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1862 - 1862 pàgines

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Pàgina 16 - Holy Bible : containing the Old Testament and the New. Translated into the Indian Language and ordered to be printed by the Commissioners of the United Colonies in New England, at the charge, and with the consent of the Corporation in England for the Propagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New England.
Pàgina 130 - The Late, And much admired Play, Called Pericles, Prince of Tyre. With the true Relation of the whole Historie, aduentures, and fortunes of the said Prince : As also, The no lesse strange, and worthy accidents, in the Birth and Life, of his Daughter Mariana.
Pàgina 79 - Wherein are answered, not onely the slaunderous vntruethes, reprochfully vttered by MARTIN the Libeller, but also many other Crimes by some of his broode, objected generally against all Bishops, and the chiefe of the Cleargie, purposely to deface and discredite the present state of the Church.
Pàgina 2 - An Apologie and true Declaration of the institution and endeavours of the two English Colleges ; the one in Rome, the other now resident in Rhemes, against certaine sinister informations given up against the same.
Pàgina 8 - Dispvtation concerning the Controversit Headdis of Religion, haldin in the Realme of Scotland the zeir of God ane thousand fyue hundreth fourscoir zeiris, betuix the pretendit Ministeris of the deformed Kirk in Scotland and Nicol Burne, Professor of Philosophic in S.

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