The New American Cyclopaedia: a Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge


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Pàgina 309 - Resolved, That the secretary of the treasury be directed to prepare, and report to the senate, at their next session, a plan for the application of such means as are within the power of congress, to the purposes of opening roads and making canals; together with a statement of the undertakings of that nature, which, as objects of public improvement, may require and deserve the aid of government...
Pàgina 319 - Resolved, That the President, in the late Executive proceedings in relation to the public revenue, has assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and laws, but in derogation of both.
Pàgina 195 - Ceremony doffed his pride. The heir, with roses in his shoes, That night might village partner choose; The lord, underogating, share The vulgar game of
Pàgina 376 - Pa. legist., where he aided in modifying the criminal code. He was a member of the convention that framed the Federal Constitution, and in Nov.
Pàgina 195 - On Christmas eve the bells were rung, On Christmas eve the mass was sung: * That only night in all the year Saw the stoled priest the chalice rear.
Pàgina 433 - China, [4322]"so that the liver be not incensed," good for such as are cold, as most melancholy men are, but by no means to be mentioned in hot. The Turks have a drink called coffee (for they use no wine), so named of a berry as black as soot, and as bitter, (like that black drink which was in use amongst the Lacedaemonians, and perhaps the same,) which they sip still of, and sup as warm as they can suffer...
Pàgina 243 - Tobacco, divine, rare, superexcellent tobacco, which goes far beyond all the panaceas, potable gold, and philosopher's stones, a sovereign remedy to all diseases. A good vomit, 1 confess, a virtuous herb, if it be well qualified, opportunely taken, and medicinally used ; but as it is commonly abused by most men, which take it as tinkers do ale, 'tis a plague, a mischief, a violent purger of goods, lands, health, hellish, devilish and damned tobacco...
Pàgina 377 - And after a while, divers great ladies, with as great jealousy of the queen's displeasure, made them coaches, and rid in them up and down the countries, to the great admiration of all the beholders; but then, by little and little, they grew usual among the nobility and others of sort, and within twenty years became a great trade of coachmaking.
Pàgina 101 - ... united in one system of manners, letters, and policy ; whose cities and capitals rival in numbers the greatest metropolises of any age ; who have not only covered the earth but the waters with towns and streets — such a nation must occupy a conspicuous place in the history of mankind, and the study of their character and condition commends itself to every well-wisher of his race.
Pàgina 323 - As a leader in a deliberative body, Mr. CLAY had no equal in America. In him, intellect, person, eloquence, and courage, united to form a character fit to command. He fired with his own enthusiasm, and controlled by his amazing will, individuals and masses. No reverse could crush his spirit, nor defeat reduce him to despair. Equally erect and dauntless in prosperity and adversity, when successful, he moved to the accomplishment of his purposes with severe resolution; when defeated, he rallied his...

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