Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in Africa, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time: with Illustrations of the Geology, Mineralogy, and Zoology

Oliver & Boyd, 1830 - 492 pÓgines

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PÓgina 356 - can give no name, though surely one ingredient in it was fear, with a considerable deal of wonder and astonishment. It was in vain to think of flying; the swiftest horse would be of no use to carry us out of this danger, and the full conviction of this rivetted me to the spot.
PÓgina 240 - the calls on the names of Mohammed, Abda, Mustapha, with the neighing of horses and the braying of asses, gave animation to the beautiful scenery of the lake, and its sloping, green, and woody banks." At length the army mustered to the number of 50,000 or 60,000, chiefly on foot; a rude feudal host, arranging themselves according
PÓgina 456 - For He, at whose command the parched rock Was smitten, and poured forth a quenching stream, Hath softened that obduracy, and made Unlooked-for gladness in the desert place To save the perishing.
PÓgina 113 - us pity the white man, no mother has he," &c. Our traveller was much affected, and next morning could not depart without requesting his landlady's acceptance of the only gift he had left, two out of the four brass buttons that still remained on his waistcoat. He remained two days in this
PÓgina 399 - goeth always upon his legs, and carrieth his hands clasped on the nape of his neck when he goeth upon the ground. They sleep in the trees, and build shelters from the rain. They feed upon fruit that they find in the woods, and upon nuts; for they eat
PÓgina 345 - were strongly brought to our mind; and, although its horrors are not equal to those of the European trade, still they are sufficient to call up every sympathy, and rouse up every spark of humanity. They are dragged over deserts; water often fails, and also provisions scantily provided for the long and dreary
PÓgina 386 - Africa, lakes are but seldom met with, and among these, some few are salt. The most considerable salt lake hitherto met with by travellers, is that near to Algoa Bay. It is resorted to by the inhabitants from very distant parts of the colony, for the purpose of procuring salt for their own

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