Imatges de pÓgina

i both immediately from Christ; and that the one

had nothing to do with the other; neither did the Prelate of the one owe any obedience to the Prelate of the other; and that they who had followed the Law of St. Peter, had endeavoured to destroy the Law of St. Thomas, for which they had been punished by him ; all which is a manifest Error, Schism, and Heresy, there being but one Law to all Christians, which is that which was given and declared by Jesus Christ the Son of God, and preached by the Holy Apostles all over the World, as one Faith, one Baptism, there being but one Lord of all, and one Catholick and Apoftolick Church, of which our Lord Christ, God and Man, who Founded it, is the only Spouse; and one only Universal Pastor, to whom all other Prelates owe obedience, the Pope and Bishop of Rome, Successor in the Chair of St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles ; to whom our Lord Jesus Christ bequeathed that Supream Authority, and by him to his Successors; which Catholick Doctrine is neceslary to Eternal Life: Wherefore the Synod doth command all Parish Priests, and Preachers, to Treat often of this matter, by reason of the greut need there is of having this Bishoprick well instructed therein.

Decree Decree VIII.

For that, till the very time of the most Illu

strious Metropolitan entring into this Diocess, there was a certain Heresy twice repeated in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and twice more in the Divine Office, in calling the Patriarch of Babylon, the Universal Pastor, and Head of the Catholick Church, 'in all places, and as often as they happen to name him; a Title that is due only to the most Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, St. Peter, and Vicar of Christ on Earth : the Synod doth therefore command in virtue of Obedience, and upon pain of Excommunication to be ipso facto incurred, that no Person of this Bishoprick, Secular or Ecclesiastical, shall from henceforward presume, by Word or Writing, either in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or in the Divine Office, or in any other occasion, to bestow that Title on the said Patriarch of Babylon, or on any other Prelate, besides our Lord, the Bishop of Rome ; and whosoever shall dare to contravene this Order, shall be declared Excommunicate, and held for a Schismatick and Heretick, and shall be punished as such, according to the Holy Canons: And whereas the Patriarchs of Babylon, to whom this Church was subject, are Nestorians, the Heads of that cursed Sect, and Schismaticks out of the Obedience of the Holy Roman Church, and Aliens from our Holy Catho

lick Faith, and are for that reason Excommuni. cate and accursed; and it not being lawful to joyn with such in the Church in publick as stand Excommunicate: Wherefore this Bishoprick, upon its having now yielded a perfect Obedience to the most Holy Father, the Pope, Christ's Vicar upon Earth, to which it was obliged by Divine Authority, and upon pain of Damnation, shall not from henceforward have any manner of dependance upon the said Patriarch of Babylon; and the present Synod, does under the said precept of Obedience, and upon pain of Excommunication to be ipfo facto incurred, prohibit all Priests, and Curates, from henceforward to name the said Patriarch of Babylon in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or in any other Divine Office, in the Prayers of the Church, even without the false Title of Universal Pastor ; but instead thereof, shall name our Lord the Pope, who is our true Pastor, as also of the whole Church, and after him, the Lord Bishop of the Diocess, for the time being : and whosoever shall maliciously and knowingly act the contrary, shall be declared Excommunicate, and otherwise punish'd at the pleasure of his Prelate, according to his contumacy.

Decree IX. WHereas all the Breviaries used in this Church

are Neftorian, and by the commands of Prelates of the fame Sect, on a certain day the impious and falle Heretick Neftorius is Commcmorated in this Bishoprick, and a Day is keprto his Honour, and at other times, Theodorus, Diodorus, Abbarathu, Abraham, Narsai , Barchauma, Johanan, Hormisda, and Michael, who are also Nestorian Hereticks, were likewise Commemorated; Nestorius, Theodorus, and Diodorus, being commemorated on the Friday after the Nativity ; and on the seventh Friday after that, Abraham, and Narsai, and all the above-named; and all of them on every Thursday in the Year, in the faid Nestorian Office, and every day in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and the Divine Office; and notwithstanding in some places they have not of late named Nejtorius, Theodorus, and Diodorus, but do fill continue to name Abraham, Narsai, Abba Barchauma, Johanan, Hormisda, and Michael, in the Blessing that the Priest gives to the Peo. ple at the end of the Mass ; wherein they defire Hormisda to deliver them from evil, being his Disciples; as also on all Fridays in the Year they commemorate as Saints, the said Hormisda, Joseph, Michael, Johanan, Barchauma , Barianda, Rabba Hedsa, Machai, Hixoiau, Caurixo, Avahixo, Lixo, Xanlixo , Barmun Lixo, Metidor, Cohada Ifrael, Ezekiah Lixo, David Lixo, Barai Israel, Julianus Handixo , &c. who were all Nestorian Hereticks, and as is evident from the said Masles, and from their Lives, Commemorations, and Praises, bestowed upon them, the Heads of the said Sect. Therefore the Synod in Virtue of Holy Obedience, and upon pain of Excommunication to be ipso facto incurred, doth prohibit all Priests, and Curates, and all other Persons, as well Se

cular, cular, as Ecclesiasticks, in this Diocess at any tiine, either in common, or in particular, to commemorate any of the foresaid Hereticks, or to keep a day to them, or to celebrate their Festivities, with any Solemnity, or to make any mention of them in the Divine Offices, or in the Mass or any where else, or to direét any Prayers to them, either in common, or particular, or to make any Vows, Promises, Offerings, or any Nercha's to them; or to have their Images either in the Churches, or in their Houses; and in no wise to give them that Worship, and Veneration, which is due to Saints; and that they raze their Names out of their Books, Calendars, and Offices; and that their Mafles be cut out of their Breviaries, and Misals, and burnt, and their Commemorations extinguished, that fo their Memory may perish among the faithful, all of them having been cursed and excommunicate Hereticks, and condemned by Holy Mother Church, and are at this time burning in the tormėnts of

* at this tiine burning ] well as Impiery, so far as to have This salh Judgment brmgs to my the Author questioned for it; yec mind whai che Conde de Ereicera, it would seem that God would noc in his History printed about four-suffer it to go long unpunished ; teen years ago at Lisbon, said of who a few years after suffered chac King Charles having spent some great Minister to go out of the cime in Devotion upon the Scaf- World after such a manner, that fold, that seeing he died a Here. they must have a great dial of rick, char Devotion was of no o- Charity indeed, that can clink well ther benefie co him, bue as it pro- of the future state of bis Soul; for Jonged his life a few minutes : But the unhappy Man Murthered himcho our Princes, for I have reason felf; which is a thing that very selco believe they heard of ir, did not dom happens in Purtugal. think fic co resepc this Saucioess, as




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