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Synod of Diamper.

Oblication of the Synod, Page Dec. II. Excommunication to be

89, &c.

ipso fulto incurr'd by such as have been callid to the Synod,

and depare without the Metropo. ACTION Ι.

litan's Leave: Also a Command

to all to offer any thing tend. The Speech at the opening, p. 97. ing to the Honour of God, and Decree 1. For the extirpacion of the Reformation of the Church reveral Errors, Herelies and of Malabar,

p. 102. Schisms out of the Church of Dec. III. Al differences about Malabar, for Ackoowledging Preheminence in the Church, che Pope as Supream, and for to be decided by the Metropobeginning the Synod in order to litan,

P: 103. a Reformation chereof, p. 100.


* Dec. IV. Confession, Mafs, and Sin so much as to speak or think

the Sacrament to be celebrated of the Passion of Christ, &c. for the Success of the Synod,in.

p. 139 what manner. " 'p. 103. Dec. VI. Condemns the Errors of Dec. v: Juriro's prohibiced during the Neftorians against our Lady, • 'the Sellion, . ... P: 104.

P. 140 .. Dec. VII. That the Law of St. Tho

• “mas is one, and that of St. Pe. ACTION Ι.

. rer another, Condemn’d, p. 142

Der. VIII. Orders ExcommuniThe Metropolican's Speech, p. 105 c ation of any one that shall Dec. II.' That the Synod make name the Patriarch of Babylon

profession of Faich according Universal Pastor or Had of the to the Council of Trent, and Catholick Church, or any other, take an Oach to follow it in except only the Pope of Rome,

:: P 144. and Oath of the Faith, p. 107. Dec. IX. All Days ser apart for Dec. III. All Priests, Deacons, and the commemoration of Nejto

Sub-deacons of the Bishoprick riws, or any of his followers, to take the same Qarh, and : prohibiced, and Roman Saints thac none be admitted to holy order'd to be commemorated Orders' without ir. p. 119 in lieu thereof,

p. 143

Dec. X. The Church of Angamale ACTION. II. new Christend and dedicated

'to St. ' Hormisda the Marryr; ic ....! having before been dedicated Dec. I. Errors in Faith Condemo- ; to Sc. Hormufio che Nestorian ed, and a Rule for re&ifying Hererick,

P. 150 thereof, laid down in XIV. Dec. XI. The Apostles Creed re

Chapters, ' . p. 120 stored as in che Roman Church Dec. II. Faults and Defe&ts in the

. p. 151 Syriack TranNation of the new Dec. XII. Christian Children perTeftament, condemn'd, and or micced to be taught Reading

dered to be restored, p. 133 and Writing by Infidel SchoolDec. III. To the same purpose, masters with some Limitations, i "si i p. 135.

p. 151 Dec. IV. Condemns three Hea- Dec. XIII. Christian Schoolmasters

thepish Errors frequent among . prohibited the Setting up of the Christians of Malabar, viz. Pagods in their Schools, p. 153 Transmigration, Fate, and, That Dec. XIV. Prohibits all Christians every Man may be saved by his to keep, translate , read, or opon Laws, all which are good and hear read to others, any Here

lead to Heaven, p. 137. . rical Books, whereof a greaç Dec. V. Condemns this Heresy, many are mentioned, 'p.154 namely, That it is a grievous

' ". Dec.

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Dec. XV. Errors and Hercfies in Dec. II. All-Baptized according to

the Common-Prayer and Brevia che oid Forms to submit them
aries ordered to be corre&ted selves to the Metropolitan ac his
and purged,

p. 167 Vification for his Dire&tions,

Dec. XVI. All Persons command.

p. 189

ed to deliver cheir Syrian Books Dec. III. Orders all Priets to make

to the Metropolitan and Francis- enquiry who have not been Ba.

co Roz, to be Corre&ed, &c. prized through any Default,and

P 171

to baprize all such privacely,

Dec. XVII. None but such Priests without taking any Fees, p. 190

as are Licens'd and Conform Dec. Iy. To the same Purpose

to the Doårine of the Trent

p. 191

Council, suffer’d to preach, Dec. V. Children to be Christened

p. 173 . on the 8th. Day, with some Li-

VVIII All Priests that have mications,

p. 192

delivered any Errors or fabu. Dec. VI. The Error Condemo'd

lous Stories in cheir Sermons of not Baptizing the Infants of

are ordered to recant them Excommunicate Parents, P. 194

publickly upon pain of Excom- Dec.VII. Exhortacion to allParents,


. 174 and such as are presenc at Wo-

Dec. XIX. Makes Void all Oaths a-, mens Labours, not to suffer an

gainst yielding Obedience cothe Infant to die without Baptism.

RomanChurch under pain of the Allowance to any Man, W6-

greater Exmommanication, p.175 man, or Child, that knows the

Dec. XX. Contains the Profesion Form, to Baprize case

of the Synod, p. 177. of eminent Neceflity. How

Dec. XXI. The Synod resolves to the Child is to be order'd if it

be governed in all things by recover,

p. 194

the last Trent Council, p. 178 Dec. VIII, Christian Daia's or Mid-

Dec. XXII. Submits to the Inquio wives recommended, and Vicars


p. 179 cxhorted to inftru& them in

Dec. XXIII. All Persons who shall the Form of Baptism, p. 196

AX, Speak, or Write against Dec. IX. Infidel Slaves ordered to

the Holy Catholick Faith, to be be Baptized,

p. 197

prosecured and punish'd by the Dec. X. Christians nor to be





P: 181



Infidels Slaves.

p. 197

Dec. XI. Forbids Auguries, p.199

ACTION IV. Dec. XII. Foundlings how to be


p. 200

Of the Sacraments of Baptism and Dec. XIII. Converts how to be

Confirmation, p. 182 orderd,

p. 200

of the Doctrine of the Holy Sacrae Dec. XIV. Holy Oils commanded,

ment of Baptism, 187. wich the manner of using them, .

