Revivalists: Marketing the Gospel in English Canada, 1884-1957

McGill-Queen's University Press, 2 d’oct. 2013
The history of religious change has been largely devoted to study of the churches. Revivalists focuses on evangelists, singling out several significant entrepreneurs - Hugh Crossley and John Hunter, active from 1880 to 1910; Oswald J. Smith, who built his independent Toronto church into a popular evangelistic emporium; Frank Buchman and the Oxford Group, who appealed to the upper classes in the 1930s; and Charles Templeton, who enjoyed two careers as a revivalist. Kee shows that by adjusting their methods to the cultural forms of the day, these evangelists contributed to the vitality of Canadian Protestantism.

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Sobre l'autor (2013)

Kevin Kee, Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities and assistant professor, History, Brock University

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