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pose, by his Spirit "working in due season.

is by God incorporated into this church as into his own city; which all agreeing together in one true faith, one mind and voice, may be in all things obedient to Christ their only King, as members to their head. Nowell, p. 65.

Almighty and everlasting God, heavenly Father, we give thee humble thanks, that thou hast vouchsafed to call us to the knowledge of thy grace, and faith in thee: increase this knowledge, and confirm this faith in us evermore. Bapt. Service.

And I heartily thank our heavenly Father, that he hath called me to this state of salvation, through Jesus Christ our Saviour. And I pray unto God to give me his grace, that I may

continue in the same unto my life's end. Catechism. See also Article XIX. b. XXVI. a.

• It is the Holy Ghost which inwardly worketh the regeneration and new-birth of mankind.—The more it (to regenerate) is

sheweth mercy. Therefore hath the riches of the glory of his inhehe mercy on whom he will have ritance in the saints. Eph. i. 17, 18. mercy, and whom he will he hard- Ye are called in one hope of your eneth. Rom. ix. 11, 15, 16, 18. calling. Eph. iv. 4. Who hath We know that all things work to- saved us, and called us with an holy gether for good to them that love calling, not according to our works, God, to them who are called accord- but according to his own purpose ing to his purpose. Rom. viii. 28. and grace, &c. 2 Tim. i. 9. Ye see We are bound to give thanks al- your calling, brethren, how that way to God for you, brethren, be- not many wise men after the flesh, loved of the Lord, because God not many mighty, not many noble, hath from the beginning chosen are called. I Cor. i. 26. The God you to salvation, through sanctifi- of all grace, who hath called us cation of the Spirit and belief of unto his eternal glory. 1 Pet. v. 10. *the truth : wbereunto he called you God, who hath called you unto his by our Gospel to the obtaining of kingdom and glory. 1 Thess. ii. the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 12. Ye are thereunto called that 2 Thess. ii. 13, 14. Holy brethren, ye should inherit a blessing. 1 Pet. partakers of the heavenly calling. iii. 9. Give diligence to make Heb. iii. 1. Ye are a chosen gene- your calling and election sure. 2 ration, a royal priesthood, an holy Pet. i. 10. The gifts and calling nation, a peculiar people; that ye of God are without repentance. should shew forth the praises of Rom. xi. 29. God is faithful, by him who hath called you out of whom ye were called unto the feldarkness into his marvellous light. lowship of his Son Jesus Christ. 1 Pet. ii. 9. God, who commanded 1 Cor. i. 9. They that are with the light to shine out of darkness, him are called, and chusen, and hath shined in our hearts, to give faithful. Rev. xvii. 14. the light of the knowledge of the n Not by might, nor by power, glory of God in the face of Jesus but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of Christ. 2 Cor. iv.6. That the God hosts. Zech. iv. 6. As the rain of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Fa- cometh down, and the snow from ther of glory, may give unto you heaven, and returneth not thither, the Spirit of wisdom and revelation but watereth the earth, and maketh in the knowledge of him : the eyes it bring forth and bud, that it may of your understanding being en- give seed to the sower, and bread lightened; that ye may know what to the eater: so shall my word be is the hope of his calling, and what that goeth forth out of my mouth;

They through grace hid from our understanding, the more it ought to move all men to wonder at the secret and mighty working of God's Holy Spirit, which is within us. For it is the Holy Ghost and no other thing that doth quicken the minds of men, stirring up good and godly motions in their hearts, which are agreeable to the will and commandment of God. Hom, xxviii. 1. See Art. X. f, g.

p Forasmuch as the word is the wisdom of God, men should vainly labour in either teaching or learning it, upless God would vouchsafe with the teaching of his Spirit to instruct our hearts, as Paul teacheth, that in vain is the planting and the watering, unless God give the increase. Nowell, p. 6.

The words of holy Scripture be called words of everlasting life: for they be God's instrument, ordained for the same purpose. They have power to turn throngh God's promise, and they be effectual through God's assistance, and (being received in a faithful heart) they have ever an heavenly spiritual working in them. Hom. i. 1.

it shall not return unto me void, is not in word but in power. 1 Cor. but it shall accomplish that which I iv, 20. Unto them which are callplease, and it shall prosper in the ed, Christ the power of God, and thing whereto I sent it, Isa. lv. the wisdom of God. 1 Cor. i. 24. 10, 11.

