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Houses : But as to those masters who do oblige Christian Children to do reverence to their Pagods ;

the Synod in virtue of Holy Obedience, and upon pain of Excommunication to be Ipso facto incurred, doth command all Fathers of Families, and others that have charge of Children, not to consent to their going to such Schools; and doing the contrary, let them be declared Excommunicate, and be rigorously punished by the Prelate, neither shall such Children be suffered to enter the Church ; as to which matter the Vicars and Priests ought to be extreamly vigilant, to prevent Childrens being Educated in Idolatry; and where-e'er there is a Christian Schoolmaster in any Town, or near it, the Children of Christians are not to go to School to Infidels.

Decree XIII.


He Synou being certainly informed, that

there are some Christian Schoolmasters, who to conform themselves to others, and to have the more Scholars, do set up Pagods and Idols in their Schools, to which the Heathen Children pay reverence, doth command all the said Schoolmasters, so soon as it shall be intimated to them, upon pain of Excommunication, to remove the said Pagods Idols, and Reverence out of their Schools, and not to give way to Heathen Chile dren, paying any such adoration ; and whosoever shall be found guilty thereof, shall be declared Excommunicate, and denyed the Communion


of the Church, and of all Christians, and dying, shall not be buried in holy Ground, nor have Christian Burial, nor have any Prayers said for them, and let this Decree be published by the Vicars of the Churches to which such do be. long.

Decree XIV.


He Purity of the Faith being preserved by

nothing more than by Books of sound and holy Doctrine; and on the contrary, chere being nothing whereby the Minds of people are more corrupted, than by Books of suspicious and Heretical Doctrines ; Errors being by their means easily insinuated into the Hearts of the Ignorant, that read or hear them: Wherefore the Synod knowing that this Bishoprick is full of Books writ in the Surian Tongue by Nestorian Hereticks, and Persons of other Devilish Sects, which abound with Heresies, Blasphemies and false Doctrines, doth command in virtue of Obedience, and upon pain of Excommunication to be ipso facto incurred, that no Person, of what quality and condition foever, shall from henceforward presume to keep, translate, read or hear read to others, any of the following Books.

The Book intituled, The Infancy of our Saviour, Or The History of our Lady ; condemned formerly by the ancient Saints, for being full of Blafphemies, Heresies, and fabulous Stories, where among others it is said, that the Annunciation of


the Angel was made in the Temple of Jerusalem, where our Lady was, which contradicts the Gospel of St. Luke, wbich faith, it was made in Na. Zareth; as also that Joseph had a&tually another Wite and Children, when he was betrothed to the Holy Virgin ; and that he often reproved the Child Jesus for his naughty Tricks; that the Child Jesus went to School to the Rabbins, and learnt of them, with a thousand other Fables and Palasphemies of the same Nature, and things unworthy of our Lord Christ, whereas the Gospel faith, that the Jews were astonished at his Wifdom, asking how he came by so much Learning, having never been taught ; that the Devil tempted Christ before his Fast of forty days, which is contrary to the Gospel; that St. Joseph, to be satisfied whether the Virgin had committed Adultery, carried her before the Priests, who according to the Law gave her the Water of Jealousie to drink; that our Lady brought forth with pain, and parting from her Company, not being able to go farther, she retired to a Stable at Bethlehem; that neither our Lady, nor any other Saint is in Heaven enjoying God, but are all in a Terrestrial Paradise, where they are to remain till the day of Judgment, with other Errors, too many to be related : But it is the Synod's pleasure to instance in some of the chief Errors contained in the Books that it condemns, that fo all may be satisfied of the reason why they are prohibited to be read, or kept upon pain of Excommunication, and that all may avoid and burn them

with the greater Horror, and for other just and necessary respects.

Also the Book of John Barialdan, wherein it is said in divers places, That there were two Perfons, a Divine and Humane, in Christ, which is contrary to the Catholick Faith, which conferses one only Divine Person: It is also said, That the Names of Christ and Emanuel are the Names of the Humane Person only, and for that reason that the most sweet Name Jesus is not to be ade red; that the Union of the Incarnation is com. mon to all the Three Divine Persons, who were all Incarnated ; that our Lord Christ is the adopted, and not the Natural Son of God; that the Union of the Incarnation is accidental, and is only that of Love betwixt the Divine and Humane Persons.

Also the Book intituled, The Procession of the Holy Spirit ; wherein it is endeavoured to be proved at large, that the Holy Spirit proceedeth only from the Father, and not from the Son, which is contrary to the Catholick Truth, which teaches, that he proceeds from the Father and the Son.

Also the Book entituled Margarita Fidei, or The Jewel of Faith; wherein it is pretended to be proved at large, That our Lady, the most Holy Virgin, neither is,nor ought to be stiledthe Mother ofGod, but the Mother of Christ ; that in Christ there are two Persons, the one of the Word, and the other of Jesus; that the Union of the Incarnation is only an accidental Union of Love and Power, and pot


a substantial Union ; that there are three distinct Faiths, which is divided into three Professions, the Nestorian, Jacobite and Roman ; that the Nestorian is the true Faith that was taught by the Apostle, and that the Roman is false and Heretical, and was introduced by force of Armis, and the Authority of Heretical Emperors, into the greatest part of the World; that to Excommunicate Neftorius, is to Excommunicate the Apostles and Prophets, and the whole Scripture ; that they that do not believe his Doctrine, shall not inherit Eternal Life ; that they that follow Nestorius, received their Faith from the Apostles, which has been preserved to this day in the Church of Babylon of the Syrians, That Matrimony neither is, nor can be a Sacrament ; that the sign of the Cross is one of the Sacraments of the Church instituted by Christ; that the Fire of Hell' is Metaphorical, not real; that the Roman Church is fallen from the Faith, condemning it likewise for not celebrating in leavened Bread, according to what the Church has received from the Apostles, for which it is said the Romans are Here. ticks.

Also the Book of the Fathers, wherein it is said, That our Lady neither is, nor ought to be called the Mother of God ; that the Patriarch of Babylon of the Neftorians, is the Universal Head of the Church immediately under Christ; that the Fire of Hell is not real, but spiritual ; that it is Heresie to say, that God was born, or dyed; that there are two Persons in Christ.


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