Snatched from Fire

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 140 pàgines

Read I Still Love You in one sitting.

Remember it a lifetime.

So sensitive, so creative with her pen, Jean Darby takes her reader to a mountain top of courage.

She shows her reader the power of love.

She gives glimpses of how important a hamburger can be, sitting together, and the touch of the hand.

Through her story she takes her reader through moments of helping her husband find lost words, and how when objects disappeared, she strove to keep him from frustration.

As the saga moves on, Jean shares her surprise when suddenly he could speak.

Word pictures ignite the reader's caring when Ray's driver's license is recalled...Jean's feelings as she watched the devastation of the man she loved...and how she coped.

She shares how she feared Alzheimer's anger and the way she coped with the inevitable.

Jean's heart beats in every word...until she spells out the peacefulness of her husband's last days.

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