Imatges de pàgina
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The dog's loud eager bark for help

Is borne upon the breeze!
And larger, larger looms the sail,

And gallant tars prepare
To launch the boat to reach the raft,—

Oh! who would now despair!

They're saved! they're saved! Oh, blessed day!

The dog and shipwrecked boy,
Companions once in- sufferings,

Companions now in joy;
And Edwin lives to tell at home

How God had heard his prayer,
And sent in mercy help to one

Who never would despair.




Jfifc m°ther, just look at pussy making her way through the V» ;;-m9 snow, putting down her little paws so timidly, as if she were afraid of sinking in over head, shoulders and all!" v ; exclaimed Maggie Maclaren, as she stood at her cottage window, looking out on the road, over which winter had spread a thick, deep covering of dazzling whiteness.

Mrs. Maclaren, who had just come in from a long, weary walk from the town, did not appear inclined to take any particular interest in the movements of pussy. It had been no easy matter for Maggie's mother to trudge for miles through that snow, which in many places lay more than ankle-deep in drifts. She had been heavily laden, and wearily the basket had hung on her arm, with the big parcels in it. She had carried three loaves, a pound of sugar, and half a pound of black tea; Maggie's newly-heeled boots from the cobbler, warm socks and gloves for the little girl, and three yards of good gray linsey to make her a comfortable cloak. The mother had been all the morning workinghard at the wash-tub, to earn money to buy all these things, and the afternoon's long walk in the snow, with a cutting east wind in her face, had almost exhausted her strength. It would have been just as well if Maggie, instead of staring idly out of the window, had run to relieve

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