou been peremptory, rigorous, and magifterial in thy commands?

Haft thou omitted to pray for her, and to share with her in all her reasonable joys and forrows?


This duty may be found explained at large in the wo WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 9. Sections IV. and V.

The duty of a fervant to his mafter or mistress.*



AST thou been faithful and industrious in ferving thy mafter and mistress?

Doft thou obey them in all lawful commands chearfully, and in obedience to God, whofe providence hath fet them over thee?


Haft thou purloined, or ftole, or any way defrauded them of their goods, or been carelefs and wafteful of them?

Doft thou not take the advantage of their abfence, to be idle, or unjust to them?

Haft thou any ways injured them in their repu tation?

Haft thou as much as in thee lay, lived quietly' and peaceably with thy fellow-fervants?

Haft thou not been spiteful and malicious against them?.....

Haft thou exercised that tendernefs to the children in the family, that was justly and reasonably expected from thee?

Haft thou prayed for thy mafter and mistress, and the reft of the family, in thy private prayers?. The duty of a mafter or mistress to a fervant.+ AST thou treated thy fervants as a chriftian, and like one who believes that he has a mafter in heaven, to whom he must render an account?



* This duty may be found explained at large in the new WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 9. Section VIII.

†This duty may be found explained at large in the rew WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 9. Section IX.

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