Imatges de pÓgina

71 An account of some subterraneous chambers

in one of the mountains of Yorkshire


P. 112

(33. Account of Penpark-hole in Gloucef




(34. Of Pool's-hole in Derbyfhire) 72 The author's dangerous defcent from the top of the mountain he arrived on, to the valley where Mr. Harcourt livedand his kind reception by that gentleman 119

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73 The author's difcourfe with Mifs Harcourt, in relation to his religion


(35. Of Dr. Jofeph Smith's book, sect. 3.)


74 Mr. Harcourt's obfervation on the discourse I had with his daughter, and his generous offer VA 136

75 An account of Harriot Eufebia Harcourt, (the lady mentioned in the first volume of my Memoirs of feveral Ladies of Great Britain, p. 324.)—and her paintings 139 (37. What a moral Shechinah is) A description of a fine chamber in a mountain, and a defcent from the chamber to a valley, where the author found his friend Turner's houfe 154



friends; and from thence proceeds the
next day to Egglefton-the day after to
other places, to enquire for Miss Mel-
moth, but cannot find her
P. 26z

101 By chance however he met with her at

Gretabridge, and from that place they

fet out for Orton-Lodge, where they

were married


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