The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets: With Critical Observations on Their Works, Volum 3

C. Bathurst, 1783
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Pàgina 384 - Travels, a production fo new and ftrange, that it filled the reader with a mingled emotion of merriment and amazement. It was received with fuch avidity, that the price of the firft edition was raifed before the fecond could be made; it was read by the high and the low, the learned and illiterate.
Pàgina 399 - His Tale of a Tub has little refemblance to his other pieces. It exhibits a vehemence and rapidity of mind, a copioufnefs of images, and vivacity of diction, fuch as he afterwards never poflefled, or never exerted. It is of a mode fo diftinct and peculiar, that it . muft be
Pàgina 115 - acted in London fixty-three days " without interruption, and renewed the " next feafon with equal applaufe, it fpread " into all the great towns of England ; was " played in many places to the thirtieth and '* fortieth time ; at Bath and Briftol fifty, &c. '* It made its progrefs into Wales, Scotland, " and Ireland, where it was performed twen" ty-four days fucceffively. The ladies
Pàgina 225 - what revenge on Dennis can be had, Too dull for laughter, for reply too mad ? On one fo poor you cannot take the law, On one fo old your fword you fcorn to draw. Uncag'd then, let the harmlefs monfter rage, Secure in dulnefs, madnefs, want, and age,
Pàgina 115 - who fat in the next box to us, fay, " * It will do—it muft do! I fee it in the eyes *' of them.' This was a good while before '' the firft Act was over, and fo gave us eafe " foon; for that duke (befides his own good
Pàgina 148 - ftiade. And wreaths of myrtle crown the lovely maid. While now perhaps with Dido's ghoft fhe roves, And hears and tells the ftory of their loves, Alike they mourn, alike they blefs their fate, Since Love, which made them wretched, made them great. Nor longer that relentlefs doom bemoan, Which gain'da Virgil and an Addifon.
Pàgina 52 - for reafons either not known or not mentioned, he bequeathed a legacy of about ten thoufand pounds ; the accumulation of attentive parfimony, which, though to her fuperfluous and ufelefs, might have given great affiftance to the ancient family from which he defcended, at that time by the imprudence of his relation reduced to difficulties and diftrefs.
Pàgina 385 - Criticifm was for a while loft in wonder ; no rules of judgement were applied to a book written in open defiance of truth and regularity. But when diftinctions came to be made, the part which gave leaft pleafure was that which defcribes the Flying I/land, and that which gave moft difguft muft be the hiftory of the
Pàgina 182 - chariot at the door, and Sir Richard waiting for him, and ready to go out. What was intended, and whither they were to go, Savage could not conjecture, and was not willing to enquire ; but immediately feated himfelf with Sir Richard; the coachman was ordered to drive, and they hurried with the utmoft expedition to Hyde-Park Corner, where they
Pàgina 207 - upon that gentle" man, or remove any thing from us upon " him, or that we repine the more at our fate, " becaufe he has no participation of it: No, " my Lord ! For my part, I declare nothing *' could more foften my grief, than to be " without any companion in fo great a

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