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" Church shall provide it of a proper pastor ; which being read by us, we were desirous to execute the Apostolical mandates with due reverence and obedience ; besides, that the same was incumbent on us of right (the said church having no chapter to take... "
The History of the Church of Malabar, from the Time of Its Being First ... - PÓgina 109
per Michael Geddes - 1694 - 464 pÓgines
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The History of Christianity in India: From the Commencement of the ..., Volum 2

James Hough - 1839
...church having no chapter to take AD care of it during the vacancy of the see,) as . 1599metropolitan and primate of this and all the other churches of...perceiving that our mandate in that behalf had no effect, what we had ordered not having been obeyed in the said diocese, so that what our most holy...
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