Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat

Xulon Press, 2007 - 88 pàgines
According to Davis, adultery is a living hell. In this work he warns readers about the dangers of adultery so that they do not become another casualty of infidelity and divorce. (Relationships)

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101 Reasons Not to Cheat
Prayer of Repentance and Restoration
Fear the Lord and Depart from Evil

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Sobre l'autor (2007)

Paul Davis, is an internationally acclaimed theoretical physicist, writer, and broadcaster. In 1995 he won the prestigious Templeton Prize for his work on the philosophical meaning of science, and was recently awarded the Kelvin Medal by the U. K. Institute of Physics for his success in bringing science to the wider public. He is based in Australia but travels, teaches, and lectures frequently in the U. S.

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