The last Adam was made a quick• The wind bloweth where it list- ening Spirit. 1 Cor. xv. 45. The eth, and thou hearest the sound words that I speak unto you they thereof, but canst not tell whence it are spirit and they are life. John cometh, and whither it goeth: so is vi. 63. The word of God effecevery one that is born of the Spirit. tually worketh in you that believe. John iii. 8. It is God that worketh 1 Thess. ii. 13. Faith cometh by in you both to will and to do of hearing, and hearing by the word his good pleasure. Phil. ii. 13. of God. Rom. x. 17. The preachGod, who is rich in mercy for his ing of the cross is to them that great love wherewith he loved us, perish foolishness; but unto us even when we were dead in sins, which are saved it is the power of hath quickened us together with God. 1 Cor. i. 18. Our Gospel Christ, (by grace ye are saved.) came not unto you in word only, Eph. ii. 4, 5. Of his own will be- but also in power, and in the Holy gat he us with the word of truth, Ghost, and in much assurance. 1 that we should be a kind of first. Thess. i. 5. The entrance of thy fruits of his creatures. James i. 18. words giveth light. Ps. cxix. 130. According to his mercy he saved Sanctify them through thy truth : us by the washing of regeneration, thy word is truth. John xvii, 17. and renewing of the Holy Ghost. The law of the Spirit of life in Tit. iii. 5. Being born again, not of Christ Jesus hath made me free corruptible seed, but of incorrup- from the law of sin and death. tible, by the word of God, which Rom. viii. 2. If so be that ye liveth and abideth for ever. This have heard him, and have been is the word which by the Gospel is taught by him, as the truth is in preached unto you. 1 Pet. i. 23, Jesus. Eph. iv. 21. Whose heart 25. In demonstration of the Spirit the Lord opened, that she attended and of power; that your faith to the things which were spoken of should not stand in the wisdom of Paul. Acts xvi, 14. men, but in the power of God. 1 P All that the Father giveth to Cor. ii. 4, 5. The kingdom of God me, shall come unto me. John vi,

obey the calling :

By faith given us of God we embrace the promise of God's mercy, and of the remission of our sins. Hom. iii, 3. Art. X. d.

God instructing us with his word, and lightening our minds with his holy Spirit, maketh us apt to learn those things that otherwise would be far from entering into the dull capacity of our wits; and sealing the promises of salvation in our souls, he so informeth us that we are most surely persuaded of the truth of them. Nowell, p. 77.

I Almighty God, who didst give such grace unto thy boly apostle Saint Andrew, that he readily obeyed the calling of thy Son Jesus Christ, and followed bim without delay; Grant unto us all, that we being called by thy holy word, may forthwith

37. Blessed is the man whom 1 Thess. V. 24. A man can receive thou choosest, and causest to ap- nothing, except it be given him proach unto thee, that he may from heaven. John iji. 27. If God dwell in thy courts. Ps. Ixv. 4. I peradventure will give them rehave given unto them the words pentance to the acknowledging of which thou gavest me; and they the truth. 2 Tím. ii. 25. To day, have received them, and have if ye will hear his voice, harden known surely that I came out from not your hearts. Heb. iii. 7. Faith thee, and they have believed that cometh by hearing, and hearing by thou, didst send me. John xvii, 8. the word of God. Rom. x. 17. Other sheep I have wbich are not Who then is Paul, and who is of this fold: them also I must Apollos, but ministers by whom bring, and they shall hear my ye believed, even as the Lord gave voice. Ye believe not, because ye to every man? Neither is he that are not of my sheep. My sheep planteth any thing, neither he that hear my voice, and I know them, watereth; but God that giveth the and they follow me: and I give increase. For we are labourers unto them eternal life; and they together with God: ye are God's shall never perish, neither shall husbandry, ye are God's building. any pluck them out of my hand. 1 Cor. iii. 5, 7, 9. The hand of the John X. 16, 26, 28. For this cause Lord was with them: and a great also thank we God without ceas- number believed, and turned unto ing, because when ye received the the Lord. Acts xi. 21. When the word of God which ye heard of us, Gentiles heard they were glad, ye received it not as the word of and glorified the word of the Lord, men, but as it is in truth the word and as many as were ordained to of God, which effectually worketh eternal life believed. Acts xiii. also in you that believe. 1 Thess. 48. ii. 13. I am not ashamed of the 9 Elect according to the foreGospel of Christ: for it is the knowledge of God the Father, power of God to every one that through sanctification of the Spirit believeth. Rom. i. 16. Bringing unto obedience and sprinkling of the into captivity every thought to the blood of Jesus Christ. 1 Pet.i.2. By obedience of Christ. 2 Cor. x. 5. whom we have received grace and By grace are ye saved through apostleship for obedience to the faith faith; and that not of yourselves; (or the obedience of faith) among all it is the gift of God. Eph. ii. 8. nations. Rom. i. 5. Mystery-by According as God hath dealt to the Scriptures of the prophets, acevery man the measure of faith. cording to the commandment of the Rom. xii. 3.

Faithful is he that everlasting God, made known to calleth you, who also will do it. all nations for the obedience of

Coll. for

*they be justified freely : give up ourselves obediently to fulfil thy holy commandments, through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. St. Andrew's Day.

O Almighty God, who by thy blessed Son didst call Matthew from the receipt of custom to be an Apostle and Evangelist; Grant us grace to forsake all covetous desires and inordinate love of riches, and to follow the same thy Son Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth, with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen. Coll. for St. Matthew's Day.

Grant, 0 merciful God, that as thine holy apostle St. James, leaving his father and all that he had, without delay was obedient unto the calling of thy Son Jesus Christ, and followed him; so we, forsaking all worldly and carnal affections, may be evermore ready to follow thy holy commandments, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Coll. for St. Jumes's Day.

