Imatges de pÓgina

Hell, for their Crimes and Herelies, and for their having been the of followers of such a cursed Sect ; the Synod dorh furthermore command, that instead of them, on the Friday next after the Nativity, St. Athanasius, St. Gregory Nazianzen, St. Balil, St. John Chrysostom, and St. Cyril


of followers of such ] The diligentian fugerit. Furthermore, Church of Rome is nor willout The Church of Rome has several Hereticks in her Martyrologies, Saints in her present Calendars, and Calendars; for, noi to speak and Martyrologies, that were neof Eufebius Césariensis, Sc. Geirge, ver in being, or were never of Lucijer Ca!aritanus, B.arsanupbius, humave race; and here not to and o: hers; the Learned Valejius, mention Sc. Almanakius, or Sc. Al. in his Tract of the Roman Marry. manak, upon the ift. of January; rology, gives the following Ac- nor St. Žinoris, on the 24th. of count of Thedatus Bishop of Lr0- the same Month; on the 24th. of dicea: Zain vero illa que in aito July, in the presenc Reformed Martyrologio, Adonis fio do Rofwedi, Roman Martyrology, it is said, leguntur fecundo die Noven.bris. La. Amiterni in veftinis Passio San&toodicea Theodori Episcopi, qui arte rum Milicum Oelogint a trium; a. Medicus fuit, defcripta funt ex mong whom (as Baronius learned. Ruffini, lib 7. cap ult. Sed Compi ly observes) Florentinus and Felix lator iste non animadvertit Theodorum were two of the most Eminenc. hunc Laodicea Episcopum, cujus eo Now in the arcient Martyrology Ince laudationem intexuit Eusebius published by Maria Florentinus, it Arianarum partium præcipuum fau. is said upon the same day; In torem fuifle; quippe qui do ab initio Amiterninà civitate miliaris 83o. Arianum dogma tutatus est, & poft ab urbe Romanâ via Salutaria nata. Ricenum Concilium, conspiratione cum lis Sancli Vi&torini; and in another Arianis fa&, Euftarbium de Anric ancient one, called Martinianum, ochena sede dejecerit; ut scribit it is writ, In Amiterninâ civitate Theodoretus lib. 1. bift. cap. 24. Mil. &3 ab urbe Romana via SaluHic eft Theodorus cui Eusebius libros taria Sant Viclurini; and in the juos de Preparatione Evangelica Queen of Sweden's Marcyrology, nuncupavit; cujus meminit Suidas is writ, In Amiterna civitate Mil. in voce, 'ATMrdeo. Idem quo- 83 ab urbe Roma Saniti Vi&turini; que Error irrepfit in Martyrologium and in the Corbey Mait/rology, Roinanum, quod Patrum memoriâ, thus; In Amiternina civitate Milijussu Sixti quinti editum, do Baronii ario Oftogesimo rertio ab urbe Roma notationibus illustratum eft; nec satis via Salutaria natalis Sarcti Viktorini mirari posjum quonam modo id Baronii Martyris. So that here we have


of Alexandria, shall be Commemorated; and on the seventh Friday following, St. Antir, St. Ambrose, St. Gregory, and St. Ephrem, who was mentioned by them among the Hereticks, and on Wednesdays, All Saints and Confeffors together ; and in the Commemorations of the Divine Offices, and Mass, they shall Commemorate all the forenamed Saints, in the place of the above.mentioned Hereticks; neither shall any one that hall presume to do the contrary, be abfolved from the Censures he has incurred, until he hath undergone a condign Penance, or such a one as his Prelate shall think fit to impose upon him, and Thall thereupon be obliged to curle all the faid Hereticks, and their damnable Sect, and to make Oath of the Faith publickly, and to submit to all other punishments that his Rebellion shall deserve, and if he is an Ecclesiastick, he shall noreover be suspended from his Orders, and Benefices, and punished according to the Holy Canons.