Dec. I. New form for Baptism,and

P. 201

the old ones abrogated p. 189


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Dec. XV. Commands the use of Dec. II. All Christians above the

God-Fatbers and God-Mothers Age of 14.commanded to Re-

in Baptism, not used before, ceive this Sacrament opce &

p. 202 Year: at least,

p. 222.

Dec. XVI. Prohibits Old Testa. Dec. III. None to Receive before

tament (some few excepred) Confession to a Lawful Priest,

and HeathenilNames to be gi-

p. 223

ven to Children, ordering (chose Dec. IV. Commands to Recelve

of the New according to the Fasting with fome Limication,

Christian Oeconomy, p. 204

p. 224

Dec. XVII. Orders Children to be Dec. V. The Sacrament to be re-

called by no ocher Names than ceived as a Viaticum io danger
those they were Christened by, of Death. The Vicar thar fuf.

p. 206 fers any co die withouc ir,

Dec. XVIII. Commands that though his Faule, to be fufpend

Children be Christened in order e d for six months, P. 225

as they are brough' to Church, Dec. VI. Women with Child có

without any distinction of Confefs and Receive a little ben


p. 206 fore their time, P. 226

Dec. XIX. Commands the build. Dec. VII. Priests ro Communicate
ing of Fonts.

p. 207 once a Monch ar least in their

Dec. XX. Register-Books to be Surplice and Stole, p. 227

used in all Churches, and their Dic. VIII. Priests nor to Receive


P. 208 the Sacrament before Confeflion.

The Doctrine of the Sacrament of nor say Mass having any fcrus


p. 209 ple of Mortal Sio, p. 227

Dec. I. The Sacrament of Confira Dec, IX. Deacons and Subdeacons

mation commanded to be used, when to Receive che Sacrament,

p. 213

p. 228

Dec. II. Denounces Excoinmunica. The Dochine of the Holy Sacri.

tion against all those that speak fice of che Mass. p. 228

against it or vilify is, p. 214. Dec. I. Direâions for saying Mals.

Dec. III. God-Fathers and Gode aod many things inthe Chaldean

Mothers of what Age, to be ' Mifjals to be re&ified, p. 230

used in confirmation or Chrism Dec. II. The Milfals of Neftorius.

as well as Baptism, p. 216 Theodorus , and Diodorius to be


p. 245

Dec. III. A grand Error of the


Nestorians condemnd, p. 245

Dec. IV. The Roman Mufs to be
The Doctrine of the Holy Sacra- translated into Syrian, and used

ment of the Eucharift, p. 217 on parricular Occasions, doc,

Dec, I. The Holy Eucharift when

P. 247.

ro be Celebrated, p. 220 Dec. V. Who to handle the Holy


P 248


Dec. VI. Permits the Stole to none' Confession from Eight Years old
bur Deacons,

p. 248 and upwards, p. 268
Dec. VII. Orders. Stamps to be Dec. III. All Masters of Families

made in all Churches for the admonished to cause all in their

. p. 249 Families to Confess, P. 269
Dec. VIII. Orders what Wine is Dec. IV. Confesion injoin'd upon
to be used in celebrating the probable Danger of Death, or

p. 250.' any great Sickness, p. 270

Dec. IX. The King of Portugal to Dec. V. Obliges Women with Child

send a Pipe and an half, or two co Confess,

p. 271

Pipes of Muscatel Wine for the Dec. VI, Orders how those are to

use of the Sacrament, and how

to be used,

F. 250

- Pox,

p. 272

Dec. X. Stones of the Altar to be Dec. VII. Exhorts to frequenc

consecrated by the Metropolitan, Confession,

· P. 272

p. 252 Dec. VIII. Who to take Confessions,

Dec. XI. Holy Vestments to be pro.'

. p. 273

. vided by the Metropolitan our of Dec. IX. Absolution upon Confession

the Alms of the Parish, p. 253 how to be Administred, and by

Dec. XII. All Persons, not ha- whom,'

p. 274.

ving lawful impediment, com- Dec. X. Dire&ts in whar Cales Cone

manded to hear a whole Mass feßors may abfolve Penitents,

p. 275

p253 Dec. XI. Excommunication and Ab-

Dec. XIII. Direås how often to · Solution when proper, P. 277

hear Mass, to be capable of Dec. XII. Priests Confessors to

the Blessing, and such as hear ic? have a written 'Licence from

noc so often as directed, to be the Prelace,

p. 278

Excommunicate, P. 255 Dec. XIII. Confessors that under-
Dec. XIV. Prohibits Heathen Mus i stand the Malabar Tongue, to

sicians to remain in the Church be made Ure, of, and why,

after Creed or Sermon is ended,

. p. 281

p. 256 Dec. XIV. None can absolve in

Dec. XV. Exhorts all to procure the Sacramental Court but such .

Majes to be said for the Souls as took the Confeffion, p. 281

of their deceased Friends,p.256 Dec. XV. The Sacramental Form

of Absolution, not to be used as


a Prayer , but in its proper


p. 282

The Dottrine of the Sacrament
of the Holy Sacrament of Penance of Extream Unájon, p. 282

and Extream Un&ion, p. 261. Dec. I. The use of the Extream

Dec. I. Non-Confesion declared a' Un&tion recommended , with

Mortal Sin,

p. 265. dire&ions therein, p. 285

Dec. II. All Persons to come to Dec. II. ' Confeffors to Instruct Sick


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