Justification is the office of God only, and is not a thing which we render unto him, but which we receive of him; not which we give to him, but which we take of him, by his free mercy, and by the only merits of his most dearly beloved Son, our only Redeemer, Saviour, and Justifier, Jesus Christ. Hom. iii. 2.

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faith. Rom. xvi. 26. As soon as pray always for you, that our they hear of me, they shall obey God would count you worthy of me. Ps. xviii. 44. Thy people this calling, and fulfil all the good shall be willing in the day of thy 'pleasure of his goodness, and the power. Ps. cx. 3. Ye have obeyed work of faith with power. That from the heart that form of doc- the name of our Lord Jesus Christ trine which was delivered you. may be glorified in you, and ye in Rom. vi. 17. He became the au- him, according to the grace of our thor of eternal salvation to all that God and the Lord Jesus Christ. obey him. Heb. v. 9. Ye have 2 Thess, i. 11. purified your souls in obeying the r And whom he called, them he truth through the Spirit. 1 Pet. i. also justified. Rom. viii. 30.

We 22. In whom ye trusted after that have believed in Jesus Christ, that ye heard the word of truth, the we might be justified by the faith gospel of your salvation. Eph. i. of Christ, and not by the works of 13. By faith Abraham, when he the law. Gal. ii. 16. The rightwas called to go out into a place eousness of God is by faith of Jesus which he should after receive for Christ unto all and upon all them an inheritance, obeyed; and he that believe: being justified freely went out, not knowing whither he by his grace through the redempwent. Heb. xi. 8. We are of them tion that is in Christ Jesus. Rom. that believe to the saving of the iii. 22, 24. If by grace, then it is soul. Heb. x. 39. We through the no more of works : otherwise grace Spirit wait for the hope of right. is no more grace. But if it be of eousness by faith. Gal. v. 5. Ye works, then is it no more grace: are a chosen generation, a royal otherwise work is no more work. priesthood, an holy nation, a pecu- Rom. x. 6. The free gift is of Jiar people; that ye should shew many offences unto justification. forth the praises of him who hath That as sin hath reigned unto called us out of darkness into his death, even so might grace reign marvellous light. 2 Pet. ii. 9. We through righteousness unto eternal

sthey be made sons of God by adoption :

Justification doth God give us as a gift of his own dear love toward us, and of his liberality through Christ. When I speak of God's gift and liberality, I mean it free and bountiful, without any our desert or merit: that it be God's mere sincere liberality which he applieth to our salvation only, whom he loveth and which trust in him, not hired nor procured for wages, as it were a merchandize of his commodities and benefits, used by him for some profit to himself, requiring a gain of us, some recompense or price, which once to think, were to abate both the liberality and majesty of God. Nowell, p. 76. See also Article XI.

We fee to the mercy of God, whereby he freely embraceth us with love and good will in Christ, without any our deserving or respect of works, both forgiving us our sips, and so giving us the righteousness of Christ by faith in him, that for the same Christ's righteousness he so accepteth us as if it were our own. To God's mercy therefore through Christ we ought to impute all our justification. Nowell, p. 72.

Q. Thou sayest then that faith is not the cause, but the instrument of justification, for that it embraceth Christ, which is our justification, coupling us with so straight a bond to him, that it maketh us partakers of all his good things. A. Yea forsooth, Nowell, p. 73.

• We are by the Spirit's divine instinct and inspiration newly

life by Jesus Christ our Lord. to them that believe on his name: Rom. v. 16, 21. To bring in ever- which were born not of blood, nor lasting righteousness. Dan. ix. 24. of the will of the flesh, nor of the That being justified by his grace will of man, but of God. John i. we should be made heirs according 12, 13. Behold, what manner of to the hope of eternal life. Tit. iii. love the Father hath bestowed 7. Therefore being justified by upon us, that we should be called faith, we have peace with God, the sons of God. 1 John iii. 1. through our Lord Jesus Christ. To redeem them that were under Rom. v. 1. Every tongue that the law, that we might receive the shall rise in judgment thou shalt adoption of sons: and because ye condemn. This is the heritage of are sons, God hath sent forth the the servants of the Lord, and their Spirit of his Son into your hearts, righteousness is of me, saith the crying, Abba, Father;-and if a Lord. Isa. liv. 17. Who shall lay son, then an heir of God through any thing to the charge of God's Christ. Gal. iv. 5—7. He that overelect? It is God that justifieth. cometh shall inherit all things, and Rom. viii. 33. In the Lord shall I will be his God, and he shall be all the seed of Israel be justified, my son. Rev. xxi. 7. As many as and shall glory. Isa. xlv. 25." are led by the Spirit of God they

s Having predestinated us to the are the sons of God. For bave adoption of children by Jesus not received the spirit of bondage Christ to himself. Eph. i. 5. Ye again to fear; but ye have reare all the children of God by ceived the Spirit of adoption, faith in Christ Jesus. Gal. iii. 26. whereby we cry Abba, Father. As many as received him, to them The Spirit itself beareth witness gave he power (right or privilege) with our spirit, that we are the to become the sons of God, even children of God: and if children


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