Eighty-three Italian Miles Cano- Company mightily, for they were nized, and made 'Eighty-toree but five ihat iniferid wil him in Martyrs, and Souldiers, with their Ægypt, who ic is p. cbable were Captain and Lieutenants Names. Souldiers; and lo she contracted

Again, on the 16th. of Fcb word Mil.come to be taken for in the presenc Reformed Roman Mille: This makes me luspeit Martyrology, it is said ; In Æypto that there may be fome fuch mi. Sancti Juliani Martyris, cuin aliis Nake in St. Ulula's Army of Equinque Milibus : Now if this is levinchcusand Virgins. For some che Julianus char was Pamphiliim's of her Srines who were Heathens, Companion,as doubtless it is, they see the Remarks upon 25 Decree, munt then have encreased his Alt 8.

[blocks in formation]

Decree X.

WHereas the Church of Angamale, called the

Archbishop's, was built by Mir- Abraham, and dedicated to Hormisda the Abbot, commonly called St. Hormufio, who was a Nestorian Heretick, and a great' Ring-leader of thát Sect, and for that reason was abhorred by all Catholicks, who are called Romans, as is reported in his Life writ in the Surian Tongue, and which was ordained to be burnt by the most Illustrious Metropolitan, upon the account of the manifold Heresies and Blasphemies contained therein, and the many false Miracles said to be wrought by him, in confirmation of the Nestorian Se&t : Therefore the Synod does in virtue of Obedience, and upon pain of Excommunication, to be ipso facto incurred; prohibit the Observation of the two Festivities that have been dedicated to his Memory, the one upon the first of September, the other sixteen days after Easter; and the dedicating of any Church to him, commanding the abovenamed Church to be dedicated to St. Hore misda the Martyr, who was also a Persian, and whose Festivity is celebrated upon the 8th. of August, upon which day the Feast of the said Church shall be observed ; and on the Retablo they are to make the Picture, wherein the Martyrdom of the said Saint shall be drawn to the best advantage, that so the People may learn to what Saint the said Church is dedicated, and all the


Prayers and Devotion that used to be performed upon the Festivities of the Heretick Hormisda, may be directed to this Glorious Saint:

Decree XI.

Eeing in the Creed, or Holy Symbol of Faitli,

ordained by the Sacred Apostles, and declared by the Holy Councils, which is sung in the Mass, all the principal Mysteries and Articles of our Faith are contained, it is not fit that any thing shonld be added to it, or taken from it, but that it should be sung in this Bishoprick as it is all over the Universal Church ; wherefore the Synod doth Order, that the words which are wanting in the Creed that is said in the Mass be added to it ; where speaking of Christ, it it said, that he was born of the Father before all Times, there is wanting, God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, that so it may in all things he conformable to what is sung in the Universal Church, using also the word Consubftantial to the Father, and not what is said instead thereof in the Shri. an, Son of the Esence of the Father.

Decree XII.

Otwithstanding it is contrary to the Sacred

Canons, That the Children of Christians should go to School to Heathen Masters : Nevertheless, seeing this Church is under so many Heathen Kings, who many times will not suffer any L 4


but Infidels to be Schoolmasters; wherefore the Synod doth command and declare, That in all Schools, whether for Reading or Writing, wherein the Masters have Pagods, to which they oblige their Children at :heir coming into the School to pay their Reverence, as the Custom is ; that it fall not be lawful for Christian Parents or Guardians to fend Christian Children to such Schools, upon pain of being proceeded against as Idolaters; but if there should be any such Schools, wherein the Heathen Masters will con. fent that Christian Children shall pay no Reverence, nor be obliged to any Heathen Ceremony, in case there is no Christian Master near, they may be sent to such Schools, their Parents instructing them that they must pay no reverence but only to the Master, and that they must use none of the Ceremonies of the Heathen Children, that so they may not * suck in Idolatry as Mothers Milk. Furthermore, the Synod doth earnestly recommend it to all Towns and Villages, to do all that is in their power to have their Children Educated by Christian Masters, and as for Reading and Writing, to have the Parish Priests to teach them to do that in their

* Suck in 3.dolatry.) They cent foever it snay be in other would have done well to have places, was safe or not in Malaconsidered, whether the intro- bar, before they did it, and wheducing of the Adoration of Ima- cher the reconciling them to Images into a Christianity that was ges might not dispose them to planced amidi Heathens, and un- Heathenism. der Idolatrous Princes, how Inno

Houses :

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