The Royal Kalendar and Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Colonies for the Year ...

Wm. H. Allen, 1879
Vol. for 1832 includes the British almanac of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

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Pàgina c - Secretary— BENJAMIN BLENKINSOP, Esq. Actuary— JAMES TERRY, Esq. The oldest Insurance Office in the World. The only Mutual Office in the kingdom for both Fire and Life. There being no Shareholders, all Profits are divided yearly amongst the Insured. BONUS RETURNS. LIFE— 1st Series 70 \ 2nd Series (according to the age of the Policy) 60 to 70 / per Cent. 3rd Series do. do. ... 45 > per FIRE— Annual Policies of Two Years...
Pàgina xcix - Bonus.— The whole available Bonus is the sole property of Life Assurers ; no part whatever is taken from it to be shared amongst Proprietors. At the end of every fifth year, profits are equitably apportioned amongst existing Life Assurances. By means of Bonus, many of the earlier Life Assurances have been relieved altogether from the payment of Annual...
Pàgina xcix - Assurers have the privilege, at the time of making an Assurance, of selecting the mode in which the Bonus, whenever due, shall be applied, viz. — in an immediate Cash payment, or to the reduction of the Annual Premium, or to the increase of the Capital sum assured.
Pàgina 7 - England from two to three clear days, exclusive of holidays, and a declaration of identity is usually required. Stock cannot be added to any Account (whether single or joint) in which the decease of the individual, or one or more of a joint party, has taken place ; and the decease should be proved as soon as practicable.
Pàgina 319 - Court of the city of London. Persons who have been Lord Chancellor, or Lord Keeper, or Judges of the Superior Courts at Westminster. Such others as may be appointed by any general Commission. Clerk of the Court, Mr.
Pàgina 307 - The feeling of alarm which prevailed appears to have been immediately removed by the issue of the letter addressed to the Bank of England, on the 25th of October, by the First Lord of the Treasury and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The...

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