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# Ndulgencias Concedidas pello “plenaria, et remiffam de todos

Papa Adriano VI. de boa Me.“ seus peccados. “ morja ás contas, ou graos que

"Item, o Sacerdote, que con. « benzeo á Instancia do Illuftrif- “ fessa et comunga ganha indula “simo Cardeal Laquinaues Tri- “gencia plenaria, er remislam de “ germano Barbarino no Anno de “todos seus peccados, ec alem

1923 E. Confirmadas pelo “difto ganha tam bem todas as “Santissimo Padre Gregorio De- “indulgencias, que estam den“cimo tercio aos 26 de Mayo 'tro, et fora de Roma, & Hieru. “de 1576. E bien alli confirma6. das pelo Sanctissimo Padre Pape “ Item; avendo comungado, “ Paulo quinto no anno de 1607. "quantas vezes rezer O Pater No“ E. tambem agora confirmadas “fter, & à Ave Maria, cantas almas “ por nosso santissimo Papa Ur.' "tira do Purgatorio. u bano Oaavo no quarto anno de "Item, Concede sua Santidade, " fue Pontificado.

que estas contas, qua sua Sancio “ Primeiramente, quem tiver dade bepzeo, possam cocar a “humadestas contas, rezando hum

outras, as quaes tocadas ficam « Pater Nocer, er huma Ave Maria" com as mesmas graças, salvo « cada dia cira tres Almas das que estas tocadas sam possam co“penas do Purgatorio & de for car as outras Dada em Roma a «em Domingo, ou em Dia se fe- 15 de Janeiro de 1607. « sta rezando dobrado cira de is. “Nos Joano Ambrofio Referens

“ Item, Cada sexta feira re- “dario Apoftolico Visto estar es Zando finco vezes O Pater No. « conforme com o Original, pò“ster, & Ave Maria à honra das “ de correr este Summario de In“ finco chagas, de Christo, gan “dulgencia Lisboa 11. de Junho « ha serenta mil annos de per- s de 1642. Er. Joano de Vascocel. “ dam, et remiffam de codos se- “Franc. Card. de Torn.Sebastiano “ us peccados.

“Cæsar de Meneses. “Jiem, em cada Sabbado re"zando sete Pater Noftres, et sece “Com. Licença. Em. Lisboa “ Ave Marias, aos sete gozos de “Na Officina de Domingos Carney. “nossa Senhora, ganha indulgen- “ro Anno 1660.

cia sem numero.

“ Item, Quem nano poder cor"reras estaçoens de Roina na " Quaresma rezando finco Pater Indulgences granted by Pope A“ nostres, et tinco Ave Marias drian VI. of Blesed Memory, 59 “ diante da imagem de hum Cru- some Beads or Grains which he “cifixo ganha as ditas eftacoens blelled at the initance of “dentro er fora, dos muros de Illustrious Cardinal Laquinaues Tri“Roma & Jerusalem.

germano Barbarino, in the Year “ Item,Trazendo consigo huma 1523. and which were confirmed "deftas contas consellado, et by the most Holy Father Gregory X, "comungado ganha iadulgencia on the 26 of May 1576. and were


allo also confirmed by the moft Aoly Fa- 6. The Prieft that shall Confess ther Pope Paul V. in the Tear 1607. bim, and give bim the Sacrament, and were now again confirmed by shall likewise gain a plenary Indulour Holy Father Pope Urban VIII. gence, and the remision of all his in the 4th Year of his Pontificate. Sins; and moreover, all the Indul

Firft. Whosoever hall have one gences which are within and with of these Beads, and Mall recite a out Rome and Jérusalem. Pater Noster and an Ave Mary e- 7. Having communicated, as of very day, Mhall take tbree Souls out ten as he shall say a Pater Nofter of the Torments of Purgatory; and and Ave Mary, so many Souls be if be fall double them upon a Sun- Mall take out of Purgatory: day or Holy-day,

he hall take out fix. His Holiness does likewise grant, 2. if he mall say five Pater No- That these Beads which have been sters and five Ave Maries to the blessed by his Holiness, may touch honour of the five Wounds of Christ other Beads, which being touched by upon a Friday, he shall gain seventy them, Mall have the same Graces, thousand Years Pardon and Remifion Saving that those which are touched of all bis Sins.

cannot touch others. 3. If he shall every Saturday say Dared at Rome the 15th, of Seven Pater Nosters, and seven Ave January, An. 1607. Maries to the seven Joys of our Lady, he shall gain indulgences We John Ambrofio, Referenwitho!t number.

dary Apoftolick, baring seen this 4. He that cannot gothe Stations summary of Indulgence to be conat Rome in Lent, if he fall say formable to the Original, it may be five Pater Nosters and five Avé Published. Maries before a Crucifix,be Mal gain Er. Joan. de Vasconcel. Franc. the said Starions within and without Card. de Torn. Cæsar de the Walls of Rome and Jerusalem, Meneses.

