Imatges de pÓgina


con' jure, to practice sorcery. } con jūre', to enjoin solemnly.

com post, mixture for ma

com pōst, to manure with

con serve, to preserve.
con sôrt, to associate; unite.
con test, to contend.
con tract, to draw together.
con trast, to put in contrast.
con vent, to meet together.
con vẽrse, to talk with.
con vert, to turn; to change.
con vict, to prove one guilty.
con voy, to escort for defense.


con serve, a sweatmeat.
con sort, a wife or husband.
con test, a strife; struggle.
con tract, a bargain.
con trast, opposition.
con vent, cloister.
con verse, discourse.
con vert, one converted.
con vict, one found guilty.
con voy, an escort for defense.



desert, a waste; wilderness. { de sert', to forsake; abandon.

des cant, a song; melody.
di gest, a body of laws.
dis count, deduction.
es cort, guard; attendant.
es say, an attempt; treatise.
ex port, goods sent abroad.
ex tract, that taken out.
fer ment, internal motion.
fōre cast, foresight.

des cant, to discourse at large.
di gest, to prepare; arrange.
dis count, to deduct from.
es côrt, to attend; guard.
es say, to try; attempt.
ex port, to send goods abroad.
ex tract, to take or draw out.
fer ment, to cause ferment.
fore cast, to plan beforehand.


fōre' taste, taste beforehand.
fre quent, often.
gal lant,daring;
im pact, control by touch.
im port, goods from abroad.
im press, mark; image.
in cense, odor from spices.
in crease, augment.
in lay, that which is inlaid.
in stinct, inward impulse.
in sult, affront; abuse.
minute (min it),sixty seconds.

fore taste', enjoy beforehand.
fre quent, to visit often.
lant, attentive to ladies.
im pact, to press firmly.
im pōrt, to bring in.
im press, to mark, or stamp.
in cense, to fire; provoke.
in crease, to augment.
in lay, insert for ornament.
in stinct, urged from within.
in sult, to affront; abuse.
minūte, very small.

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coun' ter-månd, a contrary order.
coun ter-mand', to revoke a command.
in' ter dict, a prohibiting order; prohibition.
in ter dict', to forbid by order; to prohibit.
ō' ver tûrn, act of overturning; overthrow.
o ver tûrn', to turn over; to overset; subvert.
rep' ri mand, rebuke; severe reproof.

rep ri mănd', to rebuke; to reprove severely.
at' tri bute, peculiar property; quality.
at tribute, to impute; to assign; to ascribe to.
mis con' duct, wrong conduct; ill-behavior.
mis con duct', to conduct amiss; to mismanage.


Words changed from nouns or adjectives, into verbs, by a change in pronunciation, in spelling, or in both.

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This Section is designed to bring under view certain words and classes of words, in respect to which usage is variable, and which are not elsewhere specially noticed in this work.

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* These five are often improperly written without the i, as villany. The spelling with t is the preferable one in each of these cases. Written also with c, as defence, though never in the derivatives. § Often, though against analogy, written wo without the e, and, in the derivatives, almost always so.

Very often written drouth and hight by the best authorities.

As a verb, practice is mostly written with s, as practise. This difference between the noun and the verb is properly retained only where the final syllable is under the accent, as in device, devise. See Exercise 275.

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