Imatges de pÓgina

Decree IV.

"Orasmuch as the Syrian Mass is too long

for Priests that have a mind to celebrate daily, the Synod doth grant License for the tranflating of the Roman Mass into Syrian, desiring the Reverend Father Francisco Roz, of the Society of Jesus to undertake the Work, which Mafs together with all the Roman Ceremonies the Priest may say on particular Occasions, but the solemn and sung Mases of the day shall be always the Syrian, as they shall be emended by the most Reverend Metropolitan: and such Priests as are able to say Masses both in Latin and Syrian in the Churches of other Diocesses, may say it in Latin, but not in this Bishoprick, in which to avoid confusion, it shall be said only in Syrian, Wherefore the Synod desires the Bishops of those parts to give License, that the Priests of this Diocess, having Letters dimissory from their Prelate, that do not know how to say Mass in Latin, may be permitted to say the Syrian Mass in their Churches, or at least the Roman translated with all its Ceremonies into Syrian; the Schism which this Church has been in, being now thorow the goodness of God removed, entreating the most TUustrious Metropolitan, the President of this Synod, that he would be pleased to present this Petition in behalf of the Priests of this Diocess to the first Provincial Council that shall be cele


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brated in the Province, that soif the Fathers shall think fit, it may pass into a Decree.

Decree V.


Hereas the Power of handling the Holy

Vessels is given particularly to the order of the Subdeacon, this Synod doth command that from henceforward if the Minister that aslists at the Mass be not a Subdeacon, that the Priest shall not put the Patin into his hand, when he is ordered by the Syrian Mass to do it, such a one having no Authority to touch it; but he may lay his hand only on the stone or wood of the Altar, so as not to touch the Patin, which is according to the Rubrick of the Missal, which supposes the Person that assists at the Mass to be a Deacon, ordering expresly that the Priest hall put the Patin into the hand of the Deacon.

Decree VI.

WHereas the Stole that is thrown over the

Shoulders is the particular Badge of the Order of Deacon, it is not lawful therefore for any Person that has not taken the said Order, to use the Stole in the Church with any publick Ceremony; and whereas hitherto all of the Clergy that have assisted at Mass, tho' but in inferior Orders, or without them, have wore the said Stole over their shoulders, no less than the Deacons, contrary to the Cercmoniale, which supposeth him that assists at the Mass to be a Deacon; the Synod doth therefore ordain and command, that from henceforward the Chamazes, who do affist at the Mass, and are not Deacons, be not permitted to wear the Stole ; it would also be decent for the Deacons when they wear the Stole, to be in a Surplice, and to have a Towel, and not to have it over their ordinary wearing Cloths, as has been hitherto the Custom,


Decree VII.


He Synod doth command, That in all

Churches there be Stamps of Hosts (or Instruments wherewith to print the Wafers that are to be Consecrated) which shall be bought forthwith out of the, or the Alms of the Church ; and that the Vicars take care to be always provided of the flour of Wheat, for the making of them, which they must be sure not to mix with any thing else, as is done commonly in other Bread, for fear there should be no Consecration therein; wherefore they must either make them themselves, or employ such as are of known Skill and Fidelity to do it, and the same care shall be taken of the Wine that it be no other than that of Portugal, and that it be not mixed with the Juice of Raisins, or with any other Wines of the Countrey for the same danger.


Decree VIII.


He Synod doth earnestly recommend it to

the Priests of this Diocess to take heed in what Wine they celebrate, having been informed, That as some Churches, by reason of their Poverty, are without Portugal Wine, fo where it is that the Priest keeps it in Glass Bottles, where being in a small quantity, and kept a long time, it must necessarily decay and turn to Vi. negar, with which they celebrate notwithstanding, not considering the danger there is of there being no Consecration; for remedy whereof the Synod in the strictest manner that it can, doth command, That in every Church there shall be in the Vicars keeping a sweet pipe, or small Runlet of Wood, or a Frask, in which the Wine for the Masses shall be kept, and that the Vicars be extreamly careful, that the Wine do not decay or turn to Vinegar; which if it should happen so as to have lost the essence of Wine in the Opinion of those that have good Palates, they shall not then celebrate therewith, it being a great Sacrilege to do it, seeing there can be no Consecration.

Decree IX.

Hereas for want of Portugal Wine, it ma

ny times falls out that there are no Majses celebrated in this Diocess, to the great pre


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judice of the Faithful Christians, who for that reason are several months without hearing Maß, and without an opportunity of receiving the most Holy Sacrament, and the Sick of receiving the Holy Viaticum; wherefore the Synod, for remedy hereof, doth entreat his Majesty the King of Portugal, out of his great Piety, and as he is Protector of the Christians of these parts, once a Year to send us as an Alms, a Pipe and a half, or two Pipes of Muscatel Wine of Portugal, to be distributed among the Christian Churches of this Bishoprick, and of the whole Indies; and till such time as an Answer shall be returned to this Petition, the most Illustrious Lord Archbishop of Goa, Dom ffray Aleixo de Menezes, Metropolitan of this Church, Primate of India, and President of this Synod, is pleased to give the said quantity of Wine to be distributed among the Churches of this Bishoprick, the distribution whereof shall be made by the Prelate according to the Informations he shall receive of the Necessities of every Parish, and whereas all the successes of this Life are uncertain, if this should happen to fail at any time, the Prelate shall then at bis Visitation take so much out of the stock of every Church as shall suffice to purchase what Wine is necessary, and the Wine shall be committed to the Vicar, who shall make use of it only in the Masses that are said in the Church, and order shall be taken that the Mass of the day, which belongs to the whole Parish, and is the chief obligation of the Church, thall be celebrated without fail.



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