5. He that fall bring one of these Beads along with him, and shall Confess and Communicate, Mall

gain With Licence. in Lisbon in tbe a plenary Indulgence and remiffion Sbop of Domingo Carneyro, 1660. of all his Sins.

this Diocess; that Holy Sacrifice having been instituted for the health and remedy of the Living and of the Dead: Wherefore the Synod doth exhort all the Faithful of this Bishoprick to accustom themselves to procure * Masses to be said for the Souls of their deceased Friends, and to leave something by Will that they may have Mafles said for their own Souls, which will be much more profitable for them than the Feasts that they used to make for their Kindred and others invited to their Funerals; which Custom shall be left off, and instead thereof, they shall give a


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* Mates.] Private Masses are Book he faith, Solenne hoc fuit in por only a flat contradi&ion to the utrâque Ecclesia Græca & LaPrimitive Practice, but to the very tinâ, ut unum do idem Sacrificium office wherein they are celebra. a pluribus interdum Sacerdotibus ted, all that Office being made in celebraretur; Episcopo enim sive Presa the name of a Congregation, not bytero celebrante , reliqui quotquot only as present, but as communi- aderant Episcopi feu Presbyteri fimul cacing. “A demonstration that the celebrabant ejusdemque Sacrificii parOffices of the Roman Church are ticipes erant, &c. And a little afolder than her Errors; it is ter he adds, Cur autem desierit ille plain likewise from the very Canon mos causa mihi videtur fuiße primo of the Mass, that when that office quidem quod fundatis ordinibus menwas composed, Transubstantiation dicantibus ó longè latéque propagawas not so much as dreamt of in tis, multiplicata sunt onera Mifurum, the Roman Church ; but as to the atque adeo necefle fuit fingulos Sa. thing in hand, Cardinal Bona in cerdotes, ut iis satisfacerent fingulis the 3 Chap. of his 1 Book of Lia diebus privarim celebrare, deinde turgies, faith, Ab initio Sacrificium quia charitas multorum refrixit, principaliter inftitutum fuit, ut pub- cessarit etiam frequens accessus ad

licè; ac solemniter firet, clero do hoc Sacramentum adeo ut hodie nee populo astante ac communicante, ipse ipsi quidem ministri in plerisque Ectenor Mise do veteris Ecclefie clésiis Communicent, licet Sacrifició praxis evincunt ; omnes enim Orati- cooperantur. To which the Cardiones atque ipsa Canonis verba in nal might have added the introplurali numero tanquam plurium 10- duction of the Do&trine of Purga. mine , proferuntur: binc Sacerdos tory, and the consequent Doctrine populum invitat ad Orationem dicens of Majes being the moft effc&tual Oremus, do poft Communionem ait means of delivering the Souls cac quod ore sumpsimus, &c. Suntque of the Torments thereof. So fobri ferè omnes ejusdem tenoris Orationes the IV. of Portugal, ordered ten que peractâ Communione recitantur : thousand Masses to be said for his And in the 1816 Chap. of the same Soul, as soon as he was dead.

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Dole to the Poor, which is also very profitable to the Souls of the departed. And that the Decree relating to such Masses may have its due effect, the Synod doth command, That all that shall be found to have died worth 2000 Fanoins, and have left nothing for a certain number of Mases to be said for their Souls, shall have so much taken out of their Estates before they shall be divided am ng the Heirs, as mall procure the saying of five Maffes for their Souls, which shall be deposited by the Executors in the hands of the Church-wardens, by them to be distributed among five Priests, that they may be the sooner said; and where there are more than five Priests, the Alms shall be given to the five Eldest, there not being sufficient to divide among them all; and where there is only the Vicar of the Church, the whole shall be given to him: which Custom of procuring Masses to be said for the Souls of the Faithful departed this Life, as it is used in the Universal Church, so it is what this Synod is extreamly desirous to introduce into this Bishoprick, wherein it has been totally difused, recommending this Matter earnestly to the Preachers and Confessors, to persuade all Chriftians to it in their Sermons and Confeflions, and to the Vicars to do the same in their Admonitions. ACTION VI.

Of the Holy Sacrament of Penance and

Extream Unction.


He Fourth Sacrament is that of Penance, in

which the Acts of the Penitent are, as it were, the Matter, and are uistinguished into thele three parts, Contrition of Heart, Confession of the Mouth, and Satisfaction for Sins, according to the direction of the Confessor. It belongs to the Contrition of the heart, that the Penitent be sorry at his Soul for the Sins that he has committed, and detesting them, is firmly resolved not to commit them any more: which contrition, thoʻit sometimes happen to be perfect through Charity, so as to reconcile one to God even before he has actually received the Sacrament of Confession, yet it can never be perfect, por a means of reconciliation with God, if not attended with a readiness and purpose of mind to confess those very fins which it is conversant about ; such sins being no less subject than others, to the Keys and the ingagements to Confeffion. It belongs to the · Confession of the mouth, that the Penitent Confess himself entirely to his own Priest, as to all the fins that he remembers, using all due diligence according to the length of the time, since he Jast Confessed himself; and this Confeffion is not to be only of lins in general, nor only of the

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