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The Earthen Vessels of Olden Times ;



To wy READERS AND FRIENDS, AND TO ALL Secondly, gratitude demands my unfeigned

WHO ARE ASKING THE WAY TO Zion, thanks to all my readers, correspondents, WITH THEIR FAÇB3 THITHERWARD. agents, and donors; for by their united exer

In commencing the fifteenth volume of tions, and kind expressions of practical help, The Earthen VESSEL, I shall not attempt the circulation of this work has not diminishany formal address ; but simply endeavour to ed; neither has the Lord withholden his blesmeet a threefold demand made upon me; the sing from

it, as some hundreds of testimonies first of which is, the inward call of a living declare. By very special providences, thus far faith to offer up my thanksgiving unto the I have been carried forward, and I cannot Lord for his continued goodness toward me in forbear, (like the Psalmist,) exclaiming —"0 the field of labour, wherein “with all my his voice to be heard, which holdeth our soul

bless our God, ye people ; make the praise of power," (as Jacob said) I have served the in life; and suffereth not our feet to be moveburches of Christ. I cannot yet say as one ed ! and may the happy day soon arrive, of old did — God hath taken away my re- when like the following verse, we may humproach,' — for

bly acknowledge, · Thou hast caused men to troubles, like a gloomy cloud Have gathered thick, and thandered loud :'

ride over our heads ! we went through fire,

and through water ; but thou broughtest_us but still, the God of my father hath been out into a spiritual,) wealthy place!" The with me?" and, " in the land of my affliction, third demand is, to give a few thoughts upon he bath caused me to be fruitful.'Deep in the words of Paul, in his second epistle to my soul, I feel there is a desire to adopt the the Corinthians. But we have this treasure language of the ancient king, (2 Sam. xxii. in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the 47, the Lord liveth, and blessed be my power may be of God, and not of 18: There rock; and exalted be the God of my salvation. are five distinct branches growing out of this It is God that bringeth me forth from mine scripture. It would fill a volume, to open enemies. He has lifted me up; and delivered all the leaves which on the branches grow; me from the violent man. Therefore, I WILL but a few words on each may lead to some GIVE THANKS UNTO THEE, O LORD; I good reflection. will sing praises unto thy Name.' Albeit, 1. The gospel is called a treasure. ss Darid intreated the king of Moab for his II. There is an excellency of power going father and mother, saying, “Let them be with it. with you, TILL I KNOW WHAT GOD WILL III. The mediums of communication are DO FOR ME"—60, until my deliverance be comparatively mean-only earthen vessels. -fully come, I would beseech my friends still IÙ. The design of this is, to shew that to plead at Mercy's throne for me ; and still the excellency of the power is not of men, but to aid in further thrusting out this little Mes- of God. senger of many minds, touching the good news V. There is a three-fold confidence. the gospel brings, and the great work the 1 Of possession_We have this treaLord is accomplishing in the hearts whom grace divine hath called into the

2 Of humiliation, we are only earthen spiritual warfare between the flesh and the vessels.' spirit; between truth and error; between the 3 Ol submission—that the glory may be delusions of satan and the developements of given to God, and not to us; therefore, we the everlasting covenant which is ordered would, with all the church unite— Not unto in all things and sure.

us; but unto thy name be all the praised," VCL. XV.-No. 186.


all sure.'


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