Imatges de pÓgina

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Form and Situation of Africa Its great Natural Regions

or Divisions.-1. Geology of the Atlas or Northern Re-

gion-Age of the Atlas Mountains.—2. Geology of the

Sahara Region-Subterranean Villages near Tripoli ;

in Spain and France— Tertiary Rocks of Benioleed

Soudan, or Black Mountains—Petrified Wood in the De-

sert-Horrid Consequences of the Slave-Trade—Human

Skeletons in the Desert-Natron and Salt Lakes-De-

sert of Bilma–Sultan of Fezzan and a Slave-On what

Formation does the Sand of the Desert rest ? —Descrip-

tion of a Trona or Natron Lake_Fulgurite and Native

Meteoric Iron in the Desert-Observations on the Sand

of the Desert-Moving Pillars of Sand—Sand-Wind-

How the prevailing Winds affect the Sand of the Desert

What is the Geognostical Age of the Sahara ?—3. Geo-

logy of the Region to the South of the Sahara, and to

the North of the Great Table-Land African Gold.

4. Geology of the Great Table Land of Africa–Geo-

logy of the Coast from Sierra Leone to Cape Negro-

Cape of Good Hope District Distribution of its Chains

of Mountains, Plains, and Valleys, or Kloofs-Descrip-

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